Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 67)


“Why would you even do that?Raman thought to himself the reasoning behind it was to hard to comprehend.

Raman was hell-bent on revenge; this was the last straw.
His rage almost consumed him……

Or should I just wait til the next time……maybe next time wont be there to save Ishita,with his head in his hands he sat on the edge of the bed.

Raman was in a tough position.

Looking over to Ishita peacefully sleeping he knew that it was a tough decision he had to make.

His sleep alluded him and was replaced with worry and sadness.

Why now all this ?
Why now when I just got my life on track……
Raman walked over to the balcony…….His head hung heavy with worry.
The beauty of the sun rise always brought peace to his soul as the pale moon made way for the sun.

His life was getting more demanding and he didn’t understand why he was always being tested.

As he looked to the sky above asking for answers.

How am I supposed to be strong…..Raman’s thoughts were ablaze with the unanswered questions ……

Ishita woke and she reached over to Raman’s side to find I empty .She slowly open her eyes to see him standing on the balcony.

Judging purely on his body language she could tell that something wasn’t right?

Should I let it go,she thought unsure of how to approach the situation.

She gout out of bed and walked over to him,hugging him from behind.

Ishita inhaled taking in all the of his scent.
She could feel the tension in his body and as if she was the cure to his problem,tension slowly melting away.

Her presence and just the slightest touch always rejuvenated him.

Sometimes Rama felt like the burden of providing for the family as a heavy yoke on his shoulders ……..and he kept most of his problems to himself and struggled alone as he knew Ishita had problems of herself caring for the family.

That struggle he endured alone and it was killing him to have all that pend up problems.

Raman was amidst a cloud of thoughts.

“Tell me what’s bothering ,you Raman.”Ishita said.

This made Raman turn around … was as if she read his mind ,he thought.

Her eyes called out to him………
Raman please don’t lie to me,you know that my heart can hear your footsteps at the door even before you enter ,and so too it can sense whenever you are tensed.

I know that you need me now, Raman tell me what’s wrong.

I must get ready for work Raman said walking off to the bathroom.

Should I tell her?Raman thought as he closed the door behind him.

Ishita walked after him to try a get a answer from Raman but was met with a closed door.

She turn and lend against the door,Raman too was leaning against the door.
Both Raman and Ishita were restless with unanswered questions.

With her his world was a colourful place.
After the the Shagun fiasco he was unsure of how she would take his near death revelation.

He needed that comfort that talking to Ishita always provided.

And without think he just let out a all the air that was in his lungs ,”I need you so much,Ishita but I cant burden you with this problem.
There was a certainty in his voice and as soon as Ishita heard this a tear escaped from her heavy eyes.

When he entered his eyes signalled I am yours and in an instance he just melted in her releasing all his troubles without saying anything.

Later that day

Simi and Toshi have gone to the market leaving Ishita at home.
The quietness of the house brought solace to Ishita’s heart.

Her mind recollected the happenings of the night before and everything was clear to her…..

That the incident with the car was not an accident but deliberate.

But who would want to hurt me ,she thought.
And why was Raman so worried…..does he know who drive the car? Ishita was at a loss for words.

And as she usually does Ishita tidied her room,but the incident kept on replaying in her mind.

At the office Raman was at his wits end.

How will I make him understand that he won’t get to me by doing something like this.

Don’t he know that we are one….we share wounds,share each others pain.

Ishita ………He is trying to get to me ,by hurting you.
I wont allow anything to happen to you or my children.

If I you aren’t here, the eyes will dreams will be destroys.

For a moment it was like she was with him….he could smell her fragrance,he instantly smiled.

She was his happiness………

Why cant we ever just be happy.
Everytime we are happy something comes and spoils our happiness.
Its like living in a recurring dream,which he desperately wanted to wake up from.

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    Awesome dea….I hav started an ff Mohabbat,pyaar,love plz do read it if u are free

  7. Hi Monique, hope u r doing well. Thanks for the well written n wonderful episode!! I loved the line “you know that my heart can hear ur footsteps at the door even before you enter”.. too good!! You are such a romantic!! Hats off to you n your talent!! 🙂

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