Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 48)


And finally the long awaited introduction of them to Ruhi and Shravan who was eager to meet the new addition to the family.
Both Ruhi and Shravan met the babies accompanied by Amma and Toshi.
Ruhi was excited and confident while holding them, insisting she didn’t need any help.
She held the babies like a little mommy and couldn’t get enough of them. Everyone that entered our room mention how happy our twins were.

The whole family sat in a circle passing the babies along every few minutes. It was a pleasant break from the tiring day Ishita had experienced and it was exciting and delightful watching everyone cuddle and bond with the babies.
Later that night when everyone when home and they were in the room Ishita finally decided to tell Raman about her idea on how to give the babies names.
Raman can give our daughter her name and I will pick a name for our son.
Is that good with you, Ishita smilingly said.
That fine with me, Raman eagerly replied.
Oh and Raman why didn’t you tell me that we were having twins? Ishita inquired.
I didn’t know when they showed the baby on the ultra sound I know I said that I saw but I too closed my eyes.

I wanted to share in that experience with you…..
You know….It was a total shock.
Even the doctor didn’t know as your daughter was hidden behind her brother.
It’s Ok! Ishita said.

(The next day)
When Ishita felt a little better and found out that she could start moving around a little better after her C-section she was able to enjoy a hot shower that morning.
Her body still felt heavy and exhausted but there really wasn’t much, if any pain, from her C-section incision. It was more of a numb feeling.
Which according to her doctor was normal.
It was so good to be able to move again without the weight of her pregnant belly sending her heart into overdrive.

She even prepared Raman’s breakfast today.
Raman and Ishita both had their choices for their baby’s names according to their Rashi and Sravana.
Raman held his piece of paper with the name tightly in his hand.
His mind was set….

Yes, this name is perfect for you my little madrasan, Raman said while he popped in to say good bye before work.
He had a meeting today something he had to attend otherwise he would have never left his angel like that.

She looked so ….so…..just when he was interrupted by his son waking up with his usual loud cry.
Ishita swift came in to tend to him.
She picked him up and walked to the living room mouthing to Raman to get his breakfast.
Ishita appreciated each moment she spends with her children as she was settling into the swing of thing.
Ishita enjoyed her favorite meal which Amma prepared and brought yesterday.

(Later the evening)
The family enjoyed some outside food Romi brought for dinner
After her two hour nap she was ready to jump back into things.
Ishita nursed her son and daughter then relaxed and enjoyed some tea while Mihika and Vandita gave our twins their baths.
Raman already knew to take that time to catch up on some work and then take a nap.
It’s impossible for people to anticipate the chaos or what it’s truly like to be totally sleep deprived, she says to Amma.
Yes, Ishu when we are here we will help where we can then you can take time to enjoy watching TV or even read Amma
Something that became easier by the day as there always was a parade of family hanging out in their living room cooing over our new twins.

The rest of the week Ishita spent her afternoons cuddling and getting to know the two newest members of the family.
They were so peaceful, predictable and easy to please.

(A few days later)
Finally it was time for the both the twins and Ishita to go to their respective doctors’ visits.
The doctor let them know that their daughter’s weight has picked up by 10% .And she recommended that they supplement br*astfeeding with formula each time they fed their son.
Which was a welcomed relief as Ishita was worried that she needed to be hospitalized again.
The nurse went ahead and removed her staples from the incision and applied bandages applied to her C-section scar. Although Ishita had been dreading the removal of her staples it wasn’t bad at all. She was instructed to let the bandages fall off naturally.
At this point a fair bit of bruising had settled in around her incision making it look worse than it felt much to her dismay.

This day was much quieter as far as visitors go. Raman and Ishita spent the day cuddling and really getting to know children.
Each passing day we started to really get to know their son and daughter personalities.
Raman liked watching his little girl sleep because she would make such a variety of hilarious facial expressions. Just like her mother when she was angry.

Credit to: Monique

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