Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 47)

Ishita immediately felt a sense of closeness to her babies after birth. She still couldn’t get past the fact that she had twins.
She and Raman have been thinking about names for the children as she didn’t like to call her babies baby all the time.
With her in the hospital for two weeks didn’t help matters.
They have thought about names according to their rashi and she knew both Amma and Toshi have informed both their pandit’s…and fighting over names as usual,she thought
She couldn’t wait to get home…
Ishita was happy to go home as she had begun to feel the walls of the hospital room closing in.
And more importantly to see her son.
Why was Raman taking so long she thought to herself.

Ishita felt guilty as she didn’t bond with her little Ravaan Kumar as she did with his sister.
And she needed some time to bond him.
I wonder how the two will react to each other.
In hind sight she regretted the fact that she didn’t know what baby she was going to have.
But the question she actually wanted to know was why Raman didn’t tell her that she would be having twins.
Her carefree days were most definitely over.
She needed to concentrate on the new lives that she was going to nurture.
Ishita picked up her phone and dialed Raman as she was getting impatient of waiting for him.
Just was he was about to enter her room his phone rang.
She blew out a sigh of relief.

Walking to his two lovely girls Raman planted and peck on her little madrasan’s head and his smile automatically appeared as he cooed over her.

He could see Ishita felt a bit left out and he kisses her as well.
But this wasn’t a peck on the forehead…no this was a mind-numbing toe curling kiss that left her breathless.

Ishita the car is parked in front you take the baby I will take your bag, Raman ordered.

Ishita could hear the noise of heart echo in her ears.

He still had that ability to make her weak in the knees.
She adjusted the blanket around her baby and follow Raman out.

Suddenly something hit her like a brick.
The fact that she had two babies she had to take care of.

Very little prepares you for having two babies at once.
She already had Ruhi at home but on the other hand she was a first-time mother who doesn’t have any experience feeding and settling one baby, let alone two.
Yes….. She indeed entered motherhood with a massive bang.
All the health scares and now twins what next she wondered.
At least she had Raman and he had that experience being a father of two.
With every heart-beat her mind was filled with different scenarios of her failing as a mother.
Doubt was clouding her thoughts.
On the one hand she was blessed with two children the woman that was once called barren by the community.

For no reason Raman broke the silence in the car by turning the radio on.

Mere ghar aayi
Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari, ek nanhi pari
Chandani ke hasin raat pe savar

Both Raman and Ishita looked at each other their eyes spoke volume their lips were unable to articulate as the song just put all their emotions in words.

(Later that night)

Ishita was unable to sleep as she lies awake and listened to the noise of the rain echoing in the long night.
The cry of a baby gave her purpose to be awake…..
Raman had his turn feeding and the she was up next.
Her son had to adjust to having her there and to Raman….
She also had a hard time as he was put on milk as she wasn’t br*astfeeding.
As she picked him up she tried to lull him…..
Raman has told her to sleep in a t shirt of his so she would smell familiar to him.

And like magic he stopped crying….she instinctively gave him the bottle Raman prepared when he fed his sister…little fairy princes he calls her.
Today she saw another side of Raman he was like a super dad.
Helping her.
But what surprized her the most is when she arrived he rearranged their room.
Fully equipped with two cribs a stock pile of everything they would need.
And everything was so organised and easy to find.
She was impressed he later confessed that he had some help from Mihika, Simmi and Vandita.
Their arrival really brought happiness to the house.
It was like an intoxication that spread through the whole family.
It was exciting, exhilarating, and wonderful at the same time.

To think she was so nervous at first.
Ishita became obsessed with a question that made her a little paranoid while in the hospital
After Amma and Toshi spoke to her she felt more at ease.

They even agreed to do the household chores as they knew that there were many things that had to be done so quickly when you have two children the house let alone infants.
And the babies needed to be fed ort he would cry like crazy.
The Bhalla and Ilyer families knew what he or she had to do.

Credit to: Monique


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