Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 73)


The rebel in Raman couldn’t wait anymore and he became restless with lust.
And he decided to that he would try his luck and go into the bathroom.
As stealthy as a secret agent he slowly approached the door.
Raman put his ear against the door and listened to see why Ishita is taking so long.
When he heard no sound he took that as a sign that she might be finished with dressing and he gently put his hand on the handle.

Raman! Ishita called out her eyes darted towards him as she snapped out of her afternoon fantasy.
Nowadays people don’t knock on the door before coming in, she yelled inshock.
His eyes lit up with delight as he saw what his heart was yearning for the whole afternoon.And there it was that smirk, she knew all too well.
What’s the matter Ishita, he said as he threaded his hand through his hair.

Oh My God,Ishita thought….
Why should he be so hot…….
Ok, Ishita
Keep calm she tried to calm herself as she nervously gave a half-smile.
Looking her in the eyes his intentions became naughty.
Nowadays people don’t keep their doors locked, Raman replied.
Do you know Ishita, there is fun in snatching and quenching your thirst.
But it doesn’t compare to the fun I experience when I attain and quenching my thirst.Raman closed the door behind him and he leaned against it blocking her.

His crazy mind couldn’t help but to agree to his impatient heart.This madness got to end, he though.
Raman I don’t understand why you came in here, Ishita angrily said as she now hurried to get dressed.Her heart begun to beats fast as if she was jumping around all day and she could feel the pain of separation taking over her senses.
Ishita ,you and I both know that love calls me and my world stops .
I can’t help but listen it.
Like blood flowing through my veins, my love for you is running through my veins and its calling me.And without it a second thought and just had to come here and meet you, Raman said.My heart is not able stop my body.Don’t block my path Raman…..
Simi must be worried as she checked her watch and proceeded to walk to the door.
There is no need to hurry Madrasan,Simi just wanted to inform us that they will be going out and taking the kids with them.
And Amma wanted to spend some time with the twins.
Focus, Ishita…
Try to resist him…she thought but how she debated
And without her knowing she lost her courage and just stared at him open mouthed.
The reason being, Raman had begun to unbitten his shirt and was walking towards her.

Who can stop what’s going to happen…
Whatever was going to happen will happen and you know no matter how you try to deny it.It is going to happen.

Ishita, you know our friendship has one rule… in the fact that we don’t say sorry and thank you.
Oh and madam if friendship is there then one must fulfil it.Her face was transformed as Raman loosens his belt and she was overcome by shock.I like to control the soul, and not the body.And the words her father said years before echoed in her mind.
”When god takes something back from you then he leaves both your hands empty … so that he can give you something better, Ishu.”Raman was her “Person”.
Her “person” in who she could share the things that she couldn’t share with anyone, her deepest thought and insecurities.
Those very things made her lonely.
Raman was a predator and he knew that she found his body irresistible.
And he expertly preyed on her secret.And this time she wasn’t in a place from where she could run away from him…
She knew the more she tried to run away from it … the closer he got.
A man learns only by experience … first play along the game and then decide how to play the game.It is saying that if you really desire something from the heart … then the whole universe will work towards getting you that.
She flashed back to the talk they had on the rooftop earlier.
So Madrasan…..Raman said as he smiled at her, who knows, there might not be a tomorrow.
For me love is friendship … if you can’t be my best friend, then I cannot fall in love with you … because love cannot happen without the special friendship we have.
It’s simple, love is friendship and you will start living more when you see our dream through my eyes.
Look in life everything is not easy, everything doesn’t bring happiness …Before you I tried hard to forget my past but life and one’s memory is tricky sometimes.That stuff you want to forget you can’t and the things that I want to remember, I couldn’t.My life is attached with yours.In you, I found my true happiness.
Every dream and desire is connected to you.Your talks or lectures that often I am somewhere in your thoughtsI see you in every moment and that I keep in my heart.I wake up every morning with a desire to see you next to me. You’re in the smile on my lips.You’re the glow in my face.
Ishita you and I, will be together till the end of time and I promise I will never let you go.

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    After reading it I found many spelling errors and sentence structure faults…
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