Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 40)


A few days past and Adi was home again with his mother and Ashok.

Being back home was different something wasn’t the same he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

At school he was praised by his sudden good performances in his school work.

At the dinner table the atmosphere was tangible neither Ashok nor Shagun said a word.

Just then Adi wondered how the conversation at the Bhalla house would be….
His grandparents arguing
Ishita attending to the family.
His Aunt Simi playing with Ananya and Ruhi and Romi fighting over the TV remote.

Another paratha Aditya……
Do you want another paratha? Shagun repeated.

No ….no thanks he lazily said.

Why am I thinking about them……
In that moment he wished he was there with them in the crowded house with all of the Bhalla’s.

Even though with his mother he could do anything and have everything his heart desired, that was something that money couldn’t buy.

When Ishita put Ruhi to bed, Ruhi asked for a story and to sleep with her.

Without thinking twice Ishita agreed…..she loved to cuddle up next to Ruhi.

Ishima can I ask you something, the little girl with the big eyes asked.
Sure anything, Ruhi.
You can ask me anything, Ishita stated.

Can I phone Adi and tell him good night, she asked apprehensively.
Ishita could see Ruhi was scared she would say no.

You don’t need to ask Ishita exclaimed, pulling out her cellphone and starting to dial Adi’s mobile number.

Hi Adi …its me Ruhi
Oh hi Ruhi, the sound of her voice made Adi smile.
How was your day Adi, Ruhi inquisitively asked.
I wish you were here with us, Adi’s smile stretch wide.
He liked it when they played cards and carom.

I forgot that you went to mom and thought that you were still here here after school, Ruhi said candidly.
From the door,Ishita looked on as she wanted to give them a little privacy and she listen to her daughter talking lovingly to her brother.

I love you Adi please visit soon.

Sure I miss you too, Adi replied.
You are missing story time with Ishima…but anyways I got to go Adi.
Good night Ruhi, Aditya said.
Wiping a lone tear on his cheek that was steadily making its way down, the family he once hated was growing on him.
Even his nagging little sister that he resented now was someone he actually cared about.

That call made a big difference…… a deluge of thought came over him.
He knew he needed more than just money.
His mother went out with Ashok leaving him in the capable hands of many servants.
As he lie thinking about how different his life is with his mother and at his father.
He kind of miss all the noise the preying eyes and unwanted questions.
It was hard to believe that he missed them.
After spending some time with Ishita he noticed the small things that she had done for him to accommodate him.
She had that natural mother’s love and instinct.
There they loved together and cried together they even shared in each other’s successes.
On the one hand he loved the freedom he had staying with his mother and the fact that he could get anything he wanted. But on the other hand he loved the family time they had.
Once in his life he could see clear his stay at the Bhalla house opened his eye.

Thank you Ishima, Ruhi as she quickly picked a story that Ishita had to read.
Once upon a time Ishita started …..
She was just five sentences into the story and when she looked at Ruhi, Ishita found her fast asleep.
She stroke Ruhi’s hair as she cuddled closer to the little person who changed her life irrevokeablely.

Life in the Bhalla house was good….finally Raman and Ishita were at a good place in their marriage.

That night out of the blue while Raman was busy on his laptop, Ishita popped a question that Raman was waiting for as he knew this was inevitable.

So Raman…..Ishita hesitated.

I was wondering….
What kind of clothing I should buy……
What do you mean what kind of clothing you should buy?
You know….

Ishita you know you asked me not to tell you and I plan to keep my word, Raman said firmly.
Please Raman……Ishita begged.
I will make you your favourite dish she tried her best to persuade him to no avail.

Ok then don’t tell me she said abruptly.
He lifted her head and she gave Raman a look that indicated she understood.
Raman held her close, kissed her.

I love you so much and you know.
There’s nothing in the world that I won’t do for you and our unborn child.
But I promised you to keep it a secret and I intend to keep it that way.
The next morning Raman woke up Ishita’s side of the bed was cold as if she didn’t sleep there.
He looked over to the balcony and found Ishita on the balcony .She looked tired.

You stayed awake night, Raman asked.
I ‘m so tired but I can’t sleep.
I don’t know what to do anymore…..
You should have told me, Raman angrily said.
Ishita you are on the verge of breaking point, you always put everyone else first and yourself last.
But you are pregnant the well-being of my child is linked to your health.

Raman wanted to scream.
He immediately booked an appointment at Ishita’s doctor.

Ishita’s lies were beginning to unravel.

Credit to: Monique

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