Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 72)


As one look back on the days…weeks…months and years that past the relationship of Raman and Ishita was something worth keeping ..
having faced many trails and tribulations.
And overcoming their respective differences and blending their families was a task that at one time seemed like a impossible task.

Strangely enough that was the very reason why they have fought so hard to work and nurture their relationship.
For them the very thought of each other brought them happiness and for them to forget their struggles where not even a option.
The little ordinary things that everyone ought to do
Their story was like living in a kind of daydream with Raman as the happy king and the once independent and strong-willed Ishita as the queen.
Foolish though it may seem the mere idea of them and the longing they had for happiness was the fulfilment everything that was written in the stars.

Sometime a white lie can hurt even more than infidelity itself.
And they knew that all too well.
All the promises forgotten in a moment…..
Even trust broken in a second.

Raman …Ishita whispered in her almost inaudible voice.

We need to go inside I think everyone may be wondering where we are and the twins must have woken up after their nap, she anxiously said.

Ishita just promise me that when we step into the flat that we wont go this path again.
I swear that I won’t be able to handle it.
Raman had that intent-look in his eyes .
Just know that the day my heart forgets your kisses that’s the day I will surely die.

Yes, they never knew how slow the moments they had together went.

I need to see your face in every morning.
In your eyes I find my stars
It’s just the thought of you, the very thought of you, that make me fall in love with you each time.

Ishita could sense a blush coming over her face and as they entered the flat, all eyes were on them.
And knowing the Bhalla family they didn’t let that ideal moment go by as they made inappropriate joke making Ishita even more uncomfortable.
A very embarrassed Ishita walked off to her room with Raman hot on her heels.

What wrong Madrasan …..cant you take some honest fun?Raman said as he tried not to laugh at the situation.
Raman…….Ishita said in her irritated voice.
Raman walked over to the cupboard and took out some towels and just then Ishita noticed that they were drenched.

Taking the towel from his hand Ishita opted to dry her hair .
Raman on the other hand opted to get some dry clothes and he rushed to get changed.
When he got back from the bathroom, she was still busy with her hair.
Her wet sari clung to her body accentuating her curvaceous body.
The man in him saw an opportunity for some naughty fun.
Raman ….
What are you looking at ?Ishita enquired.
Nothing….Raman said but the expression on his face and those naughty eyes gave his true intentions away.
Well just look at yourself,Ishita he d as he proceeded to walk towards her.
Just remember what I said, on the rooftop.
That we will never be angry with each other.

Listen Rama,Ishita said in a shaky voice as she begun to retreat to the bathroom.
As she moved open the door a hand pushed the door closed shut.
Their hands touched and like a few moment before their hearts connected.

How can you ever separate me from you,Ishita but I want to spent every evening with you in my arms.

Do you remember that I had this convention in Durban?
Yes…a shivering Ishita answered.
Well Mihir can’t go anymore as I need him here ,so I thought that you could go with me.
Raman you know that I cant just leave ..,.
What about the twins?
The kids have school, Raman and I don’t think they can come with us.

Well I wasn’t planning on taking them with me,Ishita.
Just you and me .
What do you say?
Raman knew Ishita had a weakness and he was planning if exploiting the situation.
Kissing her on the nape of the neck and slightly nibbling her ear and just as he expected.
She melted and she was like putty in his hands.
Raman stop it.
I need a answer first, he said with allowing his stubble to tease her skin.
Raman …..
Simi’s voice called out from the hallway.
Raman …….Please !
Ishita tried to push him away but this just made him more determined.
This is so wrong Raman…please stop.
Raman …..

OK …Ok I will go with you.
And just like that Raman moved aside and jumped on the bed lying down with that all too familiar smirk on his face.
Ishita walked to the door and gave him an evil look her eyes ablaze with anger.
Similar ,I’m just getting changed to dry clothes, I will be out shortly.

Oh Raman Bhalla, you are a cruel man,Ishita said as she grabbed a blouse and a sari and rushed to the bathroom.
Closing the door behind her she could still feel his lips on her skin as her fingers traced to stop where he kissed her.
Why every time he kisses me I just melt like butter…
Why are you so weak ,Ishita .

You use to be so bold ….
So daring and now .
Why couldn’t you just resist him? Ishita scolded herself.
The scent Raman’s intoxicating aftershave lingered on her skin.
She almost forgot she came to change as she remembered the sensual moments.

Ishita that body of yours and those eyes makes me turn into a schoolboy each time I see you,Raman,I thought as he as well reminisced about those moments.

Although you make me mad ,I can’t help but love you even more.

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  1. Kumud

    Love it really nice been waiting for it since

  2. Finally I just love your ff a lot I waited for this for days plz try to update more often i can’t say your ff is far more better than the existing Tract on the show it was lovely

  3. very nice episode. waiting for next one.

  4. Radhikaji

    Dear monique. …cannot express how happy I am to read your ff. ..plz update ATLEAST on alternate days…PLZ PLZ PLZ. ..

  5. Missing this one. loving it!!!!!!

  6. Nice one Monique,Really missing ur Ff a lot…Waiting for next one

  7. I saw it yesterday but just browsed through it. But today enjoyed reading it again and again and happy that you are sending them to Durban

  8. Monique_D

    I’m glad you guys like it……
    I too was glad that I could write an episode.Is past few weeks were a little hectic at work and I was ill as well and went on leave so busy busy busy.

    You guys inspire me to write some of my best work.

    Thanks for your ongoing support.

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