Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 66)


Ishita was so busy that she fell asleep whilst playing with the kids.

When she woke up the room was dark and there was no one in sight, rubbing her neck she quickly looked around ……her twins were gone.

Well its late Raman might have taken them inside, she answered herself.
I must have been really tired she thought to herself to fall asleep in the living room.
Ishita stretched herself as she slowly made her way to the bedroom.
She opened the door to find it empty and dark, where could he be and more importantly…
Where are my babies?
Where is everybody?
Ishita scanned the room, her eyes carefully surveying every nook and cranny of the room, but nothing.
She walked over to check the bathroom and as she put on the light she found a note to the vanity…..

Hey Madrasan,
I ran a hot bath for you as you were very tired and fell asleep.
Amma and Appa wanted the babies to sleepover, so they will be next door.
Raman XXX

I’m impressed she said.
Her fingers trailed the letters of his name.

The bath did her good as it’s been a while since she could just take a leisurely bath and enjoy some “me time”.
When she returned she found candles everywhere………..and Raman sitting on the floor with what looks to be a picnic spread.
Well let’s be honest it was some take out from a South Indian restaurant she loved.
The moonlight is spilled through the opened curtain like waves in the sky.
This was so unexpected that Ishita could hardly contain herself.
In between bites she would glance over at Raman.
Raman gave her that devilish smile of his and a part of her melted.
On the floor they sat sharing a meal….occasionally Raman would feed her.
Ishita threw her hands in the air in protest…
No Raman, I can’t anymore.
I’m full.

There was no one like Raman in this entire world, she thought.
In her eyes he was everything she desired.
Ok, he said wrapping his arms around her.
Thank you, Raman; this was just what I needed, she whispered back.
Raman looked at her with his signature crooked smile, “Now for desert”, he said wiggling his eyebrows.

He got up and held out his hand.
Shall we go …?
Go? …….where Raman, Ishita asked

For some ice-cream like we use to do…..
And like a child she eagerly got up moving towards Raman, who was waiting for her at the bedroom door.

This was just like old time Raman and Ishita walking with ice-cream in hand.
He missed their talks they use to have where they could spend hours on end just talking the nights away.
She was the one person in whom he would confide in.
Share his problems.
But more importantly listen without judging or lecturing………
Ok the lecturing part won’t stop ….
That just how she is, he thought.

Ishita looked at Raman while walking on the road; she was so lost in her thoughts debating with herself.
Ishita! Raman yelled.
Pulling her towards him.
Leaves blew in the air as the car sped past them, as it missed Ishita but millimetres.
He wrapped his arms even tighter around Ishita, his chest rose and fell with rapid breaths.
I could have lost you, Ishita he said he guided her head to his causing their forehead to touch.

His heart beat like crazy the mere thought of losing her almost broke him.
They just stood there….
In that moment he knew how close he came to losing her.
Raman grabbed her hand and walked home………
He didn’t once look at her while they made their way home.
When they reached near the step of the complex, Ishita let go of his hand.
She looked at him, her eyes searching for answers in his.
From some nearby flat the melodious tones of Udit Narayan, voice sweetly filled the night air…
Jaane kyoon log pyaar karte hain
All they did was breath but their souls spoke.
He pulled her away from street view.
And kissed her.
Ishita looked starry-eyed at Raman after she broke free for a few seconds.
Raman pulled her in again but this time his kiss was soft, gentle but with more intense fiery and a split second it felt like forever.
Jaane kyoon voh kisi pe marte hain

She was so vulnerable ….all he wanted to do was protect her.
In an all encapsulating way the song captured the moment
And as if nothing happened he grabbed her hand again and proceeded to go the flat.

As the music grew fainter…..Ishita was still puzzled.
What’s up with Raman, she thought.
She knew that she had a close call with the car but he is acting a bit weird, this silent treatment was getting to her.
With that one kiss, she knew what was behind that expression he always gives her when he thinks she wasn’t looking.
Glancing over to Raman he had that expression on his face, that she struggled to read.

They reached the flat in no time ….the quiet of the night noises filled the air.
Only after he closed the bedroom door and turned she saw what was troubling him.
She finally unravelled the mystery that was Raman Kumar Bhalla

As turned he looked at her with smouldering eyes…….

Their hearts were in sync with each other and the love-filled tune of their heartbeat was replaced with melody of that song that played downstairs.

The words hauntingly repeated in her subconscious mind.

He swept her off her feet as she was still staring at him.
This time when he pulled her in for an embrace she didn’t resist.

Raman had that look of intent back.

Raman was tense he vaguely saw the driver of the car.

His suspicions were correct.

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  1. Nice as usual

  2. silent reader

    hi monique. wow today episode is awesome.i have read all ur episodes.
    i am a silent reader.pls keep writing.u constantly show a beautiful bond btween ishra. i loved it.
    i guess its she trying to kill ishu?

  3. Superb…Nice one dear☺

  4. Beautiful episode!! I kind of missed the way you mix beautiful song lyrics with the emotions of the story.. thanks for bringing it back.. this is what I love about your FF.. every time I read, it feels beautiful!!

    1. Monique_D

      Someone said I should stop it but sometimes the feeling i want to give across don’t always come through clearly.And at least with a song you know the context and the mood that certain lyrics bring to a scene.
      I missed that too and just thought what the heck…just put that song in bit Udit fan anyways.

      1. Very true.. thanks for the lovely episode 🙂

  5. Veronica

    Beautiful and funtastic update dude….Loved it to the core

  6. Radhikaji

    Loved it. ..and more curious to know who the driver is. …will it be shagun? ?? Or ashok??? Or some new entry? ??

  7. Monique_D

    Hey Sana,Kv,silent reader,Radhika,Veronica and Anjali thanks for your ongoing support in my writing endeavors .I too like this new track that I am busy with.Who knows who the driver is ?the possibilities are endless……

  8. Whoh I like the new twist but please please please don’t even million in to think to stop this story of yours.

    1. Monique_D

      Wow thanks Manju…sometimes I feel i have created a monster in this story of mine…And just sometimes I let creativity take me over and write to my hearts content.

      1. I ardently like the so called monster you created
        At one point of YMB I wanted it to like your story but the creators changed it drastically which I was not very happy about but I am very happy you keep the spirit of YMB without destroying the trend it ones had.

  9. Monique_D

    update will follow later.

  10. Radhikaji

    Hey waiting for the next episode. …

    1. Monique_D

      Something came up busy with the update and will load it later .Sorry for the inconvenience

  11. breath taking episode as usual!! loved it….

  12. Monique_D

    Finally update loaded .Will probably be on later today.

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