Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 43)


Ishita was like a puzzle …hard to piece together, but when it was finished the pieces showed a beautiful picture.
As gentle as she was she could breathe fire when they fought to get her point through to him or when she reprimanded him.
She was the one who showed him that the best things in life weren’t money or power.

It was giving someone your time and sharing your love.
She always reminded him to never lose his true self.

The Raman Kumar Bhalla she loved.

She wasn’t the kind of women that were lost in times of trouble and hardships no she is the kind of women to build grow and learn from it.

That was the enigma that is Ishita Raman Bhalla.

For a long time being strong wasn’t an option but now it was required.

Holding her hand Raman walked with her on the ice cream date.

Listening to Ishita making small was nice to see the relaxed Ishita again.

But he could see through her smiling eyes.
Trying her best to disguise her fears.

Raman was ready to support her to console her….

To wipe away her tears …he wasn’t going to run from her in her state on need.

That was how he felt …Raman Bhalla was ready.

After the world made Raman hard, Ishita was the one who helped him let go of the pain and to dissolve all the bitterness that had controlled him for so long.

Ishita could see that the quiet Raman was hiding something.

But hiding, what?

Part of her wanted to know he answer and on the other hand part of her didn’t want to know.

It would have been easy to just up and leave…to disappear or runaway.

But it wasn’t an option Raman destroyed her.

Destroyed her because if she would remember his kisses.

Taste him like blood in her mouth.

Yes that was the best gift he could ever give her.

A lifetime of memories and adventures.

And to think of it their relationship was a little backwards.

Not the usual fall in love story.

No she didn’t fall in love she walked in his life with the help of Ruhi with eyes wide open.

Choosing to take every step with him.

She believed in fate.

She celebrated him in each of he’s successes, made him a better person.

I don’t know where or how but I won’t waste a minute I have with you, Ishita thought as she walked hand in hand with Raman.

Reaching home after their walk it felt like he had the old Ishita back.

Like garden that’s bursting into full bloom.

When she got home her bones ached her feet were tired.

All she wanted to do now was take a long hot shower.

And Raman gave her the chance to freshen up first.

As the hot droplets cascades down her taint belly, Ishita relished the massaging effect the water had on her body.

The level of stress in her life causes her to put up with things that were harming her and distressing her baby.

She knew the fact that she had intestinal Tb and she was in constant that a risk.

All her non-stop work the past months racked havoc on her body.

Now at home she passionless, disappointed, unhappy, and unfulfilled.

She couldn’t help the fact that she was constantly irritable……

She didn’t make time to relax… unwind.

The headache she has been nursing the past few hours and back ache she had was slowly subsiding.

This gave him an opportunity to look at his secret stash of baby stuff he has hidden in in a suitcase on top of the cupboard.

Picking up a small teddy bear Raman affectionately looked at it and he could hardly wait for the arrival of his child.

Raman has already returned all clothes and toys that were for the wrong and he replaced them with more suitable toys.

He couldn’t wait for his little bundle of joy to make the first appearance.

He rushed to put the suitcase back again when he noticed that the shower stopped.

That night he waited till Ishita was asleep….so he could talk to his child.
For the first time in ages she was more relaxed and seem to be peacefully sleeping.

He placed one hand on her belly and came closer.

My child……he said whispering near Ishita’s stomach.

If you get frightened at night and lie awake because you had a bad dream.
Never worry for even a second ….i will always protect you.
Of you are lost and don’t know where you are…. All you have to do is think of me.
And your heart will find me.

I cant wait for you to open your eyes to gaze at the world that lie and wait for you to explore it.

I believe your light will shines bring life and love to our family.
And though I can’t guarantee that life will always be easy….just know we …
Your mother and I will always love and support you.

I cant wait for you to grow and learn.
Smile and laugh
Cry and walk.
Talk and run.
Always know that I love you.
You know….. I see you as the evidence of how much I love your mother.

Ishita turned to her other side facing away from him.
Opening her eyes she could help but get emotional after hearing his words.

There probably isn’t father that loves his children more like Raman.
She pulled him closer and cuddled back to sleep.

Credit to: Monique

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