Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 54)


Coming back from their day out Raman just carried the last of the bags.
As he was reaching the last few steps his phone went off….
Shagun again, said as Raman pinched the bridge of his nose.
What wrong with his woman?

He hesitantly picked up the phone.
Yes Shagun, Raman abruptly answered.

You looked dashing today.
Everyone makes mistakes and Ashok was one I made in my past.
I know you still have feelings for me.

Shagun just stop it!
Get it into your head that I LOVE ISHITA!
Does Adi need something What I got to do for Raman to notice me, Shagun thought to herself.

No I just Shagun true to explain but Raman just hanged up.

Later that night

Ishita was busy feeding Karan and she thought back to the meeting with Shagun .
Raman was acting very strangely she thought

Maybe Shagun had a change of heart…she was even cordial with me and greeted me.Even wanted to know how my babies were doing.

I hope he isn’t still angry at me for pushing him away when we were sitting on the bench,Ishita thought.

No,its something else….
It was after he spoke to Shagun that changed.

Ishita put Karan down and went check up on Kareena ,who was peacefully sleeping.

Now for the hard part…going back to sleep Ishita said blowing out a big sigh.

I don’t wanna make it obvious that I’m trying to get Raman back Shagun said.
Walking over to the cupboard she took out some red wine and placed it on the kitchen counter .
Shagun walked over to the opposite side of the kitchen to take out a glass.
Pouring herself a big glass of red wine.

I wonder if he got my messages,Shagun wondered.
Looking at her phone she went into her messages to see if he read the message she send earlier .
What I got to do for Raman to notice me, Shagun thought to herself.

Raman had gone to the kitchen under the pretext of getting a glass of water but he actually got a text message from Shagun and he wanted to send a response.

Raman I just can’t stop thinking about you.

He was at a loss for words how can he make it clear to her that he is not interested in her.
He is married for God sake.
Why does she want to be with me now after all these years…now that he ws finally happy with someone he loves and that loves him back.

Finally he thought of a reply……..”Shagun please don’t phone me with matters that is not related to Aditya .Do not call me either and when we see each other have enough respect for my wife.
I hope this matter is understood.
I would hate to repeat myself.”

Ok,Raman said as he pressed the send button.
Hope I wasn’t gone too long for Ishita to notice something is wrong .
He quickly grabbed a glass and poured some water in and pretended to casually walk back to the bedroom.

What took you so long Ishita asked Raman her voice was almost inaudible.

Raman cleverly took a big gulp of water and indicated with his finger to the glass.
Afraid that if he spoke she would sense that he was being untruthful.

Raman …..yes he said as he swallowed the water.
What is it Ishita?he enquired.

Are you still mad at me for this afternoon?Ishita asked as she walked over to Ramn who was sitting on the couch.
Why? Raman curiously asked.

You know when we were on the bench and you wanted ……..Ishita explained.

Not at all my sultry madrasan…Raman growled pulling her in a hug.

I just wanna touch and kiss you whenever I see you Ishita.
Sometimes I feel like I must be dreaming and that it can’t be real.
I need to feel you near me,all the time.

Ishita your caresses is what I live for.
And the sweet taste of your soft tender kisses are just so blissful.

I would give anything just to make you happy.

Raman’s words gave her butterflies.She felt like a melting.

All you have to do is walk pass me and acknowledge me with your smile and I am lost in your beauty.

When you answer my calls and say my name with your intoxicating voice every fibre of my body gets electrified.

Raman ….Im the lucky one to have such a caring husband like you who still find me attractive after I gained some weight Ishita said as she stepped back to show him.

Raman took Ishita by her hand and walked to the mirror to show her what he saw.

He let the light guide him…
As he allowed his hand to travel over all her curves.

It took a while for Ishita to see the beauty that Raman saw .
But she could see it in his eyes….those eyes who pierced into her soul.

You saved me.
Made me a father again risking your life.

You are the mother of my children I can never stay angry or upset with you,Ishita .
You gave me happiness …..

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  1. Ohh wt an awesome episode . …cant wait u the next one
    I feel awesome reading u r ff i dont feel so nice reading any other ff than u rs love u r way of writing

    1. Monique_D

      Oh really.I try my best to keep my audience entertained and coming up with new plots.

  2. Mind blowing…!! I was lost…ur ff are soo elegant n beautiful that I didn’t miss a single episode till date…. can’t wait for the next update!
    It was blissful soo n thanks for such a tremendous job!???

    1. Monique_D

      thanks Sanchitha

  3. Adejoke

    Fantastic monique but it’s short. Hope u will update tomorrow. Plsss its a request.

  4. Adejoke

    I meant today

    1. Monique_D

      yes its friday ,so im due to post one was a bit delayed this week as we had Youth day in RSA yesterday.

  5. Radhikaji

    I too agree with tara. ….your ff has something that makes one crave for the next episode. ….great job. ..

    1. Monique_D

      lol Thanks Radhika …next episode to be uploaded later busy with some minor tweeks

  6. Loved the update…i swear im addicted to your ff totally loved it:D

    1. Monique_D

      pleasure Shadé

  7. Awesome Monique, I love and addicted to your fanfiction. It feels like real. Thank you verymuch
    Dying to read your update, if can please mention when will you post next episode in the end of update.

    1. Monique_D

      i will keep that in mind ,Sachie

  8. Beautiful episode!! After all the unnecessary drama and negativity going on in the recent episodes of yhm, reading and getting lost in your FF is a bliss. Love the way you portray romance in the story and love the way the story is going on. You are gifted.. keep writing beautifully, always.. love it!!

    1. Monique_D

      will upload later today.

  9. Monique_D


    Next episode will be on Monday.
    Stay blessed…..Enjoy the weekend.

  10. Seriously no words to express how I feel wenever I read ur ff pls post the next on ASAP

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