Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 34)


Vandita was getting impatient as she was waiting for Ishita outside the clinic. She glanced down on her cellphone screen; it is already 16:15 where is Ishu she wondered.

As she was about to give Ishita a call, an out of breath Ishita hurriedly walked to the passenger side of the car.

Sorry Akka, Ishita said as she opened the car door and climbed in the car.

No its fine Ishu,I was just a little worried.

Vandita didn’t mind the fact that Ishita was late.

No, she was more excited as she couldn’t wait any longer.

Yes today she was finally going to find out all the juicy details from her very secretive sister.

The drive to Vandita’s place was fairly quiet as Ishita was busy texting. As Vandita looked over she saw that it was Raman that her sister was so adamantly texting.

I just let Raman know that I will be at your house, Ishita said.

He will come to fetch me later on she continued.

So Akka where is Shravan,Ishita inquired.

I he is sleeping over at Amma’s tonight she responded as she unlocked the door and proceeded to walk inside.

Vandita went to put away her bag and Ishita opened a few windows.

Akka can a put on some water for tea! Ishita shouted from the kitchen.

No its fine Ishu, I will be right there she responded.

You just sit back and relax.

Vandita made them some tea and motioned Ishita to sit down on the sofa.

She didn’t want to be over exuberant, so she just started to make idle chit chat.

So tell me about your day at work Akka?

They spoke about family and work as she slowly but surely eased her into questions she was dying to ask.

The conversation switches over to Ishita.

So………. Ishu what happened?

What do you mean Ishita said.

Well Ishu,I think you know what I’m asking……

She shyly looked away trying to avoid eye contact.

Ishita fiddled with her fingers and she paused for a while as she was thinking on how to divert the conversation.

She was stopped by Vandita interjecting as she wanted to open her mouth to say something.

Ishu, It’s me your talking to, she encouraged Ishita putting her at ease.

How do you feel about him?

Well Akka, Ishita just gave in.

We eased into our relationship or co-parenting thing whatever it was then.

But later on we started to listen to what the other person was saying.

That’s how we got to know each other better.

Once we have become acquaintances then friends and then ………

She relaxed enough to share her personal feelings.

So when did the friendship change into love?

Well we have a very meaningful friendship and she still found it difficult to openly talk about her and Raman.

Ishita was struggling to get to open up to Vandita.

As she was trying not to give all the details of a story at once.

She took a while to reflect on the question being asked.

Their conversation was beginning to be more open, as the sisters were connecting in the way they use to.

The conversation was now flowing.

I don’t really know when but every day we changed a little and gradually my opinion of him changed as well.

He became more approachable and more open to talking to.

Sharing a room and a bed also didn’t make it easy she said.

I use to see him stealing a look when I got dressed and, he used to pretend he was sleeping, she said smiling.

He is a great man that was hiding behind hate ……behind his pain.

I didn’t notice it at first but gradually I saw his subtle advances.

He always seemed to find a way to touch me, like supporting himself on me while he fixed his shoes in the morning.

So I decided that he has to express his feelings for me she stated.

Ishu ……you surprise me, Vandita said.

I had a plan

I started to wear revealing clothing to attract him.

When I came to know that I had feelings for him I use to stand or sit closer to him when we talked.

And when we went out I always tried to wear something western that reveals just enough to peak his interest.

Quite cunning if I may say so myself, Vandita exclaimed.

Vandita had to keep her excitement in check as she didn’t want to seem overly eager or too enthusiastic.

Ishu, I am very happy for you two.

So you just wanted to surprize us with a baby to let everyone know that you and Raman are……..

No, Akka…………… it’s not like that…Ishita stammered as she wanted to explain to Vandita she was interrupted.

Its fine Ishu, I know I’m just pulling your leg, said a laughing Vandita

You know Bala told me that you two will find love …..

Looks like he was right she declared.

I always wanted a relationship like the one you and Jiju have, Ishita said.

You guys are so perfect.

We are far from perfect…we fight…make mistakes too.

There was a time that we didn’t speak to each other ….. Vandita said standing up and walking to the window .

I acted like it was nothing as I was too proud to acknowledge my faults but deep down it was breaking my heart.

but I had to try to resolve our problem…..

Ishita took a sip of the tea that was busy cooling off.

You didn’t tell me this Akka, a stunned Ishita uttered.

Vandita took Ishita’s hand in hers.

We had to make an effort Ishu……both of us were stubborn and fixed in our ways.

It’s about the work you put in.

All the little things.

Every day you should try to work on your relationship, that’s when change happens.

I’m thankful that we went something like that because without it, it just strengthened our relationship.

Our relationship was more important than the differences we had.

But now we barely have time for each other with the children around.

When I’m with Bala, hours feels like seconds and when we are apart the days feels like years.

You know Ishu it’s not the fighting that makes one stronger ……

It’s what happens after …..

The making up part….Vandita said raising her eyebrows……

Ishu when you need someone to just listen and be here for you…..

Don’t ever hesitate to come to me Vandita said while enveloping Ishita a hug.

Credit to: Monique

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