Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 53)


Where is Adi? Shagun irritatingly said as her brow puckered.
Picking up her phone to call her son, the driver interrupted her.
Excuse me Madam, the driver but your son told me yesterday he has an extra class after school.
What! She exclaimed as anger crept into her voice.

Just wait here I will go look for him…
I have better things to do than wait the whole afternoon for him.
I just hope I won’t be late for my appointment at the parlour later.

Shagun stepped out of the car walking in the direction where Raman and Ishita went a few minutes ago.
Fisting her phone in her one hand she made her way to the court yard as she signed in at the administrator’s office.
Finally she knew what class Adi was in.
Luckily his class was only half an hour so she walked around a bit.
Outside on the ground there were various groups busy with athletics practice.
From corner of her eye she spotted Ruhi, Shagun eagerly walked a little closer to see how her daughter was going.
Shagun decided to wait for Adi here as the bench was near the class he was in and she could see when he would come out.
She smilingly fiddled with her earring as her eyes surveyed the ground she noticed something.
Something that made her smile fade from her face letting out a harsh breath.

Her eyes zoomed in to the couple that were sitting on some benches nearby.
Raman and Ishita were playing with their babies much to the annoyance of Shagun.
They were sitting almost hidden by bushes from the field side and behind some pillars.

I really don’t know what he sees in that woman she thought to herself.
Raman leaned in and whispered something in her ear.
While Ishita pretended not to listen but the blush on her face was evident that she surely was listening and knew exactly what he meant.

Liking what you what you hear, Madrasan, Raman said as he undid some of the pins in her hair and shook out her hair.
He loved to play with Ishita’s hair but she on the other hand didn’t like it at all.
Looks like Raman worship her as if she was some God, that notion almost made Shagun scream out of disgust.

Shagun’s have been obsessing the past few months as she thought she had chance to get Raman back after her messy break up with Ashok.
She has become restless.

And to top it all off Raman and Adi’s relationship have improved so much that Adi going over to the Bhalla house on a regular basis.
Adi even bought presents for his baby sister and brother.
Everyone was moving on and being happy except Shagun.

Aditya was growing up and beginning to think for himself.
He wasn’t the spoiled, impressionable rich kid anymore.
God knows what’s happened between them to let Adi have a change of heart.
He wasn’t the over protective boy who would have done anything for her anymore.

Shagun decided to walk over and greet the romantic couple.
As she walked over Raman was acting like an adolescent boy.
He was playing with her blouse’s doorie as he let his fingers walk across her bare back.

Stop it, Raman! Ishita forcefully said as she hit his hand away.
That actually hurt, Raman moaned faking his pain.
This made their children giggle as they enjoyed their parent’s antics.
Ishita grabbed his hand and blew on it.
Sorry Raman, Ishita apologized.
And that naughty smile of Raman made its appearance on his face.

Hello Raman, Shagun said as she plastered her fake smile on her face.
Ishita, Sahugun’s face hardened when she greeted Ishita.
All Ishita did was give her a friendly nod.

Am I interrupting?
No not at all Ishita said.
There was a bit of awkwardness in the atmosphere.
As Raman felt the muscles at the back of his neck tighten.
Raman had to call on every inch of his being not to get angry.
He still didn’t forgive her for the rude way she spoke to Ishita.

It was like the babies could sense evil as they started to cry as she moved closer to have a better look at them.
Both Raman and Ishita picked up one of the twin’s to calm them and stop their crying.

What is this woman doing near me,Raman thought.
The past few months Shagun has been secretly stalking Raman.
And phoning him late at night with trivial matters about Adi asking him for help.

This he has been keeping from Ishita.
She had her hands full with juggling all the household chores and the children and he didn’t want to upset her.
Not to mention her constant insecure about her baby weight.
After Karan calmed down he put him back in the stroller while Ishita excused herself to lull Kareena.

Raman pulled Shagun aside away from the benches.
What are you doing here, Shagun?
I’m here to pick up Adi, Shagun nonchalantly said.

Please stop sending me text and calling me late at night.
This has to stop Shagun! , I am warning you he said as he puffed out his chest.
Just stop it and leave me and my family alone.
Raman eyes turned dark and his voice hardened.

All Shagun could think of was how great he looked.
He was well toned looked great his form fitting formal pants.
As he walked back to check up on Karan, running his hand through his hair.
Raman leaned against the wall as he gathered his thoughts.

Ishita returned with Ruhi and a sleeping Kareena to find Raman giving Shagun threatening look.
I wonder what this is all about, Ishita thought to her.

Mom! Adi called out.
And just like that Shagun said her good byes and left.

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