Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 68)


So a few days have pass and the happenings of a few night were being to fade away as an unpleasant memory.

Even their fights have become less and less………

Well that’s because Raman and Ishita had a “Talk”.

Ishita the every dutiful daughter-in law were a cheerful and lecturing as ever…
Raman even had a little spring in his step.

Whatever could it be? Toshi asked Simi…….
I even heard him sing the other day when he was going down the stairs,”Mamiji, Simi said.

They both busted out laughing just as Ishita walked in with a basket full of the twin’s clothes.

Ishita looked at them with her usual “what happened” expression and proceeded to go to her room to fold some clothes.

Raman was soon to arrive and as per their discussion there were a few things she had to do before he arrived.

As she was busy folding the clothes her mind wondered off to the night before………..

Ishita I am calmed, by the fact that we are happy parents but you know me……..
But how do I make my heart, my mind understand that.

You barely have time for me………
It’s Karan this…
Or Kareeena is sick and Pihu homework that.

You know the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

And I can set this room on fire if I get just one glance from you, Ishita.

You are the cure to the pain that lies deep within me…

But Raman, Ishita interjected.

But what Ishita?
Why are you standing like a guilty one, asking for mercy…..

You know we have tried these past months …….and somehow for me it seem to have worked.
From all the hundreds of times you only remember the one time that I failed to make time for you.

So I have drawn up a list with things that I think you can work on…Raman said pushing his chest out ever impressed with himself .

I want our golden days again……

Ishita walked over to her side of the bed, she opened the drawer and took out a neatly folded piece of paper.

Here she said stretching out her hand to give him a note…

” Sometimes it feels like my love for you is blessing, and sometimes like poison” Ishita thought to herself as she turned around and walked out of the bedroom.

She touched Raman with just her eyes…….

Taking the note in his hand Raman could hear the dejection in her voice…….
Oh, Ishita I’ll bear with this distance from you…
Walking back with note in hand and Raman just flopped on the bed.

You act like it’s a bad thing but in actual fact it’s more like my devotion to our love can’t keep me away.

Raman knew that his approach sometimes where wrong but what’s a mistakes between lovers he thought.

This heart of mine is imprisoned in your heart and your body is the key ,my Madrasan he thought to himself as he started to open up the piece of paper.

What he read was a huge shock to him….

On the op it read;”Raman please complete this list as I feel we are not in a right place our relationship.”

Yes,as parent we are good but as friends or lovers? Husband and wife we are lacking in many aspects.

I just talking from my point of view……I know I am not giving 100%.

And below there was a list of question …like a questionnaire that she waned him to complete.

For Raman,Ishita was like a monsoon after a drought.
She always seem to quench his thirst.
Raman ran his fingers through his hair ruffling it a bit.

Ishita was busy preparing some bottles for the twins …
“Oh, Raman you use to be so romantic but now you are someone who watches a movie and but constantly skips tk the fun parts.”
Touching her lips she could almost feel his subtle teases of his touches or the feeling of his kisses following her like a shadow .

Inside Raman was still busy with the questionnaire that Ishita gave.

Where did she get this from?Raman sighed.
She must be reading too much of that stupid glamour magazines,he said as he exhaled.

I know that you said I should be honest but when I am honest Ishita,you always criticize me.From the corner of his eye he saw one of her picture that was on his side of the bed.

How can I ever stay mad at you,Jhansi ki Rani….she had that smile that you struggle to make out as there was a little bit of shyness and a dash of mischief in it.

That unmistakable”I know something you don’t” smile that sometimes haunted him.

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