Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 50)


It felt like her heart wasn’t attached to her body as it was beating uncontrollably.
She felt like a school girl after falling in love.

Why does he have that effect on me …Ishita wondered, as she looked into the night sky she patiently waited for Raman to finish freshen up.
The dinner was amazing he ordered all her favourite dishes and some of his of course but what she actually like was the dessert…Raman certainly knew how to spoil her and treat her like a queen.

As Raman entered the room they exchange glances from one another.

Raman put on some music and as he courteously her for a dance by extending his hand to her.

He expertly pulled her in an embrace, it was firm and he looked so sure of himself, which was quite sensual to Ishita.
She liked it when he oozed with confidence.
Making their bodies meets leaving no space between them and she tried her best to stay poised after the physicality of their bodies speaking.
What they were dying to say but their lips were unable to articulate their heart did as their heartbeat became their voice.

As their bodies swaying to and fro their bodies were telling them to let the recklessness that has been tormenting them to take over

The excitement was palpable in the air …
With each step, each move causing tiny bolts of lightning to course through every pore.
The sound of unsteady breaths filled the night sky.

Ishita stopped thinking intelligently ever since she entered the room and was now totally at his mercy.

Raman was like a caged animal as he was whispered in her ear.” I’ve been thinking about you all day”

Don’t overthink it, Ishita just go with the flow.
All she could do is nod her head as he started to nibble on the nape of her neck.

Raman wanted to have a little fun and tease Ishita bit by kissing her a little bit.
He knew that it will drive her wild if he plays a bit hard to get.

His hands were roaming all over her which clearly drove her wild.
He was in control that was clear

I wish I could hold you in my arms like this all night long.
You know Ishita I just can’t keep my hands off your body, so ravishing, Raman confessed.

The light in the room shimmered and he could clearly see the look eyes, full of lust and her inviting lips calling him.

Just when he thought he was in control Ishita decided to join in on the fun as she saw what he was planning.

She pulled him close and kissed him in neck.
Knowing full well that it will drive him crazy.

Letting out a faint whimper she told him, I know you want me, but I’m not sure if I’m in the mood, Ishita said.
This caught him off-guard.

She pulled away from him walking towards the bathroom.

She started to undress as she too had a surprize for him.

Raman can you help me untie the doorie? I can’t seem to reach it she lied.

That distinct smirk she had on her face let him know that she meant business.
Raman on the other hand took this opportunity to caressing her body.

This shirt is so tight and can you believe how big my chest looks in this she said.

Raman stammered as he didn’t know what to reply.
Was this a joke? Is he trying to catch me in one of those do I look fat questions or what?
Ishita clearly had Raman just where she wanted him.

He was blind with lust.
All her talks.
And innuendos send his mind in spin.

Raman swiftly moved closer to her pulling her to his body…
Ishita still had her back him and her body now ached to have him.

The same tender hands that caressed her minutes ago with so gently now tore her blouse off.
I long to be the one that you.
Her soft black hair felt like the finest silk as it flowed over her shoulder and back.

As soon as Raman smelled a whiff of that distinct jasmine scent he was sent over the edge.
His heart was beating heavily and he pinned her to the bed.

The sight he saw was everything he could have wished for and more.
Her heaving bosom of her was spilling out from the bra and that unmistakable look of desire in her eyes.

Each touch.
Each caress.
Each kiss.
Each bite taking her to places she forgot she could go.
Locked in all-encompassing embrace this was only the start as she was eagerly awaiting what the rest of the night might hold.

Raman ….was all she could say.
She closed her eyes.
In that moment nothing in the world exists, just them.

Hi all
Thanks all your support .I can’t believe it’s been 50 episodes.
Here is to having 50 more episodes.

Credit to: Monique

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