Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 74)


And slowly they settled to what they would call “normal”…..but believe me this was far from normal.

Raman’s Durban trip was in a week and the whole house was abuzz with excitement.
Much to Toshi’s dismay as they had four children to take care of, luckily Amma offered to help with the twins.

Puttar…just make sure that you have made all the arrangements, Toshiji yell from the lounge.

Ishita was busy making bottles for the twin as well as a snack for Ruhi and Adi who was busy with homework.
She too was thinking about the trip…
What to pack?
What’s the weather like?
But she was mostly worrying about the twins, Ruhi and Adity…
I hope Mihika will help Ruhi and Adi with their homework she thought.

Raman didn’t want Ishita to stay alone so be booked them in a Hotel nearby.
The bad thing was we would be busy the whole time but he was adamant that he would work someth8ing out …even if it was just for one day.

He also wanted her to get away from the house for a while as she was busy with housework and the children all the time.
She and Vandita also rarely went on their dates nowadays but phoned each other regularly.

Raman ….
Raman …. Do you want some coffee? Ishita bellowed from the kitchen.

His head he cocked in as he couldn’t believe his ears…
Was that Ishita?
Day by day she is starting to sound like Mamiji, Raman let out a chuckle as he got up and walked towards the kitchen.

Raman jammed his hands in his front pockets as he came to stop next to her.

Ra…….. Man…..
Ishita opened her mouth to call him again but when she turned she was greeted by him.

He walked closer and came to stand next to her.
She was in her own world as usual as she hurried to make his coffee.

Raman decided to have some fun with her.
Ishita turned towards Raman to give him his cup of coffee

Careful Raman it’s hot….Ishita warned him but his plan was in full swing.
He pretended to drink the coffee and make as if he burned his lips…..
Raman ……….Ishita said as she touched his lips and trailed with her thumb over his lips…
Sorry Raman, Ishita apologised as she chewed on her bottom lip.

Without fail it worked, Raman thought but knowing just how to push certain buttons.

I know what would help, Ishita said as hurried to the room…

Are you coming?

And there it was……..
That smile ….
His mouth curved instinctively
Raman was quite cuffed with himself as he thought he had the upper hand.

Just as he entered he put on a frown on his face.

To his amazement Ishita was sitting on the end of the bed…..

What’s with that smile, Ishita? He asked as he puckered his forehead.

I think your smile seems to be missing something but what could it be….she said as she scratched her head.
He looked at her with his puppy dog eyes and all she could do was take in the sight of Raman Kumar Bhalla.

Raman, are you upset with me….she asked as she wanted to see how far he will go keeping up with this ruse.

I am not upset with you…..
Ok, Raman now at least come over and sit by my side, so that I can have a better look at your lip she suggested.

As she inched forward towards him, slowly closing the gap between them.

Ishita was astonished as she was thinking of ways to get back at him.
Raman was getting deeper and deeper in her trap.

I feel so bad Raman that I have hurt you she said stroking his “ego”.

No its fine, Ishita.
What she did next caught him off guard ….
This was so out of her character…..

Did she just kiss me?

Raman knew if she would kiss him again like that his body would turn to ashes as she was awaking his carnal urges…

His deepest desires.

Ishita Raman Bhalla
Jhansi Ki Rani

She knew full well whenever she asserts herself against him, he would become helpless.

Ishita jumped up, and walked to the bathroom.
She couldn’t contain her laughter anymore.

Serves him right into coercing me go to Durban with him.

Raavan Kumar, she said under her breath.

But before she could open the bathroom door he jumped in front of her and there they stood Raavan Kumar and Jhansi Ki.Rani…

Battle lines drawn.

Should I look at him or look away, Ishita thought.
If I look at him his eyes will cast magic on me.
It will pull me in.
Ishita jerked her head in the direction of the window as she knew she would be destroyed in his desire.

I’m impressed Madrasan,you almost had me fooled.
Both of them were drowning with heavy breaths and the moment her eyes met his, she was smothered by his gaze
Relentlessly searching for her.

Ishita drew her lower lip between her teeth, as she was falling in a plan she had made for raman.
Think Ishita
You know Raman is…
He won’t rest.

Do that again.
Do what?
What you just did.
Raman rubbed on his hand on the skin on her waist and all she could do was I break down

Breaking into pieces.

They devoured each other as their carnal instincts kicked in.

As Ishita’s last ounce of her defenses gave way she crumbled.
His lips continued to move passionately against hers.
First asking her for love which turned into demanding her love and her lips pleaded as she surrendered to his every command.

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