Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 56)


Ok so there is something going on.
Raman’s smile disappeared and Ishita got the feeling that he was getting angry.

Is something wrong Ishita cautiously asked.
No, it’s nothing Raman lied.
Raman I know when you are lying, Ishita said as she got up and walked over to where he was sitting.
Is it something that did or said? Ishita started to probe a little more.

No, you did nothing wrong he answered.
Now what is the matter Raman? She as she rubbed his shoulders.
Ishita if I tell you, promise me that you won’t freak out, his voice raucous and firm.

Finally! She thought.
Well since Shagun found out that you were pregnant she has been sending me messages and phoning me every day.
That don’t seem like a problem Raman Ishita commented.
Well her text is of a …Raman paused as he had to gather the courage to tell her.
He nervously scratched his head and in a throaty whisper he said, s*xual nature.
IshitaI have been receiving text from Shagun that is inappropriate.
What do you mean inappropriate? Ishita said as she strangled the last part.
What! Ishita scoffed.

Ishita you have nothing to worry about.
I have everything under control.

She walked over to the couch in the corner of the office and plumped down.
Raman got up and went to the side table to pour her some water.

Ishita’s eyes had fire in them, she was visibly upset and Raman didn’t know if she was angry or what.

Ishita,he called her name she calls your name in an almost breathless whisper.

Listen…..Raman came closer to side besides her
Don’t ever worry because you give me everything I need and so much more.
For me my life couldn’t get any better.
Ishita rubbed her hands on her thighs

He placed her hand on his heart….
Do you feel this ….my heartbeat.
It only beats for you.
And I know you feel the same.
Your heartbeat is the lullaby that soothes me until I fall asleep.
You always make me feel better.
I am addicted to you,
You alone he stated as he removed a lock of hair that was hanging out of place, his touch shook her body.
Your love is intoxicating…
Now everything I do, is all for you.
I need you every day.
These are the good times in your life and she is just jealous that things didn’t work out with her and Ashok.

Now that I have change my ways and am successful she want to be part of my life after she ruined it.

Yes, Raman but she was your wife.
She was your first love, Ishita said.
It don’t matter how I used to feel about her…..
The only thing that matter is how I feel about you.
Shagun was sitting in a cafe enjoying lunch before she was going to pick up Aditya from school.
He was spending the week at Raman’s house and Shagun could barely wait to go drop him off as she would be going to see Raman.

Even after seven years she still had feelings for him.
A pity he wasn’t that driven when they were married, she thought.

She picked up her phone to see whether or not Raman had read her message.
Still nothing …
It shows unread.

So she decided to phone him.
Hi Raman, Shagun greeted.
Listen Shagun I don’t have time for this Raman started.
Aditya is scheduled to spend the week at your place, she interrupted.
I will drop him off later.
She hanged up leaving Raman with the dialling tone echoing in his ear.
She smiled as she liked to play with him and aggravate him.
You will see Raman Bhalla you can’t ignore me, she said as she gave a bitter laugh.

This woman! Raman said as he slammed his hand on the table causing Ishita to tremble of shock.
What can I do to make you feel better? She asked calmly.

Don’t stress you much Raman you know you have this tension pains in you back.
Ishita pulled him in a hug.

Shagun was completely immersed her phone looked at Raman’s picture.
She completed another love text to him contemplating whether or not she must push send.

Shagun asked the waiter for a magazine.
She opened the book and quickly paged through it.
When she got to the social pages she saw some pictures
Raman and Ishita Bhalla
The pictures got her so angry
It made her wish that she was with him.
Shagun turned the page to see the gossip columns.

Shock break-up for Ashok Khanna and Social butterfly Shagun Arora.
This was the last straw.
She tore the page from the magazine and crumpling it.

After a while she gradually calmed down.
She checked her phone for the time and jumped up as she was late, she still needed to get Adi from school.

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  1. Varsha.Malhotra

    Woah dea its just mindblowing? No its more than what u say funtastic marvellous…. :-)….Ur way of writing is really appreciative……

  2. i am a silent reader and i really love yr ff pliz try to update everyday pliz pliz and keep up the gd wrk

    1. Monique_D

      i will try but juggling my work,home and making time for my husband is quite difficult some times

  3. Monique_D

    thanks Varsha…
    I try my best.
    Always nice to know that someone out there enjoys my writing.

  4. Radhikaji

    Wow. …enjoyed reading it….

    1. Monique_D

      always a pleasure Radhika

  5. Nice episode!! Love the understanding between Raman n Ishita.. your FF is wonderful!!

    1. Monique_D

      Thanks Shana …if you think back that was the type of relationship Raman and Ishita had.

  6. I’m amused with the way that u portray ishra’s love n shagun’s jealousy…. it’s really astonishing!! Can’t wait for ur next update..
    Never read another ff about ishra as good as urs!!
    Plz update the next episode bas soon as possible!??
    Thank you

    1. Monique_D

      Sanchitha I try my best to portray the characters as authentic as possible with a little twist.Thanks for your support and criticism.

  7. After a hectic weekend you are giving me something to enjoy and make my spirits up. Thank you for the fabulous episode

    1. Monique_D

      Thanks Manju

  8. Adejoke

    Right from episode 1 you always rock.
    Waiting for the next episode monique.
    I enjoyed it.

    1. Monique_D

      I aim to please my reading audience Adejoke

  9. I am following your episodes from starting. Really awesome and it gives the feeling of happening in front of me. I can clearly imagine with their expressions. You are a great writer. All can’t express in such a nice way.

    1. Monique_D

      I do try my best Anjali

  10. Radhikaji

    Waiting for the next episode. …when is the next episode?

  11. Monique_D

    Will update tomorrow….

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