Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 65)


She was back the quick fire, no nonsense madrasan who could set the world on fire with just one look.

There midday rendezvous was cut short by Ishita’s phone and she freed herself from the embrace.
Raman I have to go Mamiji is looking for me.
It was like a big wave came crashing down on him.
Raman fisted the matrass of the bed in frustration.

All he could do was agree.
The twin was a hand full and if he kept her any longer the family would start to ask question and he didn’t have time for all the taunts and jokes.

Half-dressed Ishita quickly ran to the bathroom to dress as she knew Raman.
The whole time she was busy dressing his words kept replaying in his head:” If I get back home, you need to know that you will be up all night.”

After Ishita left Raman got up and with a heavy heart full of disappointment he walked over to the bathroom.

Back to square one.
He needed a shower to cool down.
That was the easy part but how was he going to get her out of his head.
The land of disappointments, he knew all too well.

He decided to the thing that helped him during her pregnancy….
Work out.

This was a great day to work from home.
Raman had gotten a lot done in that time, far more than he would have done at the office.

Ishita liked it when Raman was home.
He was busy in their room and she was in the lounge with the kids.
After she helped Adi and Ruhi with their homework they left with Toshi for the weekly Wednesday movie night.
At the back of her mind she still had that words Raman said to her in the hotel room but strangely he didn’t call her in the room, normally he would pester her with random and unnecessary questions to lure in the room.

So after a hour of hearing nothing from Raman she went to check up on him.
Ishita walked up to the door and she heard Raman gasping for air, she instinctively opened the door to see if he was OK.
But what she found was a bare-chested Raman all hot and sweaty……..glistening like a Greek God.

Since when have Raman been doing this…..Ishita thought.
Ishita’s eyes eat up the sight. She liked what she saw.

How have I gotten so lucky…..Ishita been in awe.
One would never say that Raman was so well built she thought, and even though when she met him he was good looking and well built but it looked like he spend some time in refining and defining certain muscles.

For a modern man Raman looked like a statue that sprang into life, every part of him gleamed.
And Ishita imagine d that she was a goddess from one of the history books, some thousands of years ago.

Ishita was impressed with what he has accomplished. Raman was the epitome of an alpha male, strong and dominant but equally intelligent and sensitive.

The sound of the twins moaning caused her to turn back and tend to them.

So, you called me to give you some attention Ishita said as she smiled at her babies who had no care in the world.

At the back of her mind she was glad that she had come to then…….
I don’t know what I would have done if you haven’t interrupted my day dreaming she said to Karan who was playing with her finger.

I don’t know how I will be able to resist your father…….

Your Papa is so handsome and s*xy she said….

I have been coping fine before but now …I don’t know anymore.

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, she said as she looked at her babies.
Oblivious to the fact Raman had come in for a drink of water.

You are absolutely right a voice came up from behind.
Ishita’s eyes went as wide as saucers…….

Raman she stammered as she felt her face change colour.

How can you opening speak about our ……
Our private ………
Raman was about to go further when Ishita kissed his cheek…..
And immediately he stopped with what he was trying to say……….

Raman looked at her with bashfulness in his eyes, as to let her know that he was just pulling her leg.
While looking into his eyes she instinctively lowered her gaze.
What her eyes couldn’t say his heart knew …..

Raman saw that one of her eyelashes where spoiling his view.

He carefully lifted the eyelash …
Shall we make a wish he said, with clear mischief in his voice.

Ishita heard little of what he said she was still fixated on his eyes that seem to see in her soul…….and finding out her deepest darkest desires.
Her chest heaved with every breath she took, her eyes fixated on his lips.

His mouth curved into a smile as he knew that she was thinking of him and though the whole world was in its senses just a mere smile of Raman robbed her of her sanity.
Raman moved in for the kiss; their lips a half inch away from each other almost touching.

The sound of Kareena blowing bubbles with her spit immediately caused both Raman and Ishita to jerk their heads in the direction of her.

Just my luck ….Raman thought blowing out his cheeks with half a chuckle.

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