Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 77)


The soothing sounds of waves crashing on the beach woke Raman and his eyes fixed on the person next to him.

All tangled together with her head resting on his chest and fingers tangled in his hair.
Her breath tickled his bare skin, he at once felt at peace.
“Why do I need to get up”, Raman thought to himself as he tried to pry her fingers from his hair without waking her.
Finally he escaped from her arms and he got up and opened the sliding door of the suite.
Raman took a minute to just take the view in again; the tranquillity was beyond comparison as the magnificent Indian Ocean warm breeze brushed on his skin.
He naturally began to think about what really matters in life.

The faraway ocean with a lone surfer on his board and two joggers resting along the shore pictured how to embrace the simplicity that tends to be absent from his life.
Unobtrusiveness is where one finds true peace.
In many ways Raman had become a prisoner of
Today was the first day of the Conference at the Durban International Convention Centre he still had to unpack.
(Flash Back)
Away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi life, it’s amazing how quickly I was able to completely zone out and focus on them.

The table looked whimsical and the calming beauty of surroundings blew them away.
Bathed in the calmness of the moon, they had a romantic supper with a table set for two.
For a while there life had become messy but the simple truth was that they often made it harder than it was.
They needed to find that unassuming nature that their relationship was born with ……..that essence that faded away with time.

As Ishita stepped out of the bathroom with her silky locks falling onto her shoulder; all Raman could do was take in her beauty in all its splendour.
Draped in a soft flowing blue chiffon sari, she always had that way of making perfection look so, simple as she generously filled out in all the right places.

Tonight she was scorch in his memory and his eyes accepted her body’s invitation to be kissed by him.
Her luscious red lips beckoned and Raman could hardly wait.
She walked over to the table where she had laid out earrings Raman had given.
Turning she was with her back towards him and low cut back made more skin visible than usual for his eyes to admire.
The unbarring silence pushed them towards each other.
She was the epitome of elegance and grace and she broke the mould of the common wife with swaying hips she smoothly moved to him.
Before her stood her “Prince Charming” biting his bottom lip, staring at her like a starving man.
Three words encapsulated the essence of the man that she found irresistible, the man that made her go go crazy in lust.

Wearing unbuttoned midnight blue shirt which slightly exposed some of his muscular chest, his simple grey suit hugged his frame.
He just raked his fingers through his ‘out of shower” hair was glistening in the dim night light.
“Raman “Ishita said stirring him from his ogling.
“You look good enough to eat, Madrasan” was all Raman could say.
“Not everyone has perverse tendencies like you, Raman”, Ishita replied as she looked at him opened mouthed.
She had to admit, he looked good for a father of four, lucky for her Raman could read her mind as he wouldn’t stop teasing her about it, she thought.
And as fate would have it as Ishita took the last step she fell in Raman’s strong arms.
“I have waited so long to have you in my arms”, Raman said as he wrapped his arms around pulling a squealing Ishita even closer.

“No, Raman” Ishita protested but her naughty grin just added fuel to the fire.
Raman nipped the most sensitive skin of her neck, giving slow, sensual kisses causing her tender skin to awaken by his expert lips.
Next was he nuzzled her earlobe, gentle biting it and his greedy hands found solace around her inviting waist pulling her against him in one swift move.
He found paradise in her and they have both become trapped in a prison of their desires.
The funny thing was that neither of them knew that they were being ambush by their love.
Ishita knew that life was easier if she would just give in to the needs and desires that she often shied away from.
His kisses send shivers down her spine, giving her goose bumps, but moreover it quelled her subconscious fears subduing her.
“Excuse me, Sir” a voice interrupted his fun.

“What!” Raman said his voice brining with fury.
“Mr Bhalla, You gave very specific instructions.”
Raman recalled the orders he left at the front desk and specifically stating that he wanted his dinner to be served at 20H00.
“I phoned before I came and your wife said it was fine, so I came in.”
“No need to explain, Michelle”, Ishita said.

“Your dinner is ready, my apologies for interrupting”, the blushing young lady said as she rushed off leaving behind and visibly upset Raman.

Ishita kissed him besides his lips, resting her hands against his chest she whispered, “Don’t worry I will you give me anything you want later.”
Something in the way she said that made his body shake with delight that certainty and the vulnerability in which she said it, drove him insane with lust.
(Flash Back Ends)

Today was the first day of the Conference at the Durban International Convention Centre he still had to unpack.
Oh, how he wished he could just stay in today.

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