Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 49)


Months have pass and the babies have grown so much.
Raman was back at work and Ishita decided that she would stay with her children until they start school.
They have worked out a routine for the twins and Ruhi as well as fitting Aditya in when he has his monthly visits. Much to everyone’s amazement he enjoyed playing with his baby sister and brother.
Ishita was folding her children’s clothes she thinking back to the day of their naming ceremony and the epic battle of north VS south traditions.
So as they couldn’t settle on whose tradition they would follow they decided on both traditions.
A small gathering with just family.
The boy was going to be according to Toshi’s tradition and with her pandit and the girl according to Amma’s tradition.
Raman’s eyes glistened with pride as she was called forward to whispers his name in his ear. After the third time Karan he let out a soft chuckle letting his dimples show.
Raman did the same to his little madrasan, Kareena and all she did was grab his finger wanting to play with it.
Ruhi came in the room and looked at her Ishima almost bursting out with laughter as she have been watching her for 15 min as she have been folding the same piece of clothing over and over.
She sneaked in from behind and kisses her Ishima on the cheek.
Ishima,What are you thinking of the ever inquisitive, Ruhi asked.
Nothing Ruhi she replied embarrassed by the fact that she still had a heap of clothing to fold and had only done 3 garments.
As if reading her mind her phone went off and she was pleased to see that it was Raman.
I am thinking about you, my madrasan.
You do know it’s our date night tonight.

The first time in 6 months that they would be able to go out.
Ishita had forgotten about the whole date night thing.
On the one hand she loved the fact that she could go out a bit but on the other hand she hated the fact that she had to leave her two angels at home.
Plus the doctor also gave her the all clear for you know what something Raman was all aware of.
She had her hands full with the twins and her big baby Raman who all needed her attention. Something that was very physically draining.
Ishita wasn’t the kind of woman who would blatantly deny her husband to his right but she liked sleeping more as she was tired and didn’t feel s*xy.
Raman on the other side wanted to romance every single moment they were alone .The one moment they would be talking about each other’s day and the next he would transform into a SRK avatar.
Oh and madrasan I hope you took a nap this afternoon as you won’t be sleeping tonight.
Ishita’s face turned 3 shades of red as she knew what he meant.
She has almost forgotten that she is a wife before she ever was a mother.
Raman still had the booking at the hotel he made the day she went into labour as he just rescheduled it to a later date.
The past months was like so frustrating for him as he wanted to enjoy his madrasan like before but she nowadays didn’t have time for a morning kiss and cuddle as she constantly had one of the baby’s in her arms.
To him Ishita was now even more beautiful than before…even more attractive. With all the curves and the suppleness that br*astfeeding gave her.
She was like an addiction that constantly made him restlessness as he falling in love each time he saw her.
He longed for the days he used to watch her dress in the mornings when she thought he was sleeping.
What’s happen between us, Ishita? Raman thought to himself as he was getting ready to leave the office.
I am going to rectify it tonight.
I want you and I am going to get you Raman said as a naughty smirk appeared on his face.
Tonight he wanted a baby-free at bedtime bedroom.
All his desires was going to be fulfilled tonight.

I’ve not slept for weeks……but tonight in your arms I won’t be able to do anything
other than loving you..
Today, once again, Raman has become like a kid who is waiting for a present.

Although they were always together, but they was no longer alone.With all the family constantly around ….
It left Raman with no other choice but to make a plan.

Both Amma and Toshi offered to baby sit the twins and Vandita invited Ruhi to have a sleepover with Shravan.

They fully understood the situation as they have been through this before

Credit to: Monique

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