Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 38)


Raman was cheery as he walked to the car.
The was going to fetch Adi
His heir.
His son.

Nothing and no one was going to spoil his mood today.

Arriving at Ashok’s house Raman was still on a high when Shagun ambushed him with a bombardment of questions.

By the tone of her voice he knew something was up.

Sometimes Raman was bad a reading body language and totally unaware to the fact that Ashok
already broke the news to Shagun last night.

So…..Raman Bhalla.

You are having another child….Shagun said her voice hostile and stern.
When were you going to tell me about this?

I don’t need to tell you anything Shagun ….
That is bewteen me and my wife.

The only person I need to tell is Adi.

And just as he said that Aditya walked in.
His face turned from a smile to a disgusted frown in a nano second.

Hi Adi.

Raman awkwardly greeted his son coming closer for a hug.

But instead of embracing his father Aditya pushed Raman away.
Don’t touch me….in that Moment that words cut him deep.

Mom why do I have to go with HIM,Adi complained.

Listen Adi,I have explained this to you before,you have to go with your father.
After the stunt you pulled at the boarding school with stealing the head master’s car
the judge thought it best that both me and you father spend time with you.

Shagun I need to go,Raman interupted.

Adi relectantly walked to Raman’s car.

The ride to the flat was suspiciously quiet…..
Raman tried his utmost best asking questions on how Adi is
finding his new school and how he is adapting.

But he was stone walled by one word answered that was short and abrupt.

No, Adi said a bit more aggressive and stop bothering me with those stupid questions as
Aditya looked back down concentration on his phone.

Poor Raman was at a loss for words as he was trying his best to accommodate his son.

When did Adi become so rude he thought.
On the one hand he wanted to instil some manners on Adi but on the other hand he wanted his son to like him.

Raman wanted the kind of relationship Bala and Shravan had.
He wanted to go out playing cricket, playing video games but looks like this was going to be much more difficult than he had originally anticipated.

Ruhi was besides herself as she was very excited she was going to play with her brother,Adi.

Ishita looked on as Ruhi told Shravan about her big brother…

Checking every five minutes or so on the balcony if she could she her father’s car outside.

I just hope Raman had enough time to tell Shagun about my pregnancy and they both informed Aditya about it, Ishita contemplated.

A storm was heading their way and the Bhalla house were not prepared for it.

Toshi was up since four in the morning to prepare all her grandson’s favourite dishes not wanting to disappoint him, but so many years have past and the past year Adi only had day visits.
This was going to be the first sleep over visit.

They once sweet boy they once laugh and played with was gone and replaced with a rude, mannerless,self cantered snob.

Yes ,this was going to be a day they would not be able to forget.

We are here Raman said as they reached the society gates.

Adi !Adi !
A very excited voice echoed in the hallway.
She and Shravan came running towards an a not so friendly face.
Hi blatantly ignored her and proceeded to walk pass her going towards the steps.
Aditya was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.

The whole ride his mind replayed the conversation his mother and father had.

That woman was pregnant….
How ?
He thought mom told me so many times she wasn’t able to have children and now….

Aditya were confused……

Walking in the door he was brought back to reality by his grandmother smothering him in a hug.

Just for a second Aditya remembered a vague  memory of the past ….
How much he was loved.
How much fun he had playing with his father and uncle.

Hello Aditya ,Ishita voice rang out.
And there she was ….standing in her full glory, his step mother with baby bump, the one person he hated with every drop of blood that circulated through his body.
He was quickly pulled away to a table with all his favourite dished .
He hesitantly started to eat but soon devoured every morsel of food on the table, much to Toshi’s  delight.

While he was forced into playing some dumb board game it was time for Ishita to go through Ruhi’s homework. Aditya looked on as she listen to Ruhi and help her.
She was different….not like his mother.
She was so caring …so attentive….so loving.
No matter how long it took Ruhi to solve the problem she patiently waited and guided her.
No….she definitely wasn’t like his mother.
She gave her time to Ruhi. And when Ruhi solved her homework she gave her a big hug.

Ishita thought back to the horoscope her mother once gave her
“Today you will meet someone for whom who would be ready to give your life….”

That horoscope changed her life…

Then came the turning point of the evening .
Ishita suggested that they play carrom…
Something both his father and step mother were good at.
Ruhi without waiting chose to play with Raman which left Aditya with no other choice than to be on Ishita’s team.

To say she was good at carrom would have been a insult to her skills .
She definitely gave his father a run for his money.
Mid game Adi almost forgot that he was playing with Ishita …
She had this intoxication personality…..which was   quickly drawing Adi in
Ishita didn’t scold Adi when he messed up, but encouraged him.
Cheered him on.
No wonder that team Ishita won.
And for the first time in a while Adi subconsciously was happy.

(Later that night )

When Ishita and Raman went to bed ,out of the blue Raman thanked her.
Thank you that you welcomed Aditya with open arms.
It means a lot to me.
Much more than I could every put in words.
He kissed her head…..and she drifted into sleep.

With a feeling of contentment which came forth in a smile

Credit to: Monique

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