Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 37)


At the Bhalla flat

The air in the Bhallla house was full of excitement on the arrival of baby Bhalla’s arrival.

In their room Ishita was pacing back and forth as she was very nervous ….stuck with a question she knew would upset Raman.

After a long day all Raman wanted to do was relax and go to bed early.
But what he found was an anxious Ishita talking to herself on the balcony.

Raman …
You’re back? Ishita said walking over to him and giving him a kiss hello.
Why don’t you freshen up while a get your food ready for you.
Ishita cooked all his favourite dishes as a bribe to ease him into the question that he has been dodging for a while.

Raman knew that something was off….
Why did Ishita put so much effort into his dinner liking off his fingers savouring the delicious palak paneer.

So just tell me what’s bothering you Ishita I can see that something is wrong….
It’s nothing she tried to cover up the fact that she has been caught.
After what seem to be a forever Ishita finally came clean.
Raman I wanted to ask you a question.
Go ahead Ishita.
I know you were going to ask anyway.
Ishita started off, hesitant to his reaction.
When are you going to tell Shagun about us having a baby?
I just think that its fair that you tell her,seeing that your relationship have more than cordial the past few months ,Ishita said.
I’m worried Raman you know how she gets and I’m just afraid she will make a big deal about it.
Ishita don’t worry about it.
That is my problem ….
You just relax ….
You know the doctor said that stress isn’t good for you and the baby,a worried Raman answered.
Raman stood up from the table where he was sitting and walked over to Ishita .
We will be fine ,Ishita he said putting his arms around her.
Don’t worry I will sort this out.

When are you going to tell Aditya about the fact that he is going to get a baby sister and brother.

The question caught his attention and he rubbing his temples
His face hardened  concentration

Meanwhile news of the new addition to the Bhalla clan travelled far and soon reached Shagun.
That particular news didn’t exactly sit well with her.

It can’t be Shagun said to herself as she was in a heated argument with Ashok who found this tit bit quite amusing.

At first she didn’t believe it but as she checked Facebook.
She usually stalked her ex-husband silently she was now assured that the news that Ashok so pleasantly shared at the dinner table was true.

No! Raman’s only love is me……

And how could she be pregnant ….she spoke softly taking a sip from the glass in her hand.

She is a barren woman….


Clearly upset….
Shagun transformed into an obsessive teen that didn’t want someone else to have Raman’s attention other than her.

I will contest him in court for full custody of Aditya ……she said with wine glass in hand.

The next day
To say that they were excited was an understatement………they were ecstatic.

Big sister Ruhi joined in the merriments by dragging both grandmothers along to shop for a present.
She was going to buy something of a neutral colour as she too wanted to buy something nice for her sibling.
Secretly Raman have been shopping and storing the items at work….
Clothes and toys even something for Ishita.

Raman and Ishita were very excited to go to the next doctor’s appointment as they would find out what the s*x baby would be.

Arriving at the appointment Ishita was a ball of nerves she hoped her and the baby’s vitals were OK.
So Ishita asked weary …….are you going to pick Aditya up for a visit Shagun phone yesterday to let you know that he has arrived from boarding school.
Sitting on the waiting area Raman held Ishita’s hand as the worry was quiet obvious.

Yes, I sent her a text at I will be picking him up right after I drop you off at work.
And don’t worry I will take home out and give him the news.
Mr and Mrs Bhalla !
Oh that’s us ,Raman Ishita exclaimed standing up and following one of the nurses that was assigned to take them through to the examination rooms.

The doctor came and proceeded to do the first part of her examination and now it was finally time for the part they have been waiting for.
And out of the blue Ishita decided that she didn’t want to know what kind of baby they were going to have.

Raman, I’m going to close my eyes .
You can look.
Just don’t tell me Raman……even if I beg and plead .
OK….whatever you want ,Raman cautiously agreed to her demand. 
The doctor indicated that she was going to show the gender which was Ishita’s cue to close her eyes.
He was happy with what he saw ands as per Ishita’s instructions Raman was mum  about the gender.

This arrangement was going to be fun as he knew Ishita wasn’t going to last…..

Credit to: Monique

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