Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 44)

Ishita was finally relaxing as she was under the impression that she received a clear bill of health.
Raman knew he had to hide the truth from her.He knew the dangers of her pregnancy from day one.
No one can hide anything from Raman Bhalla.

She on the other hand knew the risks from the get go and wanted to get one sneaky visit to the doctor without Raman.

Just to make sure that what she heard was true.

Through all this baby preparations Raman raid read that something about a baby moon.Where parents have one last holiday before the baby arrives.

Raman looked around searching for a place nearby where they could go.
He finally decided on a hotel in town where he booked a nice dinner and they could go watch a movie nearby.
The trick is how will he get her to agree to leave the family and Ruhi.
Nowadays she spent most of her free time playing with her and doing fun activities and outings.
So much for taking this easy …..
In a way it was justified as she knew with the baby she would have alot of time for her.

So Raman devised a plan to trick Ishita with the help of his darling daughter Ruhi’s help.

Raman offered to pick up Ruhi from school and they went to buy something special for Ishita.
First stop Mr Kakkad’s jewelry store to pick up a run and bracelet set with matching eye rings.Then some flowers and lastly a nice Kanjivaram sari to finish off his special evening.

While Raman was running around getting this together Ishita wanted to spoil him herself or to put it better thank him for all his support and care the past few weeks especially with the recent health scare.

She knew that Raman was very stress lately luckily he had Mihir at work to take care of the company.

So she decided to book him for a pamper session at a nearby hotel and spa.

So she phone the hotel to make a booking.

On the other line the receptionist was a little confused as she just took a booking for a Raman Bhalla but she just blew it off as in India there is tones of Raman’s and Bhalla’s.

So Ishita went to Raman’s office to put her plans in action but she didn’t see his secretary there the lady she met she didn’t recognise.

This was a young very attractive lady who wore short shirt and very revealing low cut blouse .

Ishita eyes quickly summarised the situation.Her mind was working over time as she was every insecure about her body.

Raman appointing her as she was young and beautiful…..not big and fat like she was at the moment.

His secretary was on leave……oh yes maternity leave Ishita remembered.

When she asked where he was she just said he was out with a special lady he usually goes out on Tuesday afternoons.

(That afternoon)
Raman had a mixture of emotions inside.
He wanted to relive the experiences they shared a few months back.
The way in which they bonded and grew together but lately both of them have become occupied with either work and family .
The only thing that kept him sane the pas few months have been the videos he secretly made of Ishita when she use to do her Wednesday afternoon dances when she thought everyone was out watching movies.

He wanted to feel that electric touches he once felt when she turned him on.
He got his little bit of happiness in his pocket…..his cellphone.

He needed to feel that hot blooded lust pulsing through his body.
With every drops that flowed through his body.
Sometime he found it very difficult as he still found her extremely beautiful and irresistible. All the curves and contours of her body he often couldn’t take his eyes up off .
He way her suppleness moved when she walked….looked phenomenally.
Many a time all he wanted to do was lock the room and have his way with her like he had done so many times.
He just once wanted to lose control and ravish her until she begged him to stop but alas he couldn’t .
He was too afraid to do anything that would harm her or the child she was carrying.
She wasn’t that energetic temptress that use to tire him. The women that teased and taunted him at work making him squirm.
It was something magical……
The power she had over him.
He was addicted to it.
His hands needed to touch her skin.
Raman longed to smell her jasmine hair in the mornings.
Her mere touches of her hands use to send shivers down his spine…….
He wanted to feel her heartbeat and softness of her now even bigger bosom.
And it was slowly making him lose all his control.
No things changed .
And he was hell bend on restoring it to the way it was before.
No he had needed to change his farce.

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