Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 75)


Raman woke up with a song in his heart searching with his hand for her next to him Ishita, Raman called out and was greeted with silent treated as Ishita moved away from his touch.
She didn’t want to leave her children but he knew how to get her out of that “Ice Queen” mode.
She couldn’t bear the feeling of his fingers skin on her skin.
Ishita wanted to be angry with him, but she couldn’t so she had to settle for second best; the silent treated.
Raman’s touch always melted her like ice cream on a hot summer’s day and she opted to get out of bed.
For a second Raman regretted his plan to take her to Durban with him but that feeling was replaced with happiness as he remembered the fun they had in Cape Town.
The room was filled with that “Silence” that one could cut with a knife.
Raman decided to get up as well it was going to be a long day of nothingness on the plane, as he needed all his strength to handle Jhansi Ki Rani’s for the flight.
While Ishita preparing his paratha, Raman walked in and came to stand behind her leaning his back against the kitchen cabinets.
Damn, why did he have to wear this…. she thought biting her lower lip.
He knows full well that he looks so….
So good, she thought when she was interrupted by his voice.
“Ishita” he called out.
She looked at him as his eyes burned fearlessly with passion.
Her hands felt useless and dumb as she fumbled the plates.
Raman knew she couldn’t resist him.
Pour me a cup as well he said his voice low and husky.
He loved to torment her…..which obviously drove her insane.
He moved closer and pinned her hands against the wall.
“Raman stops it” Ishita said drowning in lust.

Between the two of them but her body was raw with excitement.
She was restless under his tight grip; before she could accept their new found closeness.
His warm breath tickled her neck and closing her eyes as she enjoyed the moment.
As feathery soft kisses touched her cheek, she once again gave in to him as he started kissing her leaving her thoughts.

His beard pricked the nape of her neck and she wince but all Raman did was pull her even closer that before.
All of a sudden a couch came from behind them and they jumped away from each other like school children.
Ishita nervously fidgeted to straighten her clothes.
Raman on the other hand raked his fingers through his hair.
He hands could still feel the warmth of her skin and the softness of her cheeks.
And that lingering smell of jasmine caused havoc on his senses.
“Do you want some coffee Papaji” her voice cracked and out of utter embarrassment she lowered her eye and Ishita could feel the heat on her cheeks as she was blushing so much.
Raman on the other hand stood smiling hopelessly with he leaned against the wall.
As Raman was sitting in the plane he wasn’t actually looking forward to the 14hour flight but he knew that business with other “BRICS” countries will be beneficial to his business.
Looking over he saw that Ishita have already dozed off, there where hair everywhere.
Sometimes having such long hair more of a hassle, he thought as he had a compelling attraction to remove a few locks that was hindering his view of her face.
He caressing her cheek and huskily whispered in her ear “I love you, Ishita”, which caused the corners of her mouth to curve into a smile.
Raman liked to travel as he was mesmerized by the blue sky through the small window.
Seeing her sleep like this made him happy.
She wasn’t one to complain but he could see that all that running around after the kids and keeping up with the household chores where weighing heavy on her.

In a way he wished that she would go back to work.
But that in itself was another drama.

He thought he would write a letter for each day he would be at work and he had already arranged with Mihir to arrange some presents to be delivered to her.

Getting the some good online stores in South Africa was a mission but he managed to shop and pay for 5 presents.
And what would be better than a hand written letter to accompany it each day.
“Wow Raman, you did well”, He praised himself and put his earphones in to listen to some music.

#Letter one

Hi Madrasan….
“I’m sorry for how I acted the morning we left for Durban.
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, what it means to be a mother.
I tried to put the kids to bed.
With great effort I got them to sleep.
You are busy the whole day and don’t always have a minute to sit down.
I was constantly cooking, feeding the children, dressing the children, playing with them or cleaning around the house.
I don’t think that I could do two of these chores at the same time sometimes!
I thought to bring you out with me, being locked up in the house the whole day, I want you to find yourself again.
To have the opportunity to talk to somebody older than 10.
I now understand the sacrifices you make for the sake of our children.
You know I told you before that I can’t live without you for one night.
Now I understand how tired you get by the end of the day.
I understand that being a mother is constant sacrifice.
It’s much more difficult than sitting in the office 10 hours a day.
Being a mother is the most responsible job in the world! But, sadly, nobody appreciates this.
I didn’t just write this letter to apologize.
I wanted to add that I really miss your
Ishita Iyer
Jhansi ki Rani
Ishita Raman Bhalla
My Madrasan
From now on I will praise you every day. You are incredibly brave and the well-being of our family depends on you.
Love Raavan Kumar

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