Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 70)


Raman knew that Ishita meant business…..
He could even see the tear stains on the page.
Wow I really messed up this time he thought.

Raman thought of a plan to make things right with Ishita, although he knew that this want a quick fix he believed that he would be able to get her back.

Raman filled him his questionnaire, hoping that she would see where he was coming from.
Maybe I was putting too much pressure on Ishita, he thought as he struggled to truthfully express his true feeling on paper.

He wanted to rush home to her and explain himself as he took the page and crumpled it out of frustration.
Why can’t you just understand how I feel Ishita, you are a show of the young lady that I fell in love with.

But then Raman had an idea.
There were a business convention in South Africa that he asked Mihir to go as her didn’t want to leave Ishita and the children but now he thought they needed to get away from the family and on sort this out.

How will I get her to agree to it, Raman thought.
I will have to think of a way to persuade her.

Ishita like to keep herself busy when she was agitated.

She would usually clean her room but she knew Simmi and Mamji would find it strange that she is cleaning her room again after she cleaned it yesterday.

Yes….this will keep my mind off ……
That man, she said aloud…
That Raman Bhalla

Doing the babies washing has become so habitual that it didn’t take her long to do it anymore.
So she decided to do some of her favourite saris as well.

Ishita, are you going to hang out your washing Simi, inquired as Ishita quickly walked out.

It’s going to rain soon….Simi said but Ishita already had her mind made up, she needed to get out of the house.

Simi the twin are asleep and I left Ruhi’s food on the counter, she said and walked out.

It has been a while since she hung out clothes for some time as the stair leading to the top of the building always seemed eerie to her.

Reaching the top she was relieved as she was greeted by the sun beaming down on her.
She was kind of tired as the stairs really just confirmed how out of shape she was.
Ishita use to walk with Appa every day before marriage but since then she didn’t have the time to do that anymore.

If there was one thing that Ishita couldn’t handle anymore, it was the quietness that something crept in the Bhalla house and to remedy that she always took her phone with her if she did household chores.

Armed with her cellphone and earphones at hand she skilfully placed her in the pouch Mihika bought her on her birthday.

Ishita had asked Mihika for some music and she put it on play list.

Let’s see what if Mihika has good taste in music.

She picked up a few pegs and started with the kids clothes first there was a small space under a small covered area where she could hang their clothes.

The rest of the clothes like her saris she would have to hang on the other lines.

Mmmm…….she said I didn’t take Mihika as a Armaan Malik fan but I must say great choice of song as “Bol Do Na Zaara started to play.

This playlist made Ishita think as Itni Si Baat started to play…….
How will I show these emotions I feel for you, Raman? She thought.
I love you more than I love myself, but have become so selfish at times and I feel that I can’t handle this kind of behaviour anymore.

When Raman got home, he immediately asked Ishita.
Raman didn’t like the fact that she went to the roof alone, as lately some of the women have been complaining about a man lurking around the building.

He just left his stuff on the couch,” I’ll be back shortly, just want to greet Ishita” he said as he walked out.
The whole way up Raman was going through suitable ways to approach Ishita.
He knew better than just come and make as if everything was ok, seeing as she wasn’t taking his call whenever he called.

Ishita was enjoying the pleasant surprises that were on the playlist…..
All the songs were to her liking.
“Jo Bheji Thi Dua Wo Jake Aasman Se”
“Beete Lamhein”
“Hairani Hote Hai”
Even a song or two of the melody queen Shreya Ghoshal…..
“Bairi Piya”, “Rehnuma” and “Jab Tum Hote Hai”

It didn’t take long for her to be taken over by her thoughts, but when “Ang Laga De” played she was reminded of that Holi where Raman at first she wanted to be the first to wish him and she pretended that she had an allergy to the colour powder.

And how they hot and heavy in the shower…….She was so lost she didn’t even feel the rain drops…..

When Raman reached the top of the stairs, a light drizzle welcomed him and he looked around to see where Ishita was.

That seemed to be more easier said than done as there were rows of saris…..
Raman called out……Ishita ! Ishita

But obviously she could hear him as she had the music on full blast.

Ishita didn’t even notice that she was crying as she was lost in the reverie of their memories.
All of a sudden she was brought back to the present when the rain started to pour down.

She quickly started to take down her saris starting with the one that she just hung.

Raman was three lines on the other side and started to take down as much and as quickly as he could.
He saw her and took her silence as her being angry at him.

The monsoon has arrived and so too Raman and Ishita’s season for love…..they just didn’t know it yet.
As Ishita was busy taking down her favourite sari the one Raman always like her in, her hand brushed against his.

Just then “Aankhon Ki Gustakhiyan Maaf Ho” started………..
Their eyes met and for a moment they forgot that they were standing in the pouring rain.

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