Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 58)

Ishita , Raman said as he saw her looking at her sleeping Ruhi.
Ishita’s eyes swam with tears as she thought of what the extent of Ruhi’s injury could have been worse.

She was a little startled by Raman who came in and stood behind her.
He rubbed her shoulders, much to her surprize.
Raman! Ishita gasped.
You will wake Ruhi Raman said as he pressed his index finger to her lips.

They walked to the living room as they enjoyed quiet time…something that was a rarity in the Bhalla house.

Raman …Ishista said as she walked to the kitchen to prepare some tea for them after the scare they just had.
He followed her to where she was busy taking can with tea from the nearby cupboards.
I am so happy that Ruhi wasn’t that badly hurt she said as he took a teaspoon of tea power and through it in the pot.

Raman assisted her by lighting the stove.
You know my happiness lies in the lives for my children.
The only thing I ever ask of God is to give me all my children’s problems.
And that they are happy, Ishita said as she tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

Ishita, you are such a good person
You are a great example to them…… Raman said
Whatever mistakes they do, you will be there to show them the right path.
You are the gel that keeps us sane; when you came to the house you lifted the bad atmosphere in the house.
I know that I don’t say this often but I’m really grateful that you came into my life.
You are a wonderful mother to Ruhi and now Kareena and Karan.
It took a while for Ishita to register the depths of what he was saying.
Sometimes I lie awake and wonder what my life would have been without you by my side.
I always here for you, in whatever you do.
I will behind you, 100%.
He said as he hugged her from behind.
If I have you in my arms, I’m satisfied.
The two love birds were in deep conversation as they

Shagun stood by the door.
Her eyes darted to the two love birds sharing a moment together.
Although he had Ishita she was drawn to him.
Whenever he was near she forgets the world.
Looking from a distance Shagun bit her lip as she burned with a jealous rage.
Her chest rose and fell with rapid breaths and she scrunched up her face as she was getting angry.
She just wanted to go over to them and spoil their moment as she was struggling to keep her emotions intact.
Luckily for her Aditya was still coming up with the driver.

What is this madness, she thought

Her past flashed back to her when Raman uses to make her laugh with his idea of romance.
Those memories.
The bond they shared…
Regret dawned on her face and the
That she took for granted and tarnished with her unfaithfulness.
Raman’s affection.
His promises of everlasting love she so easily crumpled like a piece of paper and discarded.
Her obsession with Raman she has hid well.

Mom…Adi called out.
Help me with this bag he said as he struggled to carry the gift bag he had in his hand.
Shagun quickly turned around to help her son with his bags.

Raman and Ishita were sitting in the living room enjoying some tea when
Adi came through the door.


They greeted each other short and abruptly.
Adding to the already hostile atmosphere.

Hi Dad, Aditya said.
He has become more open to Raman and Ishita as he walked over to Raman to give him a hug.
Pride glowed in Raman’s eyes contact and they share a smile. It was a wonderful site to see.
After all that happened Raman was able to establish a connection with Aditya again.
He always enjoyed the time he spend with his children, Adi even more so as he was his first born.
Ishita was happy as she looked at the father and son moment.
Something she didn’t even know were possible.
It’s was as if she didn’t expect those close connections to happen.
Raman wasn’t one of those parents out there who was going to give up.
Aditya always blamed Ishita for his parent’s divorce.
It took him a while to see that it would have been a waste of time for his father to stay in an unfulfilling, loveless marriage.
But here through Ishita he recognized family life.

Adi , Shagun called her son over to greet him.
She took in a deep breath and hugged him tight.
Mom, you are hurting me, Aditya exclaimed.
You must be a good boy.
She kissed him on his forehead and turned around walked out.
Adi,I wish I could have giving you the family you wanted.
To be a normal boy with a normal family, mother and father, siblings …not this Shagun thought as she got in the car.

(Later the evening after dinner)
The extended Bhalla family went for their Wednesday movie night, this left just Raman and Ishita at home with the children.
Tonight Ruhi went to bed early and Raman decided to make the most of his alone time with Adi.
Raman decided to unplug and spend his time by focusing on Adi.

Adi tonight there will be no televisions, laptops, phones, everything goes off.
Just me and you, Raman said.

That made such of a difference, they made jokes and they wrestled a bit
The melodious sound of them laughing filled the room the look on their faces made her smile.
That serious and angry look he always had on his face were replaced with a smiling,jovial Raman.
Raman looked so happy, so relaxed.
Laughter brings people closer.
Ishita thought to herself as she made funny faces at her two smiling babies who enjoyed their mother’s attempts to entertain them.

And before she knew it the twins were fast asleep.
For Ishita this was life.

She quietly left the two of them as they were aimlessly talking about school and other sport stuff.
But when she came back from the second time she saw something that was so beautiful.

They looked so innocent.
She hasn’t seen Raman like this before, it just melted her heart.

Her Raavan Kumar and his son together, sleeping like a babies.

Ishita just throw a blanket over them and turned the lights of and went to her room.
That night the moonlight crept through the window and Ishita was unable to sleep.
Her thoughts went to Shagun and her antics.

This time she really crossed the line,Ishita squeezed her eyes shut.
I have to do something about her…….
Ishita’s mind was already beginning to plan something…..
She was going to put Shagun in her place.

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