Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 81)


Mani saw the both of them with the brightest of smiles.
The dim rays of the sun hit her face as the morning sun welcomed the two lovers on the balcony.
Ishita rested her head on Raman’s shoulder as she played with his her with her hand.

Mani squint his eyes trying to get a better view of them and almost falling off the wall.
He was not sure how to approach her after their meeting last night but something had changed.

His eyes couldn’t leave her body, as he watched her pouring some juice for Raman.
Mani’s patience was breaking slowly.
He knew that they loved each other deeply and if anyone could tear them apart it would be him.
Every time she moved she affected him.
Way too much and the little pain he felt when he saw the happiness her eyes was never ending.

Flash back………
Ishita was a bit cautious as she saw the name of the person calling her…
“I wonder what he would want”,Ishita thought as she debated whether to answer or not.
It was precisely why he announced his wedding before her.
He wanted to intentionally hurt her by getting married to Shagun.
“I’m getting married to Shagun”, Mani confessed.
There was a tad of excitement in his voice as he eagerly awaited their response.

Flashback ends………

Ishita was still a bit curious especially when she heard that he was going to get married.
She was totally stunned by the revelations. So much has happened in their lives.
Was she mistaken by hating the woman who made her life hell a few months ago, but she didn’t want Mani to get hurt.
He was one of her closest friend in the world.
Mani surveyed her eyes and spotted a hint of disappointment in her eyes.

Raman rolled his eyes giving Ishita the impression that he could care less about the both of them.
“Let the past be the past Raman,I know she is a part of your life than you wish to forget but still”,Ishita tried to reason with an uncooperative Raman.
“I won’t go Ishita and it’s final. I will let her come and mess our lives up again.” Ishita stood up but she was pulled back by Raman.
He caught Ishita by her waist and pulling her back on his lap
“Raman”Ishita exclaimed.
“No, Please”, Ishita begged but Raman was in no mood to listen to her,
“I love you,Madrasan” he whispered as he savored some kisses.

Ishita received one of the many gifts Raman had sent as part of her pampering.
Opening the nicely wrapped box Ishita found a sari and one of her favorite perfumes.
And not forgetting his signature letters…

She turned her face away from him closing her eyes blushing furiously.
She wanted to scream her heart out to someone.

She liked to wear one of his sweat tops as she loved the smell of his cologne on it.

It always made her feel that he was with her throughout the day when he was busy.

Ishita managed to keep him out of her thoughts for the next couple of hours
As she walked from the bathroom her towel slipped loose from under her arms as the book she was carrying fell out of her hands on the floor.
There she was in only the bare minimum.
She had put on some music and was in her element dancing.

Nachange Saari Raat Sohniyo Ve
Karlo Thoda Sa Pyaar Sohniyo Ve
Karlo Thoda Sa Pyaar

Mani had skilfully climbed over the barrier wall to gain access to their private suite.
He was wild with lust as he was unable to do anything but devour her with his eyes.
He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her.

For him she was his choice as a wife but each time he wanted to make a move someone else beat him to it.
Mani was in a battle with his rational mind.

It’s hard to explain he inherently, it’s just always been strange the relationship he and Ishita had.
Neither here nor there,”Friend-zoned” since college and no matter how hard he tried ,she always saw him as the “good guy” her… FRIEND

She was so lively and friendly that sometime he felt somewhat out of place sometimes.
He was in the grey area,it was somewhat ambiguous and complicated.
But the past few years Ishita was so busy at her clinic that he felt that she completely neglected their friendship.

There mai was standing like a pervert behind the door,borderline stalking his “Friend”.

He was caught between his his feelings for her as friend and his manly urges.
For him he never felt like he was good enough for her.

But in his heart uncertainty mixed with rejection was winning the battle of his logical mind.

“Mani, you’ll always be somewhere on the outside wishing that you were the one inside with her”,he admitted.

It was clear to him that she didn’t have time nor space for him in her life have anymore.

Smelling Raman’s top Ishita was pulled back in the memory of the sensuous morning they shared.

He ran his fingers near her ankle tracing the anklet he had gifted on their first night.

Flash Back

As his touches casually started to flow all over her accepting body and her defenses gave in and her she just surrendered to his onslaught of caresses.

“Do you like that?”He whispered in her ear as he nibbled on the nape of her neck.
He voice was so calm and that sensual tone he spoke in,made her lose all logic as his arms enveloped her in an embrace.

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  1. Radhikaji

    Hey monique….nice one…but I didn’t clearly understand the mani peeping part. ..does he see something he is not supposed to see

  2. Kumud

    superb Monique and is mani back to win ishita back or wat

  3. So nice story and love it.

    Mani is turning negative and he is already married to Shagun.

    Why did Mani not bring Shagun with him and enjoy the moment like Raman and Ishita?

    Hmm… Raman and Ishita dialogue is so sweet to make it clear that Ishita is not interested in Mani that make Raman happy..

    Please continue with the story.

  4. I love the twist and making money a jealous man. I love story and romance in it.

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