Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 83)


Ishita was curled up on the sofa, enjoying the Thursday morning as she listened to the steady patter of the rain; she was totally engrossed in the site that transpired through the clear glass of the bedroom window.

Raman came in to sit with her.

Ishita loved the feeling of him near her and she provocatively shifted her body closer.

He brushed his chin against her skin and whispered in her ear, Are we staying in today?

Do you mind trimming your beard she protested.

Please you have to trim it today and actually immediately she directed him.

Raman couldnt help but chuckled at her antics.

I am serious, Raman she threatened.

Oh really Madrasan, he teased against her ear, can I make the pain go away, he suggested but with devious plans.

Raman rubbed his bearded cheeks against her skin causing her to shriek in dismay.

He loved it.

“Raman, please stop it”, she whimpered.

She was frantically struggling to get out of his firm hold.

So Raman decided to tickle her.

She was very ticklish and he knew he would get a straight answer this way.

Are we staying in today? Raman asked again while he was busy with his tickle attack.

You are horrible, she frowned pretending to be irritated at him.

Of course, she slowly answered and just like that, Raman left her in her curled up position and walked over to the window to close the curtains.

Later that day.

Raman and Ishita were lazily recovering from their fun under the covers.

He looked over at her; he extended his index finger toward her and proceeded to write on her naked body.

Exploring all the contours of her body, Ishita was blissfully enjoying this sudden burst of attention.

What you are writing, she asked as she moaned in pleasure.

Well, Im just writing down reasons I love you, he replied.

Number one .

You are my best friend he said as he moved his finger across her barely covered thigh.

“You never gave up on me or the kids.”

Raman smiled naughtily as he moved his exploring hand under her bed sheet covered body.

“You make me laugh, every day.”

“You are gorgeous”,as he expertly trailed his way to her perfectly formed bosum , are you complaining Mrs. Bhalla, he asked her?

“Hmmmm” was all that Ishita could formulate in her mind.

Ishita’s love was to such an extent,that she would just forget that she was agitated with Raman altogether.

Raman,Ishita said as she started to blush and finally wormed her way out of his embrace.

“Youre beautiful inside and out,”

“I mean it”,Raman boasted.

As soon as his motives came to mind, she immediately rolled her eyes and try to dismiss it.

You have a gorgeous soul, and when you let that shine through, when youre being Ishita,the girl from next door, you take my breath away,Ishita.

That way you smile and your eyes light up, because theres so much goodness inside of you that has to come out.

That way you laugh and even when you cry.

You care so much for your family that it sometimes take over your world, thats beauty.

Oh, and those little things you try to cover up, those blemishes you try to hide?


Not for me.

I’m your husband,your Raavan Kumar.

Those scars, those stretch marks, all those so called imperfections tell the story of you, and are part of how you came to be who you are.

Who you are is beautiful to me and always will.

I love you.

Raman’s words shocked her.

She tilted her head to one side, pushing out her lips just a little.

“Raman”,Ishita said with shallow tears in her eyes.

Ishita didn’t even know how to respond,how did he know that she was a bit conscious about her body.

“You know,Raman you accepted me for me and I’m very grateful for this.

But as a matter of fact you are the kindest person I know.

Although you like everyone to think that you are a cut-throat businessman.

Heat crept up her neck and flushed her cheeks, but she was adamant to tell him how she felt .

You support me even if you know that I can sometimes get carried away with my ideas.

Raman you make me want to do more for you and the family than I have ever wanted to do for anyone.

“Ishita”,Raman interjected, I think are a very good dentist, but I will deny it if it ever comes out.

Her lips pulled into a frown.”Really that’s what you think of me!” she confirmed, she pulled Raman closer and instinctively kissed him.

“Ishita,if you keep this up I might need a just might need the whole night to tell you what else I think of you”, Raman confessed.

” Well ,Raavan Kumar, I might need more than the whole night”,Ishita replied as she smiled naughtily back at him.

“Raman,no one know what turn you on like I do”,she said as she began to undress leaving him standing alone in the room.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you coming to help me “,a voice familiar voice said from a nearby room.

“When she was like this,he wasn’t going to make her wait any longer”,he thought as he hurriedly followed her.

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  1. Adejoke

    I really want more of this. This write up is so nice and interesting Monique. Pls update soon

  2. So happy to see you back recovered from sicknesses. Happiness got doubled after reading this episode. It was so good.

  3. Superb episode…..eagerly waiting for next one

  4. Kumud

    wow Monique y do u let us wait so late for ur ff

  5. Monique_D

    Hey sorry guys…..Im currently on a mini holiday…Today is my 1st Wedding Anniversary .

    The show itself is on a rubbish track so I had to delve deep for inspiration.

    Thanks Kumud,Adejoke,Ishan and Manju for your ongoing support and critique.
    Love you guys…Mwah

  6. Nice story and so romancy story.

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