Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 39)

As Adi got ready for bed his phone rang.

He was delighted when he he saw a familiar number…his mom.

Hi mom!

I was just getting ready for bed he eagerly explained.

Yes I thought so…..

Just wanted to tell you good night Shagun said trying very hard to hide the sadness in her voice.

Strangely enough she missed her son……the one person she loved and she knew loved her.



The sound of Adi’s voice sounded so unsure almost asking…….

Are you ok?

Yes, sure Aditya….why wouldn’t I be….but unfortunately for Shagun her voice gave her away….shaking as she answered her son.

Don’t worry mom I will be back in two days time he exclaimed upbeat.

Ok then ..Good night, Shagun said….

Good night mom Adi answered.

Adi turned off the light and smilingly walked over to the bed getting in next to a fast asleep Ruhi.

Sitting alone at home Shagun reflected on her life .

Memories flashed back.

Memories she buried deep inside…..

On what could have been.

Her past the happy times she shared with Raman.

Was wanting to be happy wrong?

She didn’t want to hurt Raman…

But she knew wanted more……she wasn’t meant to be the stay at home mother type.

Or the good daughter in law…assisting with household chores.

She have been living for 6 years with Ashok and still he haven’t taken their relationship to the next level……in terms of marriage.

She knew that would be an integral part for her to regain full custody of Aditya.

The six months review was soon to be over as part of Adi’s community service and Shagun knew that was final part in order for her to partition the courts for full custody.

I wont allow Raman to get full custody of Adi, Shagun exclaimed standing I an empty room.

She would have to find a way to let the relationship progress into marriage.

(The next morning)

Ishita was up early as she had alot to do.She was still ready to get ready when she was stopped by Raman.

He closed the bedroom door,aren’t you forgetting something he asked.

What Raman…..I have alot to do she said as she proceeded to the door.

He grabbed her by the hand and turned her around.

Raman opened his hand revealing a small case where she kept her sindoor.

Suddenly Ishita felt a little shy as Raman applied the sindoor to her forehead at the parting of her hair.

Reiterating the fact that she was his.

Ishita quickly kissed Raman on the cheek he tried to pull her in for a embrace but she just ran out door leaving Raman wanting for more.

The Bhalla household were like a well-oiled machine working in tandem to get the children ready for school.

They had a secret weapon.

Ishita Raman Bhalla

She worked like a robot with dressing Ruhi and combing her hair and styling it into cute braids.

She even asked him what he would like for lunch and personally packed his lunch along with his father and sisters something that caught Aditya off guard.

And just like that his grandfather took them to school.

If there were one thing that Shagun forgot is that Raman had Ishita the ever lecturing wife guiding him.

And that helped him to let go of his anger and resentment he was able to move on with his life.

Raman staying stuck in the past wont help you regain the years lost with Aditya.

Trying his control game and only hurts you and your children and you know children learn about relationships from their parents.

Having constant conflict and anger teaches your children that sort of behavior is acceptable.

Be the bigger person and ignore her dirty games and focus on being a better father to Aditya as well as Ruhi.

That was the words that changed how Raman approached the whole custody case.Her words were like missing puzzle pieces that finally fit in and showed him the picture that he was trying to build for the past 6 years.

Listening to her was the best thing that could ever happen to him.

Raman started to prioritize and he put his children first.

He put all his energy into them.

Raman started to accept the mistakes he made and began moving forward with his life and so doing he created a better perception of him to Aditya.

He even went for anger management to take charge showing Aditya he was capable of forgiveness.

And sometimes it wasnt in his control and he learned to be willing to listen.

Oh and remember Raman its not about you.

Its about being the best parent you can be.

(Later that night at dinner)

That night at the dinner table Aditya saw how the family went about their ways.

He got a sense of family of two when people working together .Adi saw how they looked at each other.

Sharing a smile.

Subtle romantic glances he saw when he watched his father and step-mother.

As she helped him with some homework Adiya felt a strange emotion

The feeling of being safe



He like that.his mother always said that she would treat him differently.

At that moment it felt like he was important to her.

Soon Raman came over to where Ishita was sitting with Adi he could see that Adi was getting more comfortable around her instead of his normal explosion-like tantrums.

That evening in bed

Raman Aditya has so trouble with maths I told him that you will have a look at it before work tomorrow.He understands the basics just check if he has the correct answer.

Raman I saw a change in Adi….he looks happier.

Kids don’t want to just hear that you love them and the moment you started to show it .

Your relationship changed.

You know Ishita you were right.

What do you mean right?

I mean when you lectured me about my attitude and behaviour towards Shagun.

Children learn how to love through their parents and to have the love of my child,my Aditya….that is more important than the need to win every battle.

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