Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 69)


The following day when Raman left for work he and Ishita barely spoke just the random greeting in front of the family.

Something that wasn’t uncommon with them as they often were lost in their own world sometimes.
Raman still was a little dumb founded by Ishita’s whole attitude .
Why the sudden cold shoulder,Madrasan Raman thought.

I’ll send her a message he thought.

When Ishita’s phone went off she thought nothing off it,thinking that it might be just telemarketing.

As she opened her messages the name that came up actually surprised her.


I’ miss you and I can’t handle this phase we are in.
Just want to feel your kiss against my lips again.
And now all this time has gone by and I still can’t seem to tell you why we have gotten into a rut
It hurts me every time I see you and I realize how much I need you.

A lone tear made its way down her cheek as she read the last part.

There was more than distance between us,Raman.
I’m here, you are here but I can’t handle you keeping things from me,she said as she closed her messages.

It was uncommonly quiet in the Bhalla house and as Ishita enjoyed the peacefulness she walked to the kitchen to make herself some coffee.

Oh Raman, I miss you too.
When I can’t sleep at nights or right after coffee
Our midnight rendezvous with me sitting next in the front seat.

And all the other nights we don’t remember
Do you miss me like I miss you?she thought.

At the office Raman sat waiting for a reply cursing himself as he couldn’t handle the frustration anymore.

I’m always tired but never of you,Ishita.
But what is the reason you seem you be giving me the cold shoulder.
Raman sat with his hands in his hair…..I just wish I new what is wrong.

When I phone you don’t answer or when I type a text you don’t even bother to answer back.
I have feelings too.

Just then Raman received a call.

Just the man he wanted to hear from.

I hope he handle that ….situation Raman thought.

As it is taking everything I have to keep this secret from Ishita and I won’t be able to hide it from her for long.

He wasn’t in the habit of lying to her and he often forget and had most recently almost told her everything.

With every lie her name echoed in his heart.
Ishita ,you are the voice of my heart and I hate lying to my heart.

Are you sure,Raman said.
Oh Pathak you didn’t know how happy I am to hear this.
Raman could barely contain his happiness and all he wanted to do was go home to Ishita and tell her the truth.

Later at much Raman opened his tiffin to find a letter.
At first glance he thought it was the same questionnaire Ishita gave him to finish but it was Ishita’s handwriting.

There was a small note attached.

Raman you are the reason I laugh and I cry
My existence is only because of you
You’re present in every breath I take
Your smile is the cheers me up when I’m down.
You’re written in the lines of my hands since beginning.
You’re my right.
You connect me to my desires.
If you have any doubts, then test me any day.
Just don’t hide stuff from me.

As you didn’t even finish the questionnaire, here is mine.

Raman was in shock…..
And as he read the first question’s answer he was even more surprised.

Raman even read he question again……
What do you think is the most important part that is lacking in your marriage?-Intimacy(I miss you,Raman.You aren’t the only one who have needs)

That she wrote in capital letters….
And the side note hit him like a bus.

To say that he was dumb founded was an understatement.
Raman was at a loss for words….Ishita if you listen closely, then listen to your heartbeats, you will hear mine.
Only you occupy my thoughts.
You are the questions and I am your answers
You are in my dreams.
And you are the fire in my eyes.

Never doubt my feeling for you but I had to protect you from her.
I can’t risk losing you,ever.

That was the situation Jhansi Ki Rani and Raavan Kumar was facing they were mere shadows of what they once was.
The lovers that nice had a problem keeping there hands off each other were now faces issues that they both couldn’t understand.
How could one lie effect their relationship so much.

They were still in love but now their were friends.
Both wore caution tape around their hearts.
They missed the people was before.

When trust are gone…..and hope isn’t.

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  1. Superb but sad to read it. Waited for you to upload it with lots of breakdown in the site.

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  3. Really just no words to say about this kept on waiting for ur ff and finally u posted it superb

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  4. Thank you Monique loved the update

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  5. “when trust was gone but hope isn’t” Awesome line!!! Enjoyed it as always.. thanks for the wonderful episode!!!

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