Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 51)

Ishita woke up the next day with a new lease on life.
She missed this feeling.
Maybe I should have given in first but she was dying to be in his arms.
That help her from falling apart and just like that her sanctity was interrupted by reality.
Their escape was over and she had to face the reality of looking after her children.
Nothing could erase that feeling that was between them.

As much as she would have liked to sleep late and relish the time spend in his arms she knew that was a lot she had to do.

Hesitantly Ishita got up and gathered her clothes and ran off to the bathroom.

In the back of her mind she also missed her babies.
He heard a faint cry last night but was told by Raman to leave IT, as they were been looked after.

Drying her hair she walked out, towel still in her hands.
Entering the kitchen a familiar smell tantalised her.

Breakfast was ready and all her children were being fed….
Simi had Kareena and Toshi tried her best to handle Karan.

Oye!Toshi yelled.
This stubborn boy of yours is really giving me hell, Toshi exclaimed.

Where is Raman Ishita?
Isn’t he going to have breakfast today……Toshi enquired.
Raman is still sleeping, Mamiji Ishita replied.

Come Ishita have some breakfast, Neelu pour Ishita some juice she looks parched.
Ishita sit down and was eager to have some breakfast as she was a little hunger.
Just as she enjoying a mouthful of orange juice her mother-in –law’s statement almost made her spit out her juice.

He must be very hungry, she said wiggling her eyebrows.
What do you think Simi? Toshi asked as she walked over to her daughter who was playing with her granddaughter.

Ishita!! Where is my file……

Raman shouted front the bedroom ….

He sounds annoyed Babhi, Simi comment.
You better go see where that file is he is nagging about and as she got up both Simi and her mother-in-law busted out laughing.

A slight bliss covered her face as she knew what they were thinking of.

Ishita opened the door to find the door empty…
Where could Raman be…she mumbled to herself.

He wanted my help, now he is nowhere to be found.

Raman,she called out.
Just as she was going to check in bathroom


Turning around she was greeting by a grinning Raman.
Be bolted the door and locked the door.

No one can come in and no one inside can go out, Raman stated.

Raman, I was eating why you called me here for.
Here is the file you were so adamantly looking for, an irritated Ishita answered.

What was I supposed to do, Ishita.
You left without giving me my morning kiss.
I was lonely….so I called you here to keep me company…..Raman said as he naughtily winked at her.

Let me out Raman….Ishita pleaded.

Sorry Madrasan, but I lost the lost the key, Raman said mockingly.
Ishita retreated as Raman advanced towards her.

Raman the whole family is outside Ishita whispered as she tensed up.

Forget the family, he ordered.

Placing his index finger on her debating lips he silenced her.

Do you know the smell of your hair is my alarm in the morning?

Your eyes is like a dense, deep forest that I easily get lost in…Raman remarked as he was playing with her hair twisting it around his finger.

Giving me my morning kiss…he insisted
He hinted by puckering his lips.

With his strong arms caging her against the wall he had no other option than to give in.

He was like a tiger ready to pounce and eat her.
His eyes were dark with desire.

She had his unwavering attention as he came closer.
Ishita tried her best to look at a place somewhere over his shoulder.
She almost lost it as she was anticipating the worst seeing that Raman came in for a kiss.
But all he did was bypass her lips to snuggle against her ear and smell her hair.

Some unconscious process forced him to shut down, let his mind go blank, and work on a problem
Raman,Ishita spoke in a hoarse whisper unable to say anything else.
Raman heard little and cared less.
Everyone knows we are married…..
What wrong with loving my wife?

Are you unaware of that…little detail Mrs Bhalla?
She could almost taste his sweet kisses that he gives in the morning.

He was a brute of a man.
Her man.

Everything he did just exudes power and control.

She didn’t have to say anything as her eyes said just what he wanted to hear.

Those soulful eyes that illuminated whenever he walked in room face.
Ishita looked beautiful, lovely in her innocent shyness.

Ishita ….
Babhi can you come and give me a hand …Simi’s voice interrupted.

Raman I need to go, Ishita said.
But first… kiss.
Ishita was still trying to say something when Raman just kissed her shutting her up.

Here!, he said dangling the key in front of her like a naughty schoolboy.
Grabbing the key Ishita quickly opened the door to escape the flirty husband.

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