Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 76)


Arriving in Durban‘s King Shaka International Airport to a pleasantly warm subtropical climate something which both Raman and Ishita found as a welcome relief from the tiring heat of Delhi.

The East Coast city of South Africa was quite different to Cape Town.
And nothing was more evident than the amount of people that seem to be of South Indian origin….

The whole atmosphere was different to the laid-back style she experienced in Cape Town and definitely colourful.
Raman we are we going to stay? Ishita asked as all she wanted to do was get to her room and sleep.

The 14 hour flight really exhausted her.
The Oyster Box, Raman answered abruptly as he cut through the people waiting for their bags at the turn table.

Reaching the ground floor there was a man standing with a board with “Raman Bhalla” on it.

Good afternoon, my name is Thabo and I will be your driver.

Please allow me, Thabo said as he took the cart and steered it to a parked car already waiting for them.
Raman had asked Mihir to arrange the transport for him for the week.

“Where will I be taking you and your wife, Mr Bhalla, he asked as he loaded the suit cases….”

The Oyster Box, number 2, Lighthouse Road, Raman said.
Umm……. Debating with himself on whether he should try to pronounce the next word.
Then Thabo said Umhlanga.

Yes…Umhlanga, Raman repeated.

The drive to the hotel felt like forever …….
With bushes after bushes and more bushes but then Thabo turned into a road that ran parallel to the ocean and that sea smell welcoming them.
Finally they got a few building as they drove neared to the beach front.
“And on the right, Lighthouse Road”, Thabo said with his deep, baritone voice.
Reaching The Oyster Box Hotel and walking in was something out of another era built in a colonial style, it had that charm.
Some suites would be overlooking the gorgeous beachfront and Ishita so wished that they had one of those suites.
The Indian Ocean with the iconic lighthouse in its view was far more than she would have even have imagined.
“For the next part I need to blind fold you because I have some surprises in store for you…”Raman said as he took out a scarf from his over-night bag.
Raman is this really necessary? Ishita protested.
Her words fell on deaf ears as Raman proceeded to tie the scarf around her eyes and checking to make sure she would be able to peek through.

Like an obedient puppet she walked with Raman’s assistance.
Raman I don’t like this, Ishita complained and yet again he acted like he couldn’t be bothered.
His mischievous grin was an indication that he was enjoying this.

After what seem to be forever they reached the Presidential Suite.
Raman opened the door and gestured to the young man that was helping with the bags to leave the bags in the room.

The salty ocean air mixed with the cold air of the air-conditioned room added fuel to the fire.

In a way all the excitement and the whole not knowing where she was were driving Ishita crazy.

Raman ….
“When will you take this….this stupid blind-fold off”, she moaned.

Raman expertly positioned Ishita in the doorway to the patio overlooking their private pool with the vista of the Indian Ocean at the back.

He took a moment to look at her, her confused expression was hilarious but he knew better than to just burst out laughing.

There was different feeling in the air, anticipation and excitement of the day was addicting to her.

He quietly moved in front of her and without saying a word, Raman removed the scarf from her head.

Ishita stood there with her eyes still closed, patiently waiting for Raman to tell her when she was to open them.

The silence that blew in felt unnatural as the wind gently rustled.

Raman walked and stood behind her, “Open your eyes “he whispered in her ear with the stubble scratching her tender skin of her cheek.

Opening her breath stuck inside her chest, the place was so beautiful and with the view of sea with all its splendour just rounding off the scenery.
“Raman, It’s so beautiful…..”
Turning herself around she looked up at his face and stoked her hand over his cheek smiling.
Giving a cute smile him, she shyly kissed him on the cheek and turned around again.

They were complete with the sound of the roaring waves breaking the stillness.
Raman hugged her from behind and he rested his chin on her shoulder.
Do you like it?Ishita…Raman asked, pulling her closer in his arms.
Raman, this place is even more beautiful than I could have even imagined.

All they did was stand there listening to each other’s heartbeats like two awe-struck lovers in love.

Seeing her so spellbound made him fall in love with her even more.

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