Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 82)


Sitting at the conference Raman had some time to read a letter Ishita wrote for him.
“Dear Raman
I love you more today than when we first met. Our love has stood the test of times and my faith in you has not wavered.
Raman, I know our love is meant to last a lifetime.
Your are my rock and my soft place to fall. Without you, I am incomplete and with you I am strong.
Thank God our love has endured the storm.
Love Your Madrasan,

Raman’s life has been completely amazing with Ishita in it. He knew that one day without Ishita would make him snap.
That note just made him realize that he cannot live a single day without her love, understanding, tender embraces, restless kisses, cuddles, their unforgettable memories, their secret meetings, her whispers, her stern lectures ,her shy smile and intoxicating laugh.
Raman didn’t think that this small note would you impacted him so much but it did.
The anxious in his mind and heart made him a bit more observant and he thought about what Ishita said.
Raman you need to learn to not to carry the burden of your ongoing fight with Shagun with you all the days of your life.
He didn’t intend to live without her; she was his voice of reason.

Mani was the kind of man that was the ideal guy to bring to your parents and even after all the years of being single; it was still strange that he was going to settle down.

“I always said, that I could never marry someone other than Ishita”, Mani thought.
He waited through another lengthy silence, his mind flooding with questions as he was unsure whether marrying Shagun was such a good an idea as he thought.
So Mani messengered Ishita as we wanted to grab a coffee and catch up, but mostly he wanted to see how she reacted to his sudden marriage proposal to Shagun.
He wanted to see whether she would accept his choice or she would be against it.
Mani braced himself as he waited for a response his eyes never leaving his phone’s screen.
“God only knows, how much I need her”, his voice cracked as he said it.
On the one hand he had become a bit invested in her whereabouts and what she where doing.
Well that isn’t a crime as there wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for her.
As Mani was getting a waiting for Ishita, he spots her walking in the quint coffee shop.
It almost felt like he could explode, he couldn’t breathe.
With each step this mind went through a barrage of question, emotions, and ideas.

“Where would I be without you”, Mani though as Ishita came closer he stood up and readied himself for a hug.

She always had that effortless casual look about her,her smile was warm and inviting and as the sun caught her eyes it sparkled.

Even Diamonds wouldn’t shine as bright as you, Mani thought as came in for a hug.
She threw her hands around Mani,” How have you been?”
“I can’t even remember when we last had a coffee date”, that was the kind of magic Ishita had she just bombarded him with an explosion of words.
She looked so happy Mani thought as he just let her babble,
Mani listened to her every word, words that seemed to lead him close to the subject of “marriage”, in hopes she would provide him with the answers he was longing for.

The two talked for a while and it felt like old times, it was clear that both of them needed the talk.
He has saw her love for Raman; that look in her eyes; the way her eyes smile whenever she mentioned his name……
And he longed for her to have that look in her eyes when she would speak to him but alas nothing.
He knew from the from the first time they met that she was special even though he knew that she would never will fall for him.

“Everyone falls in love sometimes and I just so happens that I fell in love with you,Ishu”,Mani thought as he let out a audible sight.
“It isn’t a crime and everything would have been fine if you would have just let me love you”
If you let me touch you”, Mani was lost in his own thought not aware that Ishita has stopped talking and was now staring at him.
“Mani if you want me to help you with the wedding preparations just say”, Ishita said in an uncertain tone
But all Mani heard was “if you want me…..just say”
“Of course I want you Ishu”, Mani said as he reached out to hold her hand.
“Mani…….”.Ishita responded a little dumb-struck of the sudden revelation of her friend.
“Did I just hear him correctly? Ishita questioned her short-term memories.

But as soon as the words left his mouth he quickly responded by telling her that “I would love for you to help, Ishu”.
“You are the only one I have ever seen in that light and how is it you ever notice?” Mani inner voice spit out his words like fire.

“You are slowly killing me, Ishita.
And it breaks my heart, to know you will never feel the same for me”.

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