Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 79)


The next day Ishita decided to do a little sight-seeing in Durban.
Raman left a little earlier today and she felt that it would be stupid to let such a nice sunny day go to waste by lying in bed.
Ishita decided to first walk down to the beach to explore a bit.
Shallow waves foamed gently around her feet and she was surprized by the warm water.
The ebb and flow of the waves teased her, inviting with each motion.
Ishita decided to walk along the beach at her own leisurely pace admiring the beauty that was the ocean right next to her.

Deep in thought Ishita realised that indirectly Raman was opening up and being honest with her sharing his deepest feelings.
A few months back their relationship was on verge of collapse and she realised that he wanted them to be confidants.
He wanted them to be more open to connect more and with this trip he has put things into perspective for her.
And in just a few days their relationship has been rejuvenated.

Raman had told her he had something planned for her later and that she was both excited and a bit curious about what he has planned.

For a long time I only saw myself as wife and a mother and after spending two days here she found herself again , her face glowed with contentment as a sudden wave of happiness washed over her senses.
With a smile she said, I know my life is all about being the best wife to my husband and being the best mother to my children, flaws in all.

Ishita now stood alone in the ankle deep water; she noticed a few sea shells and bends down to pick them up.
It fascinated her with its unique forms and shades.

She walked over to a spot where she could see a lot of shells; that wasn’t so deep in water and proceeded to dig them out of the wet sand.
The shallow waves chased her toes reminding her of her location.

She was so amazed and caught up with the childhood amusement that she didn’t even notice a stealthy figure behind her.

When she suddenly turned she walked crashing right into Mani who was silently standing behind her.

Where did he come from and why was he here in Durban she thought.
He was the one person who really needed to stay away from her as Raman didn’t like the way he has become over the past months.

After Ishita didn’t want to visit him in Australia and forgot Aaliya’s last birthday, although she phoned her back to apologize but still Mani has become distant.
She tried to explain her situation with the kids and taking a hiatus from work to give the children more attention but he didn’t seem to care.

Ishita tried to shake her forthcoming gut feeling, as she shyly greeted and turned around to return to the hotel.
“So Ishu, are you going to continue to just stand here without giving me a hug”, he said holding her hand firmly and his piercing eyes cut through her like a knife.

Later that day……..
Ishita received a note on the bed side table
Madrassan I have booked you for an appointment at the Hotel Spa…….
Please be there on time.
I chose Reflexology for you….
Raman XO
As the gently soothing sounds of a rain peacefully pattered behind her Ishita senses was awaken by the thorough stimulation her feet.
She could feel the stress and tension fading away as her masseuse massaged the nerve endings situated at the bottom of the feet.
Her meeting with Mani on the beach this morning was awkward and intense.
The way he spoke she could sense the heat that poured from his words.
And when she walked away from him she felt his eyes hooked to her back.

Especially when she decided to wear something a bit more form fitting. The legging she wore moulded on her curvaceous body and that tighter than usual top which hang slightly loose that mimicked her every move.
She stopped suddenly then fastened her long black hair that was playing in the breeze.

After her massage she couldn’t wait to get in her room and just relax.
She still wanted to finish her book and grab a bite to eat.
When she stepped in her room it was decorated with her favourite flowers and some of the chocolates she likes.

Without thinking twice she decided to write him a “Thank You” note.
Dear Raman,
When love happened to us it changed our worlds irrevocably.
And as I sit here and write to you, I never imagined a life that would satisfy my soul like the one I have with you.
Getting closer to you the couple days, just reiterated the fact that I can’t live without you.
I want you to know that I am here, and I will be here for as long as it takes.
I believe in you.
God made you for me and me for you.
He does not intend for you to live with tension and stress.
God did not intend for you to carry your burden alone.
So, it is my promise today for you to know that I am thankful for everything you do.
For me, the kids and the family
You are my love, my best friend, the father of my children.
You’re Wife, Ishita

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  1. I like the way you brewing the twist, it is subtle and intriuging and wonderful. Thanks for the episode

  2. Radhikaji

    Wow. …wonderful episode. mani going to be negative? ????

  3. Superb one dr
    Loved it??
    Mani’s entry is nice…Waiting for next one?

  4. You have a unique way of writing wch I enjoy a lot. I love today’s episode

  5. Hi Monique,
    How r u? I had to binge read to catch up over the last few episodes. I loved this idea of Raman bringing Ishita with him to Durban and spending whatever little free time he gets, with her. That’s a wonderful portrayal of their love. This suspense about Mani’s meeting with Ishita is interesting. Has he turned negative? And how did Ishita spend time with them enough to be close to Aliya? Would like to know how their part of story turned this way.. Anyway, love your writing! Keep it up..

  6. Kumud

    wow superb Monique love it so much

  7. Lovely story Monique.

    I am from Durban but not much bad story. Beach and hotel are amazing. Oyster Box Hotel is very romancy palce and could not repent it because it is very expensive hotel.

    I don’t know if Mani will turn negative by see into Ishita love for Raman. Aylia will be sorely missing Ishita. Hmm.. Raman kept sending romancy stuff to Ishita with lot of love.

    I will be keep reading it.

    Amloving it!!!1

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