Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 59)

(That night)
Ishita was enjoying a book that she has been reading whenever she got the spare time.
Finally some peace and quiet, Raman was sleeping inside and the twins were also fast asleep.

When Raman walked in, so you thought that you could get rid of me so easily, he boasted.

No not at all, Ishita remarked.
He cautiously climbed in the bed, the position he was sleeping in most probably were uncomfortable as he grimaced.

Ishita get the ointment, he asked as he blew out a painful breath.
Ishita rushed to the drawer where she usually kept his ointment and proceeded to apply it to his lower back as he has already gone into position.

Her hands skilfully moved to following the contours of his back causing a fire within him.

Who would get sleep now? Raman thought.
Done! Ishita said as she padded him on the buttocks, causing him to stiffen.

Ishita then turned her attention again to her book.

But there was one thing she forgot…….
She had Raman’s full attention and he was in no mood for sleeping.

Her fragrance filled the night air and he was lost.
Her silky locks cascaded on the pillow.
The fragrance intoxicating him.

Raman needed to get her attention…
But how she was so engrossed with this book and he knew the twin could wake up anytime during the night he had to make the most of this alone time.

Her lips looked so juicy and he wanted a taste.

Raman let out a fake moan, resulting in Ishita cocking her towards him.

She instinctively moved closer
The sudden closeness sent a sharp bolt of lightning through him and caused him grab her.

Her breath quickened, Raman she said in a faint barely audible voice.

He was like a moth drawn to his flame.
Her killer gaze made him pull her even closer.
It was as if time stopped.
Ishita just gave up as she knew resisting him when he was like this is never a good idea.

The morning came and she was back in her routine of mother.
Her twins were getting a handful….just like their father she thought as her mind wandered to last night’s romances.

It was like her heart seemed to stop every time she was with him.
He just had that power over her and she was more than willing for him to take the lead.
When he touched her it felt like she was walking on the waves,
His touches were like water soothingly caressing over her skin.

Or even when his eyes burned with desire, it sent lightning sparks through her body.

She still didn’t know how last night started, the chain of events that occurred
Ishita could still feel his hands touch her body

You are my life, as the light of dreams has bloomed in my eyes. She confessed while she was busy making a bottle.
She was in a bad state and she realized it.
Ishita made the bottle in a bowl instead of the bottle itself.
Why was she acting like a young girl in love, this could be dangerous she though as she palmed her face with her open hand.

The love that is was between Raman and Ishita increased every moment they were together.
Yes, just the sight of her Raavan Kumar sparked something within her.

I’m unknown to myself, deeper than hurt, bigger than thoughts
He had imprinted himself in her thoughts.
His smiling lips and his words, that flowed from his deep raspy voice.

She knew that composed herself and started to make the bottle again.

She wanted to prove to Shagun that Raman was nothing like her.
He was faithful, she thought as she rested a hand on her hip.

Shagun was relaxing at home and feeling a little lonely.
Aditya haven’t phoned last night to say good night she said as she looked at her phone.
Shagun played with her cell phone trying to pass the time.

Even Raman didn’t reply to the messages I sent him.
Normally he would respond with an angry call or text but nothing she said.

She continued with her game that she was struggling to reach the next level.

She missed the attention she usually got from Ashok.
But most of all she missed the attention Raman use to give and not to mention his treats he use to give her when they were married.
His charisma and unique style.

Meanwhile back at the Bhalla house………………………………….

Raman had waked up to find the other side of the bed empty.

The house was quiet.
Something that was rare and uncommon in the Bhalla house.
Simmi and Mrs Bhalla took the twin for a check-up and insisted that she tend to Raman.
Neelu was off and Mr Bhalla took Ruhi and Aditya to school.

She looked so innocent from afar Raman thought as he poped his head out of ther room.
Her lovely black tresses fluttered in the wind that teased through the kitchen.
Her fair shoulder made an appearance as her pallu accidently slipped, stirring new excitement within Raman.
Raman admired his wife as she was busy in the kitchen.
She pressed her fingers to her lips…Ishita were in deep though about what to make for lunch and was wondering around looking for all the ingredients .

Raman liked to watch her when she was in her element.
Busy lost in her thoughts.
He often wondered if she lectures herself as much as she does other.
She always lit up her surroundings with her personality.
With her simplicity….she always made heads turn.

He found love again, after the pain and hurt Shagun caused .
She restored his faith in women, once more.
He needed to put Shagun in her place …
But how however he scolds and insult her she keeps on pestering him.
He knew that a single moment of misunderstanding is just was poisonous as it makes us forget the hundreds of happy moments spent together in a minute

Ishita too was in her thoughts busy formulating a plan to put Shagun in her place for once and for all.

She adjusted her pallu securing it with the pin and proceeded with her prep work.

As Ishita turned she saw Raman in the corner of her eye, he was stroking the nape of his neck in deep thought.

Ishita crept towards him…. ever so softly.
She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him from behind.

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