Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 45)


The next day was dawning and you look so peaceful asleep but still I’m sure you’ll know hate me later…Raman said as he left for work.
Leaving behind a sleeping Ishita.

Nothing lost and nothing gained…He said as he hoped his plan would work.

Raman was a restless soul he needed a little patience… comfort.

When you wake I know you will cry but I will make it up to you he whispered kissing her forehead and gently brushing some hair strands out of her face.

Ishita lazily woke feeling instinctively where Raman was but what she fould was a cold empty bed.
No note….
Checking her phone to see a message or even missed calls
Lately he has been very secretive….walking out of the room when he gets certain calls and lying about his whereabouts.
Ishita was consumed by her insecurities….
She read about how guys cheat on their wives during pregnancy.
That’s why her plan has to work…..
It was understandable as she was beginning to feel and looks like a whale.
She was accepting this unsightly truth….She was fat.
Lately she felt very comfortable being around him.

Vandita invited her to a coffee and she agreed she afterall wanted to take her mind off Raman for a while.
She rummaged through her bag looking for her phone…..
Where could it be …Ishita thought to herself as she was getting impatient.
It must be on the table she frustratingly said.
Stopping dead in her tracks Ishita turned around and walked back up to the flat.

So Raman with the help of Vandita roped in Ishita to her surprize…..
Everything and everyone involved was ready.

Walking through an empty house, she waddled over the the table where her phone was on.
Out of breath her fingers instinctively dialled Raman’s number.
Before she could press the button to engage to put through the call, her phone went off in her hand.

Raman….his name escaped her mouth in a low whisper.
She missed his constant calling and today she needed to speak to him.

How’s my Madrasan doing today? Raman gleefully asked.
Im ok ….I just feel very uncomfortable.

So what are you doing today? He probed.
Akka invite me to have some coffee and a chat ….

Just what he wanted to hear….
His plan was in full swing.

I already arranged for a taxi don’t worry Raman and Bala will drop me afterwards.

Listen Ishita the reason I am phoning is I have to go to Goa for 2days.

There is nothing I can do …It’s a big deal and we need ther business.

Can’t you send Mihir, Raman?
There go my plans to say thanks to Raman she though to herself.

Fine she said her voice dripping with disappointment.

I will be leaving this afternoon….so I won’t see you to say Good bye.

Her feelings were more delicate than breath as she was every emotional lately

Every second, every moment without you will feel like eternity …..

I have to go Ishita will phone you later.
Click………and the sound of beeping broke her.

Tears flowed
Touching her stomach she rubbed it as a comfort ….a way of calming herself.

Reaching the destination she was angry with her situation.
As memories filled her eyes with tears…….
Good days ….
Bad days…….
The memories she kept in her heart.

With a heavy heart she got out of the car and walked in the hotel with every breathe …every step she took sorrow and sadness fulled her.
Why do these moments vanish so easily…….
Why is my happiness always held in captivity.
This life and its lost moments..
Life has once again has become cruel…..
Her feelings were nothing more than being afraid….
Ishita was afraid of the unknown…..
Scared of having the baby …the one thing she wanted in the whole wolrd.
But more so having it when Raman was away.

Ishita ….Vandita called over to a quint table in the corner of the restaurant.
Whats wrong Ishu?
Life doesn’t feel good to me…Ishita answered teary eyed.
It happens Ishu, Vandita tried to calm her upset sister as much as she could.

Raman got me feeling this way
He stoped loving me..

What nonsense Ishu…..Vandita said trying her best to control the situation.

Why would you say something like this? Vandu inquired.

Well Akka….
Ishita started to explain inbewteen sobs ……

Ishita took a while before the silences was met with her wimpering voice.

I think he is having an affair.


The sound of a familiar voice broke her train of thought.

Turning around she was at a loss for words.
There he stood looking at her.
Ishita was in total shock gawking at him open mouthed.

Here I am getting was busy surprizing you and here you think this of me….

When I found you, I found everything.
The prayers of the heart was answered
My world doesn’t exist without you.
I have started to laugh…to enjoy life only when I met you.
I can’t stand the sight of tears in your eyes.

His declaration of love made her regret of ever thinking that Raman could do something like that.

Raman……… she opened her mouth but no words came out.

Her face contoreted as she winched in pain……

Ishu….Vandita yelled.
Ishita ……Ishita

Credit to: Monique

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