Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 57)


As they were still talking about the whole Shagun debacle, Ishita’s phone rang.
The number automatically got her attention.
Raman it’s the school, she notified him.

Maybe has some sort of sport’s practise she said smilingly.

Well what are you waiting for?
Answer it Raman, Ishita said.

The expression on Ishita’s face changed…her smile washed off her face as she unable to process what she just heard.

It was like she just shut down.

Ishita ?
What did they say Raman asked?
Ishita was lost in her thoughts.

Raman we need to go to the school now.
Ishita, what happened? Raman persisted.

Raman put his firm, manly arms around her as they hurried to the school.

Meanwhile Shagun waited for Adi in from of the school two ladies were talking.

I can’t believe this she exclaimed.

Around every nook and corner of this city, everyone is talking about Raman and….
That woman, Shagun said pausing for a second.

Deep down Shagun’s heart aches for Raman.

Shagun was lost in a flash back….
Why are you leaving me, Shagun.The look on Raman’s face, the sadness, the pain.

Why are you breaking my heart, Shagun?

I wonder if the love we once shared van be rekindled, Shagun thought. The man whose touch repulsed her, she now longed for.
No he can never forget me.Im his first love after all.

A slight breeze blew across her face as her memory came back to her……

Why did you break my heart n go?
The heartbreak in his voice echoed

Only thing you gave me Raman is my children, my heart only beats from them. How ignorant she was back then.
Now she knew the feeling of true heartbreak and the pain of someone she loved so much to reject her like she once did, 7 years ago.

She was in the middle of her flashback when Raman and Ishita arrived.

Strangely they made their way to the school in record time, all thanks to Raman’s driving skills.
I thought that we wouldn’t reach the school, Ishita said.

While walking, Ishita remembered that she needed to inform Simi at home that she will be a little late as she had to go to Ruhi’s school.

Raman and Ishita hurried past Shagun’s parked car and rushed to the principal’s office.

Today, a voice is said breaking the silence.
Her heart were racing, she heard people saying something…their voices were vague.

The shadows of past moments they shared come flooding her memories.

Playing make-believe with Ruhi as she played the mother, and listening to her narrated rendition of certain member.
Ishita actively involve herself in the game of make-believe by role playing with her.
She allowed Ruhi to take the lead, as this imaginary world she created was funny to say the least.
Her kitchen antics were hilarious; as she pretended to be Ishita.
Then she portrayed Ishita cleaning house, and her and Raman’s playfulness.
They were so comfortable, with each other. Playing together teached her new things and developed a lasting bond with her little Ruhi.

I love you Ishimaa! Ruhi’s voice came blazing into her mind…

Then she remembered their bedtime sleeping habits where she told Ruhi made-up stories.
Ishima can you tell me a story about a princess and the angry prince again, Ruhi insisted.
Unknowingly, Ruhi’s favourite story was the story of Raman and Ishita……
Ruhi use to ask questions about certain things.
What do you think will happen next?,Ishimaa
She was quite engrossed in the problems the prince and princess faced.
She had a clear understanding of the characters and offered some solutions as well.
Why did the prince do that?
She always was so enthusiastic and enjoyed her Ishima’s stories.

Listen carefully, Mr and Mrs Bhalla
Tell me what’s wrong with my Ruhi; a hysterical Ishita said not even giving the principal a chance to explain.

Ishita! Raman interrupted, just listen….

Ruhi got hurt when she slid down a slide.
Her shoe got caught on the sides of its plastic surface, making it hard to free the foot .And another child accidentally slid after her and she hurt her foot.
The other child fell on top of her after sliding down.
You mean to tell me weren’t they accompanied by a teacher, Raman stated.
Mr Bhalla, we try our best to be on the playground at all times during break time but the teacher attended to another group of children who were fighting.

His face felt hot and flushed and Raman’s heart was beating very fast.
Raman needed to calm down, have learned that taking a few seconds before he replied usually helps him with situations like this.
Someone needed to keep a clear head as he knew Ishita was definitely not handling the situation well.
Raman, I feel nauseous……Ishita said as she instinctively held his hand tightly together.
Her breathing were rapid and shallow and she blinked a couple of times, trying her best not to cry.

They both looked over to find a smiling Ruhi gingerly walking over to them.
Raman blew out his cheeks, in relief.
Ruhi !,Ihita yelled as she ran over to her limping child and spread her arms wide to hug her.

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  1. Radhikaji

    Wow. …awesome. …loved it….but was very short. ..

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      Hi Radhika
      Noted,I try my best to put all relevant information in one episodes .

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  3. Wow… today you made me cry. So nice.

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      really ,It wasn’t my intention…….to make you cry Anjali

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    Awesome dea….I really appreciate ur writing skills…. Like well explained……without losing the charm u hav managed to move on the same right path from 1st epi……What do u do dude?Are u in college?

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      I am a admin clerk but I’m a aspiring writer.

  5. Osm episode loved it……but it was short compared to u r previous updates…

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      Thanks Tara working on making it longer.

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      Hi KV thanks for reading my FF and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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      yes Radhika,its friday and I will surely leave you guys with something read and wonder about for the weekend.

  10. Hi di..your thoughts and ideas are mindblowing ………i just love this ff of your….its much better than the current serial….

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