Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 64)


Raman stood by the door, he hung his head.
I was too late, just hope Ishita isn’t upset.
I will give Shagun a piece of my mind he said.
As he was about to open the door the voice he thought was Shagun’s was none other than his dear wife.

He leaned closer so hear properly and open the door a little to peek inside.
And the she was his eyes went round as he was in shock.

This was a totally different Ishita to the one who lovingly always took everything in her stride.
She was fierce….
He liked what he saw.

Here I rushed to swoop in and save the day but it looks to me that she didn’t need any help, Raman said.

He peeked further in the room and saw a gobsmacked Shagun just looking at Ishita.

He let out a soft chuckle that was almost audible and he had to cover his mouth with his hand.

Jhansi ki Rani…….
Tamed Shagun.
I’m impressed

I don’t have to listen to this Shagun said clearly disturbed.
Raman quickly jolted around the corner.
He didn’t want Shagun to see him.

With his back against the wall he carefully looked around the corner.
Shagun walked in the opposite direction to the elevator

What has gotten into Ishita, she thought as she stepped in the elevator.
When the doors closed she let out a sigh of relief.

Raman first thought that he should go home and beat her home but then he got a plan.
I wonder if she would mind if I waited, Raman said smirking.
Let me surprise her……

The door was still open and he could hear the tap running in the bathroom.
Good, he thought.
This gave him a chance to sneak in.
Raman closed the door; luckily for him Ishita was in the bathroom and couldn’t hear the door close.

Ishita walked in still drying her face with a towel and just plumped on the bed.
She drew in a long breath and blew it out, as to release all the built-up tension she had.
She glanced up to the ceiling,.

Do you mind if I wait right here? He said.
Ishita slowly turned around to find her husband sitting with folded her arms on one of the chairs in the opposite corner next to the bed.

Ishita jolted up…….from the bed.
What are doing here?

I saw a message on my phone and …
Well, here I am.

Raman looked at his wife; she was dressed in one of his favourite sarees.
It was a bit revealing with the low cut blouse and see through chiffon pallu.

She looked ravishing.

I must say Ishita ……. I like this side of you, Raman said as he wet his lips.
He gripped the arms of the chair and got up.

And I’m glad you know that I am really only yours even if they try to come between us.
They will never succeed.

We have something special; it’s hard sometimes….you know.
I am Raman Bhalla, he boastingly said as he walked closer.

All Ishita could do was laugh at Raman.

Listen here, Mr Bhalla who would want you?
You are a father of four, huh.

Oh really I know of one lady that’s interested, he replied.

And who might that be Ishita said.
Jealous are we, Raman teased her.
No I’m not, Ishita tried to cover her tracks.

You know this lady is so bold and feisty; I might just give in to her.
This upset Ishita and in seconds she walked over to him.

Who is she! Raman!
Raman couldn’t contain himself he turned around to hide his laughter but Ishita jerked his head in the direction of her.
Tell me, who she is!Ishita was now poking him with her finger.
Who is she!

She is standing right in front of me, he said as he toyed with a lock of her hair.

He pulled her closer and whispered something in her ear.


What? He asked.

I’m not thinking about nobody else but you, Ishita.
You’re my wife…..I’m allowed; he said raking his fingers through his hair.

I never thought that I would be so lucky.
That new avatar of yours……I can easily get addicted to her.

Raman let’s just go home…..

If I get back home, you need to know that you will be up all night.
He hugged her tightly, can’t let you go so easily, Madrasan.

I fell asleep some nights, waiting for you to come to bed, Ishita.
But you know what never sleeps inside me……….
It’s the love I have for you.

He took a deep breath, oh I love the smell of you,Ishita .
You always know how to entice me.
Your jasmine hair will be the death of me.

You know I can’t get enough of you.
And you were gone this morning when I woke up.
So let me just have a taste of your sweet lips.

Pulling herself out of his grip she walked over to the table and poured herself a glass of water.
She has a quiet glance over at him but her mind was quickly

Ishita was unaware that there was mischief in atmosphere.
Raman smiled as his mind was already lost on the thought of some mid-day romance.
His body was burning.

Tell me what you want to drink? She asked Raman to divert his mind rom the topic that was sending electric shocks through her body.

But I don’t feel thirsty at the moment.
I’m hungry he said, rubbing his chin.

Ok, let’s order some food then, she started to blabber off with miscellaneous small talk.

I will tell you what I got in mind; his voice thick was thick with intent.

Raman is a strange man…..
His laugh, fighting and then…….she was still thinking and the moment they made eye contact she was drowned his eyes.
For the first time in a while she had butterflies.
She looked away as her shyness was slowly becoming evident.

She was like a dream, like some stranger.

An unanswered question hung in the air.
A question what was known to them and without saying anything they gravitated to each other.
Her eyes spoke…….
It’s yours.
Take it.
In an instant they were lost.

Their touches were like fire burning with every caress.
Every embrace draw them closer.
With every breath; engulfing them as they were unable to speak.

This was what his hearts thirst for ….to share his every heartbeat with her.

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