Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 55)


(The next morning)

Ishita reminisced over what happened last night.
She longed to be in his strong arms, it felt so safe.
Ishita was still a bit bothered although Raman gave her a reason for his sudden mood change his told her a story……. telling her his real feelings.

You’re kind to me..Ishita thought to herself.
Your body introduced me to so many joys she said as she hugged herself
We have become friends, lovers and partners.
I have got to know life, love.

But why do I feel like something is wrong? She gave a half shrug.
Ishita’s mind was like always getting the better of her.
Talking to herself has become her part of her routine while she changed her twins.
Their smiling faces the only the only solace she has lately.
She has doubted Raman before and it turned out to be false.

Ishita grabbed her phone to type Raman a message but mid-sentence stopped Ishita, listen to your heart.
She motivated herself to get all the negative thought s she was having out of her mind.

Looking at one of the pictures in the room her lips curved to a smile.
You are so mischievous nowadays.
Even at this age, you are still so shameless,
Sometimes you even make me forget what’s wrong and what’s right.

Ishita! Simi yelled from the kitchen, Raman forgot his tiffin .

Ishita went out with her babies on both hips.
I will take it, she answered.
Ok, Simi said you know how he gets when he is hungry.

They both laughed.
Don’t worry I will look after my niece and nephew, Simi offered.
Really, Ishita thankfully said as she exhaled

(At the office)
Raman was in between appointments as he receives a call…

Hi handsome

How you this morning…..

The line was very bad and Raman couldn’t make out who was on the line but it could only be Shagun.

A long time went by and Raman still hasn’t said anything.

You aren’t the girl you used to be, Shagun.
I use to respect you but now I only feel pity for you.
I have told you many times that we are done, that I have moved on.
I am not the man that used to grovel and do whatever you say.
You are sick, leaving messages on my cell.
Stop it he just hanged up.

A shocked Ishita let her phone fall….. She covered her mouth with her hand.
Shagun…is sending Raman messages?
Did I hear right ….Ishita said as she retreated back until her back met the wall.
Should I still go to his office, she though.
I don’t want to go there now as she couldn’t stomach the thought of another woman texting Raman.

So just got ready and dragged herself out the door.
Maybe it’s nothing she thought.
The whole drive her mind was playing games with her……as she saw flash backs of the day before.
The awkward silence between Raman and Shagun.
What did they talk about and when she returned it felt like she was interrupting something.

Ishita was not looking forward to seeing Raman’s face as she would have thought he would share this with her.
They shared everything with each other.
But the fact that Shagun was sending him text and by what she could make out it was inappropriate.
Raman’s secretary signalled Ishita to go through.
The closer she got to his office the angrier she got.

Mihir, I’ll call you back.
I have a very important meeting, Raman said as he hanged up the phone.
You’ve been on my mind, Raman said as he walked towards her.
Here she said as she shoved his tiffin forward.

Ishita turned around to hide the fact that she was burning inside.
Stay a while, it’s been months since you shared lunch with me in the office, Raman suggested.

I lose myself every time I think of you.
You’re the only one that I wanted
God only knows why it’s taken me so long to let my doubts go, Ishita thought.
I don’t know why I’m scared because I’ve been here before.
Her insecurities made her vulnerable sometimes.
He was worthy of her trust all she had to do was forget their past.

Come here and give me the chance to hold you.
You know you been on your mind
With every moment that past Ishita felt a little bit better.
And with every kind word her anger subsided.
Raman had proven himself to her many times and it was time to trust him.
Ishita broke their embrace and walked over to the food and said.
It’s getting cold.
But Raman replied like only he could.
“But I’m getting hot”
She didn’t justify his statement with an answer but she just her shook his head.
I don’t know why you get so angry whenever I say something, Raman joked.
Can we just change the subject, Raman, Ishita said.

Raman just aborted his attempts as he could sense she was turning into his Madrasan by the way she mentioned his name.

Here Ishita said as she has packed out all the food.
She tossed her hair and he got a glimpse of her back.
Ishita wore a different blouse today and Raman’s eyes zoomed in and he could make out that there were subtle indentations showing through.
She was wearing her lacy underwear he thought.
Since then that has been on his mind……

Are you just going to sit here with a hand in the air or are you going to eat, Ishita scolded him.
He was so intrigued by her; he forgot that he was eating.

Ishita was also finding it hard to compose herself.
She needed to know that the deal was with Raman and Shagun and she was going to ask him as soon as she mustered up enough courage.
As she went to sit to grab a bite, Raman’s phone went off.
Her eyes instinctively glanced over to the name on the screen.


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