Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 78)


Ishita was woken up by something soft and warm on her cheek.
She instantaneously knew what it was, Raman’s soft lips greeting her with a kiss.

“Raman” she moaned as she rubbed her eyes.
“I have to go, Ishita”
“I will most probably be back around 3 or so”, he said his voice thick with discontent.
“Ok, see you later”, Ishita chirped trying to portray that she was happy but in her heart she wished that he didn’t have to go.
It was a peaceful morning and relaxed, easy atmosphere was a welcome relief for Ishita she hasn’t been so well rested in months.
Looking at her watch she checked the time as she waiting for Ruhi and Adi’s skype call.
Ishita casually sat outside overlooking the sea and browsed through the local the newspaper; acquainting herself with the news making headlines of South Africa.
She closed it, the paper setting it aside and leaned back on the soft cushions of the chair, stretching her legs out, savouring her cup of coffee that’s aroma filled in the air.
Every drop of the black nectar was heavenly to her senses.
The solitude was soothing and the idyllic surroundings made her think.
“Raman”, she said a loud, there was something in the way his name sounded that always made her smile.
He made her immensely happy, some days she still couldn’t believe that he was hers.
Just the thought of it made her blush.
“What an unbelievable night”, she thought reminiscing about the romantic night of loving she had last night…
The marble collector by Cecelia Ahern was just the kind of light reading Ishita needed to fill her time, it’s been a while since she has her “me “time.
Flash Back…….
All way going well and they enjoyed their dinner together until words that came back to haunt her.
Echoing in her ears….
“Don’t worry I will you give me anything you want later.”
They were leisurely walking back as the waiters were clearing the table and making their way out as they didn’t want a repeat of what happened before.

Raman walked towards her, intimidating her a bit.
And she instinctive stepped back.
“So Mrs Bhalla, you said that you will give my anything I want.”
“Well now is your time”, with a somewhat ominous look and grinding his teeth.
She smiled at him,” Of course my dear husband “, she replied.
But nothing could have prepared her for the onslaught of Raman.
“Tell we what you want me to do”, listening to her rendered him speechless.
That was his ‘Jhansi Ki Rani”, the way he lifted her face ever so gently to look at was nirvana.
She could not help but take advantage of the moment as she touched her lips to his, drowning in the intoxicating essence of him as he deepened their kiss,
The flame of passion aroused between them almost driving them insane as their longing for each other was amplified.
Ishita let her hand glide against his cheek feeling the stubble against her skin.
Her Raavan Kumar, her beast.
They were a perfect fit together.

She could still feel the way her body seductively moved against him.
Her lips shivered with delight of what he was going to do next and lust slowly engulfing her.
Raman was still in a state of shock as her sudden boldness caught him off guard.
Ishita almost ripped his shirt off and his body was in a numb as her finger tips traced along the length of his spine, her touch were gentle but even just the thought of her could sent shivers down his back.
Raman lifted her to him and she threw her arms around his neck.
He ran his tongue at the side of her neck she tightened her hold on him.
Their desires were eminently creeping closer and closer and with every breath they took.
Flash back ends…….
The sound of the Skype call woke her up from her pleasant reverie.
Two smiling faces talking at once as neither want to give the other preference.
Ishita loved all the short conversations with everyone; they even called Amma and Vandita to join them for the call.
But nothing was more precious than when they showed the screen to the twins, their eyes instantly beamed with happiness when they saw their mother.
Ishita had to fight back the tears as she had completely forgotten how much she would miss them.
Good byes were always bad but this one was even worse because when the screen went back to blue she was still alone.
She receives a phone call in die suite and rushed to hear his raspy voice on the other side.
“Look Madrasan I will be back soon just want to tell you that I love you,bye.” Raman’s word made her feel like he was there even when she was alone.
And moment after she put the phone down there was a knock at the door.
She opened the door to find one of the staff standing with an envelope addressed to her.

Opening it Ishita found Raman’s letter “Letter1”
She smiled as she read his deepest feelings on paper.
“To have the opportunity to talk to somebody older than 10.”
Made her chuckle a little as she have been tangled up in her children’s lives.
“I now understand the sacrifices you make for the sake of our children…………………………………..
You know I told you before that I can’t live without you for one night.
Now I understand how tired you get by the end of the day.
I understand that being a mother is constant sacrifice.”
A teardrop stained the letter blurring the words she just read.
“I wanted to add that I really miss you……
Ishita Iyer
Jhansi ki Rani
Ishita Raman Bhalla
My Madrasan”

“Love Raavan Kumar” she read aloud.
Ishita was touched by the letter but she also felt that she understood him a bit more as he understood her.

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