Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 42)


Looking into Ruhi’s eyes, Ishita almost broke down.
Ishima! Ishima!

Are you ok….Papa said you are not feeling well.
Yes…..she wavered and quickly changed the subject.
Can I get a hug, Ishita asked a very eager Ruhi.
As per usual Ruhi had her pick of her bedtime story.
It didn’t take long for the little girl in her arms to fall asleep.

Raman normally didn’t like to interfere with the mother and daughter bonding so he choose to take a call Ishita took the liberty to write her a letter in her diary

My darling Ruhi.

I’m so proud of you.
Don’t ever forget how much I love you.
Family should be there for each other.
Don’t ever forget that.
Whatever you do always listen to your heart.
Your father is a very good man and he loves you with his whole heart.
Do not always agree with everything he says, small fight now and then will keep him on his toes.
I know you have the wisdom to choose your fights carefully.
Always have the strength to face trials and tribulations with your head held high.

Life is an adventure, a journey.
Always enjoy it.

When Raman came in the room he found the two most important people in his live asleep curled up together.
Savouring the moment he kisses Ishita forehead and carefully picked up his sleeping child and made his way the parked car.
Raman already arranged with Simi for the night.
He was planning to freshen up and drive back and sit at her bed side.
Sleeping without her next to him has become very hard over the past months.

(The next day)
As Ishita woke up from the corner of her eye she saw a curled up Raman on a chair.
She took the blanket that fell off to cover him.
The worry was evident on his face.

Was it the right decision to hide this from Raman Ishita struggled with a mix bag of emotions.
The next few days were going to be eventful.
Or will it be easier to be apart from him, from them.
But it would be too difficult as she would miss to feel his touch or that she adore so much.
She caressed his face covered with stubble ….
He has been neglecting himself.
Not taking care of his appearance.
I don’t know anymore.

At home she felt like a stranger like being in a foreign place.
Her thoughts these few days were strange could be that she felt bad about the whole situation.
And this all because she was in a fight with her conscience.

Her heart was saying one thing and her mind another.
She could hardly breathe as she knew the test results would be out later.

Are you ok,Amma voice yelled from the nearby flat.

Her mother began to scold her about her health.

Amma….I am fine
I just needed some rest.

Inside Ishita was slowly dissolving from guilt and she had to lie to herself.
Lie to her heart.

With each lie her heart was slowly breaking.

She needs to tell Raman….she needed to come clean and tell him.

Ishita’s mind was working overtime.
Yes…..she most definitely had to tell Raman otherwise she was going to go insane.

At the moment her life was a sand castle that was slowly being washed away.

Ishita quickly turned around and walked towards the door as she almost began cry.
Her hormones didn’t help her.

The sound of glass smashing on the floor she quickly rushes in the Bhalla house.

For a moment she thought it was Raman.
She thought that he hurt some news.
Bad news ….the truth about her well-being and the fact she hide it from him.
Luckily for Ishita it was just Ruhi and Shravan they were playing around broke a picture frame.

Raman gave Ruhi an earful and Ishita quickly calmed Ruhi down.
Just then Raman’s phone rang.
Walking away he took the call……
Raman motioned Ishita to come along.
She vaguely made out who it was as he mouthed that it was the doctor’s office.
Ishita expertly studied his facial expressions, looking for something to give away what the result where.
He quickly turned around as if to hide whatever he was hearing.
Raman never could hide his true feelings and emotions. His face was always a dead giveaway.

All that she now needed was for him to say that everything was going to be ok.
That their baby was going to be ok.
But by just looking at him she just didn’t quite know.
How to feel about the predicament she got herself into.

She looked in his perfect eyes……the same eyes that she didn’t have the guts to look into.
When Raman turned back around his eyes were on fire.
His body language strange and her instinct told her he knew something.
She could see the anger swell in him.

He took her hand, knotting his fingers through hers.
Walking towards the balcony…….
Yes Raman.
Ishita the result of the tests came back …..
All you need to know is that things are fine you had a problem with low blood pressure.

The news was like walking from the dark into the sun.
Breathing a sigh of relief……
Don’t worry about anything.
You will be fine, Raman reassured her.

Let’s take a walk Raman suggested anywhere you want to.
We can get an ice cream like we use to.

Raman knew he had to take Ishita’s mind off stress.
But he knew of better…he knew her health was far from fine.
All he wanted to know is why she was keeping it from him.

Credit to: Monique

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