Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 35)


Raman looked at Ishita with new eyes and fell in love with her all over again even more now that she was carrying his child.

During the night thoughts of her body kept him awake, plagued him.

At work it overpowered him causing him to lose concentration.

Her smiles, her frowns,
Her ups, her downs

Erasing that image was so difficult to do as it was imprinted in his mind.

He wanted to stick hot needles in his eyes…

From her lectures he always got all the answers.

Although if anyone would find out he would deny it at any cost.

Every step she took….

Each movement she made drew him closer to her.

He just couldn’t stop himself…….

Ishita felt much better after her afternoon with Vandita and their relationship was like before.

Their weekly coffee dates were back and they took the time to catch up. Ishita confided in her sister some of the problems she experienced.

This time Ishita brought Ruhi with to play with Shravan.

The latest was Raman’s constant attention; it was too much and it was gnawing at her.

The constant attention was a little overbearing for me.

I can barely sneeze and Raman would be running in wanting to know what is wrong.

It was cute for a while but lately I just want some space.

Raman is really attentive and very involved in the pregnancy, going to all the doctors’ visits with me and spoiling me with flowers and presents, Ishita complained.

He won’t let me do anything anymore insisting to do everything.

Vandita had heard enough and stopped all this complaining her sister was doing.

Ishu are you mad?

That is probably the best parent of pregnancy…..

Bala also used to treat me like a queen when I was pregnant.

I would suggest you savour all the attention you get because afterwards Raman will give all his attention to your child.

And by the way why shouldn’t he be with you when you have doctor’s visit it helps when he also know what is going on with both his wife and child.

I know I know Ishita said but sometimes it just feels uncomfortable, he constantly ask questions and Ishita wanted to continue with some lame excuse when Vandita interrupted her.

He is your husband Ishita stop all you’re complaining, it won’t last long just wait then it is allover.

The real reason for Ishita not wanting Raman at the visits was she was hiding the fact that her pregnancy was very high risk and could endanger her and her unborn child’s life.

She knew he would have never have allowed her to follow through but she wanted to a mother so desperately that her judgement was clouded by it.

Still in deep thought she was brought back to reality with the door bell ringing.

Raman came to pick up Ruhi and Ishita.

It was a struggle to get Ruhi to go home as she and Shravan were playing some game and neither of them liked to lose.

Finally Ruhi gave in but not after daring Shravan to re-match.

Later that night

Lately her clothes seem to cling to her body.

Everything was just so…………

So ample …

Like a ripe juicy fruit ready to eat.

He wanted to taste her exotic, plump and full body.

He wanted to taste her again and again but he didn’t want to hurt her.

Ishita, he spoke in a hoarse whisper.

His hands were shaking with blood throbbing, pulsing through him.

Ishita was million miles away….

Staring sightlessly into the darkness with her back to him.

Ishita wanted to ask Raman to give her some space but something seemed off with him.

He didn’t realize she was holding her breath.

Raman concentrated on an unoccupied space in the middle of them.

Reducing the gap between them.

He wanted her

Wanted to kiss her…….

Ishita’s kisses were sweet like honey…..

When they kissed life couldn’t get much sweeter Raman fondly remembered.


She answered in a quiet tone.

Ishita missed this although she wouldn’t admit it, she loved feeling loved.

To be wanted by him.

Please …….

She was silenced with a kiss.

The look in his eyes was urgent……..

He kissed her the dimmed lights…..


His voice was firm and demanding.

The way he said her name…….send shivers through her…..melting her.

That was the beginning of the ends for her.

Being with him was intoxicating, making Ishita lose all control of her senses.

She had a longing just for Raman… Her heart invited him.

And he could feel her desire.

She was like a piece of moon …..

Precious, pure and fair…….

That in the darkest of nights would shine……

What they shared was sacre.

Holding her in his arms was like he knew all of life’s mysteries.

She was accustomed to the beat of his heart.

Used to his face …the expressions he made picking up on subtle cues.

It was like second nature to her like breathing out and breathing in.

The hungry desire-ridden Raman tasted the sweet ……sweet taste of her pleasure and wasn’t going to let this chance slip through his fingers.

They didn’t know how much they missed each other until they were ripping the clothes off each other ……

Raman and Ishita was transformed to a place where they were cultivating their

That night was something beautiful……

Raman was submerged

Lost in her eyes that were starved by her fears ……

As they floated in the bliss of their passion.

Their moment was interrupted by Ishita.

You know I will always be yours, Raman
Because of you I believe in love

I learn that my true happiness is to be loved by you.

Can I asked you one thing she asked her voice was weary with resignation.

Do you trust me ……my mind was flooded with uncertainties.

Raman was about to speak, wanting to know why Ishita was asking such a question as his smile faded from his face.

Of course Ishita.

Their eyes met, but she broke it off as she knew with just one look  he would know something was wrong.

Credit to: Monique

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