Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 52)


Lately Ishita have been more active with the household chores and seeing after Ruhi’s needs as she was becoming more use to the set up.
Today she was going to pick Raman and Ruhi up and she was taking the babies along.
Ishita, how are you going to cope with to babies in the car as well as go to fetch Ruhi at school, Toshi remarked.
Don’t worry Mamiji,I will manage ….Ishita reiterated.

Ishita had a lot of planning that went into his outing and she wasn’t going to fail today.
You can do it she said almost like an affirmation.
Ishita quickly got the baby bag ready and asked Simi for some help carrying all the stuff to the car.
Luckily for her the babies were sleeping when she went to first pick up Raman at work and surprize Ruhi at school.
She wanted to spoil her girl a bit as she didn’t spend as much time as she would have like with her anymore and she could sense a change in her behaviour.
As she stopped in front of Raman office’s she picked up her phone and peeked over her shoulder to see if her little angels were still sleeping.
She sighed as they were still sound asleep.
Ishita quickly send Raman a message.
I’m waiting in front of the building.

As soon as she send the text, a reply from Raman flashed on her screen.
I’m on my way, R
She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel as she was growing a tad impatient for Raman.
After waiting for what seemed to be forever a very casual Raman stepped out of the office building.
Strutting his stuff ….
Raman had this look…powerful, strong and in control.
The way he carried himself always amazed her.
Donned in a navy fitted suit that fit him like a glove he put his sunglasses on.
Her chest rose and fell with rapid breaths as she admired her good looking husband.
As he effortlessly raked his fingers through his jet black hair, something she always found
I can’t believe that handsome man is all mine, she said to herself.

Just then a group of college girls walked by.
Look there is Raman Kumar Bhalla, the one girl said.
So s*xy she declared.
He was one of the most eligible bachelors a few years back.
His wife is so lucky.

Ishita couldn’t believe her ears …how they were gushing over Raman.
She had to admit he was a great catch.
Just as she was mid thought.
The sound of someone knocking on the car window snapped her out of her wondering thoughts.

Ishita let me drive, Raman ordered.
Raman stroked his beard …. You were looking quite intensely at me, Ishita .
Is something wrong? Raman inquired.
No nothing is wrong…..
I was just….just admiring my handsome she shyly answered.

Without any warning Raman leaned over and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.
Raman! Ishita exclaimed.
What do you think you are doing?
Everyone watching us, she remarked moving away from him.
No one is watching, Madrasan, Raman said as he tucked a lock of her hair behind her ear.
Raman started the car and put in in gear as he slowly drove away.
Next stop Ruhi, he announced.
You are unbelievable, Raman.
I know he mocked.
Ishita, you started it.
Every time you tell me you want me, you know that my temperature rises.
Raman let’s just forget.
Forget I ever mention it.
Why are you feeling shy?
You have a right to say how you feel about me, Ishita.
You’re my wife.
She nervously inspected her fingernails.
Just then the soft whimper of a child caused both Raman and Ishita to turn around.
Ishita just gave him a bottle and he drifted back to sleep.
There was an awkward silence that filled the air as they were making their way to Ruhi’s school.
They stopped under some nearby trees in front of the school.
Raman got out stretching his legs a little as he scrolled on his phone to check some emails.

Ishita felt a little guilty about how she handled the kiss situation ….
I need to apologise to Raman she said to herself.

Just then the school bell rang signalling the end of the school day.
Ishita didn’t even notice car pull up next to theirs.

Oh I totally forgot Ishita remarked as she remembered something.
She climbed out of the car and walked to Raman side of the car.
Raman Ruhi has some sport practise help me take the twins out in the stroller.

Ishita you can get the bags so long while I get the stroller out from the car’s boot.
Raman rolled up his sleeves and unbuttons the top 3 buttons of his crisp white shirt.

As the couple worked like a well-oiled machine someone was looking through the tinted window of the nearby parked car.
Both Ishita and Raman took a child and gently put each one in their respective seats.
Give me the bag Ishita; I will put it in the compartment under their seat.

If looks could kill Ishita would have been dead.
Ishita was slowly getting her well-toned figure back.
Her three children were really giving her a full body work out.
Raman instinctively offered to push the stroller allowing Ishita to enjoy some free time.

Raman, I’m going to by a snack for Ruhi at that shop she stated and quickly walked off to the shop next to the parking area.
Today she wore one of his favourite sari’s….one that showed more skin that she wore as it gave her easier access when she had to feed Kareena.
Her jasmine scented hair relished free time as it played in the breeze.
The subtle sway of her hips captivated him.

I’m the luckiest man in the world he said as he bends down to talked to his babies.

In the car nearby Shagun was fuming in silence, sitting and staring at them.

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