Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 71)


Ishita tried her utmost best to ignore Raman and as they were facing each other and taking down the saris before them, they were automatically drawn to each other.
As if the centripetal motion pushed them together.
Ishita wanted to hide him.
She knew if their eyes meet again longer, she wouldn’t be able to resist him.
They had that kind of love that would cross all limits.
All consuming and unbearable.

For the first time in Raman‘s life, he was overtaken by this……this …. Feeling.
In one swift motion Raman picked her up.
Ishita’s head was resting on his chest……….
She could hear his heartbeats……it was as if that was the only thing she could hear.
Raman carried her to the where she had hung the twin’s clothes and put her down.

She snapped out of the trance she had quickly slipped into …..
You didn’t have to do that, Ishita complained but Raman wanted nothing to do with her moaning.
It wasn’t a favour, but you’re the mother………… Raman started but abruptly stopped.
I don’t need to explain myself to you, Ishita.
Raman could see a newly formed complaint on her lips.
Ishita opened her mouth to say something but before she could even speak her drenched lips were met by His.

“I just couldn’t let you spoil this beautiful moment with you lecturing.” Raman stated.
Ishita looked at him with her dampen eyes, turning away from Raman and his soul piercing eyes.
As she walked away Raman grabbed hold of her hand…
“Not so fast Mrs Bhalla”, he said.
Ishita couldn’t face him and she turned to face the wall.
Raman,Ishita yelped as he held her hand tightly around her back.
Facing the wall she squeezed her hands into fists as she couldn’t handle the sudden closeness.

Leave my hand Raman; her voice was now low and uncertain.

Raman’s stubble scratched the exposed skin and his lips pressed against her neck.
A vein popped out in his neck as his breath warmed her wet skin.
Now listen here Ishita, Raman said as his voice hardened.
She kind of liked this forceful Raman but at the back of her head she also had this little voice, reminding that she was still a little mad at him.

Look, there is a lot of stuff we have to talk about and that we have to work out.
You are my wife and I love you.
I won’t ever let you go and I won’t let anything come between us.
Raman loosened his grip on her hand and turned her around.
Look at me Ishita, Raman yelled but all she lowered her head, staring at her feet.

I know you’re tired of loving and then getting hurt by my actions.
I’m not complete, if I’m not with you and even though we are together it feels like we are not

Ishita you’re the thunder to my lightning and the melody to my song.
I don’t know how to handle life like this….
I can’t bare living life like this.

Raman moved closer to her and he lifted her chin up with his index finger.
She had no choice but to look at him……
Ishita was breathing hard now……their eyes met and on a subconscious level they connected.

Raman, Ishita began with a breathy explosion of words.
I know you have been nagging me about the quality time we spend together but I miss that too.
I miss you with every breath I give.
Raman, I miss our morning cuddles and kisses…..
But you can’t see that.
All you see is the fact that I can’t make time for you.

I love you so much, Raman that it hurts me when you are unhappy.
I also know that we get so busy with our lives that one sometimes forget what is important.
If this is not love, I don’t know what is.

You’re within me….your my soul.
I’ve spend so many nights waiting for you and falling asleep as I wait for you.

You’ve stolen my heart but the strange thing is that my heart is happy.
And sometimes I stopped myself from listening to what my heart want …what my heart needs.
You know my heart is saying that I need you more then you need me…….

Raman instinctive took her and hugged her…
Ishita sometime I need to know that you need me …just as I need you.
I think sometimes our fears and insecurities allow doubt and mistrust to create a void in our relationship.
I know I was wrong, Ishita.
I think sometimes I don’t think before i speak and I can come across as hurtful and insensitive.
Will you forgive me?
I promise you that I will try my best to keep you happy.
I’ll not let my ego come between us ever again.

For the first time in Raman’s life, he was able to bare his feeling for her.
Ishita saw the honesty in his eyes and all the hurt and she felt before was replaced with so much love.
Raman, I can’t bear even a single moment of separation from you.

In you I find my moments of joy.
Each time I see you my heart beats faster.
And when I hear you name, I can’t help but smile.
I don’t see myself without you by my side.
I only wish sometimes that I had met you sooner.
But fate had other plans for us.

Both Raman and Ishita were by now huddled in the corner.
Their deep conversation was so needed and they totally forgot about everything around them.
And they just stood in each other’s arms listening to their heartbeats.

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    Finally u updated an episode as usual ur ff do leave me speechless superb

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  5. Missed your ff a lot. ..

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      Hey Radhika ….I missed writing it too but the inspiratin was slightly gone with me being sick and the show’s current track putting of watching YHM but I’m back .I can’t promise days on which I post stories but I will try to get regular updates in.

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    Monique ur writing is juz awesome… You hav a gr8 talent dear
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