Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 36)


Ishita woke up next to a sleeping Raman and as she looked at her sleeping husband a feeling of content flushed over her.

He was everything she wanted in a man.
There was nothing more that she wanted more than to give him a child.

Her thoughts wondered off with her to the what-ifs and maybe’s.

Is it going to be a boy or a girl…..

How was her child going to be………

She caressed her now clearly visible protruding belly.
Ishita so wanted a little Raman she let out a faint laugh.

That was something she was going to find out at the next doctor’s appointment.

She was so excited to know but on the other hand she also wanted not know what kind of baby she was going to have.

I want my child to have his smile she thought, as a smile crept on her face.

Ishita got up gingerly walked to the bathroom .
Lately everything was beginning to be feel like a mission as her body was working against her.

The fact that she was constantly tired made her job very difficult and she asked Dr Batra not to give her any surgeries as she didn’t like the fact that she had no control over it.

Nowadays she was going to bed early and that meant sometimes sleeping before Raman got home.
She hated the fact that she was neglecting him.

She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Raman call her name.

Aren’t you going to give me a kiss, Raman said after he let out a loud yawn.
Come here.
He said as he opened his arms indicating that he wanted a hug.

She walked over to him kissing his cheek as his arms engulfed her in a hug.
She inhaled his scent………
So manly………..
So Raman.

Suddenly her senses were working overtime.

The doctors say that you’re good to go if you know what I mean…….
No matter how hard I try to keep my hands to myself…..I can’t.
I want you all to myself before I have to share you.
You know before ….he said as he indicated with his eyes to her now clearly visible baby bump.

You know that this pregnancy was so unexpected but my only wish is that you know that I love you and love this child of ours, Raman said.

You truly are just amazing the way you can turn a phrases into a lectures…..between the two of us……
I kind of like it when you order me around, but I will deny it when questioned he asserted.

As they have done so many times before he held her in his arms.
Just held her…….. not doing anything.
Her body tingled all over as she was turned on his statement.

Not knowing what to do …she just wiggled out of his strong arms and proceeded to go to the bathroom.

Raman heard the shower running and decided to go in after his wife. As he peeked in he saw her undress and decided to join her.

He sneaked to the shower ……
Just as he expected her phone was on as she liked to listen to song music and sing along.
She obviously wasn’t good at singing but he liked how comfortable she was doing it.
Like that time when she was on some medication and she didn’t want him to see her singing like a drunken person.
I don’t know if you know what it’s like to be next to you, Ishita he thought aloud.
She jumped as she surprised by Raman’s arrival.

Raman didn’t want that opportunity to be wasted.

He moved closer to her pulling her in an embrace.

When I miss you I only have to close my eyes and your here with me.
If even just for a second ….I cherish it as if it was the last and I with everything we have been through, Ishita he paused as he looked her in the eyes and he slid his hands down her sides

In him she could confide and hide in his arms
She could relax and find safety in him.

Ishita this place we can run away from the world and here we have solitude and safe place.

And my favourite part of the day is coming home to you and seeing your face light up when you see me.
Each time it’s like seeing you for the first time.
That is something that I don’t want to let go of ever.

I have this want this need to feel something more.
I crave love.
Adventure…dark stormy nights.
I hungry for the trill to escape.
To just be, Ishita confessed.

I have already experienced love? Ishita
I found real love with you.
Raman did what he has done so many times before.
He looked as if he looked in her soul.

Which to some might sound like trivial conversation but it meant much….much more.

They both got ready after their much needed conversation, just clarifying where they are going.

Stolen moments.


Author’s note
Hi guys .
I’m real sorry for the late update.
I have been finding it difficult lately as I have been struggling with finding inspiration lately.
I don’t know if I’m on the right track.
This weekend was just extremely busy and I apologize for that .

Pleas give me some feedback on how you think the story is going .

Credit to: monique

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