Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 33)


Raman drew a warm bath for Ishita with candles and soft music to aid in the relaxation effort.
When Ishita came from her bath she was surprised to all the effort that Raman put into this.
Raman turned their room into a tranquil place to rest, to hide and unwind.
This Raavan Kumar Bhalla always astonishes me, she thought.
He carefully filled a foot bath with warm water adding bubble bath to the water, arranging towels and putting all the equipment in place.

Raman asked Ishita to sit down on the vanity’s chair.
She gently place both of her feet into the warm water.
He took out her left foot and used a cream to exfoliate the sole of her foot. He repeated the same thing on her right foot.
Every so often he looked up and admired her glowing beauty.

He placed her feet back into foot bath to soak for a while.
When he tried to take her feet out later she playfully kicked some water causing him to get wet.
She and gently dried her feet with a towel.
He was amazed just how their lives changed so unfathomably.
Raman cleaned off excess cuticle from nails, and pushed back her cuticles.
The hostility that was there in the beginning was now long gone.
Their love thrived and blossomed into something wonderful, beautiful.

Now Raman decided to massage her legs and feet.
Raman asked her doctor if it would be wise to begin massage therapy with your wife
He also spoke to qualified massage therapists for further instruction as he was scared that he could hurt her.
He first placed soft kisses on both of her feet.
While looking at the anklets he gave her.

Raman could see it at the time that was just what Ishita needed.
She was lost in her reveries as she enjoyed his gentle massage.
Raman worked hard in anticipation of her praises later on.
She was so tangled up in her thoughts as she thoroughly enjoyed his touches.
Raman avoided her ankles as per the massage therapist’s instructions and he massaged her feet in a slow motion using gentle, light strokes.

Her legs were a bit swollen so he alleviated her tired legs by gently rubbing her legs.
Raman made use of small circular motions and begin where the foot meets the calf.
He slowly worked from the foot up and Raman made sure to avoid massaging the inner thigh to help relieve swelling in the legs.

He picked polish for her nails, he asked Ruhi for help with this.
She too was very excited to choose a colour that both she and her Ishima liked.
He focused on each toe as he wanted it to be perfect when he was done, Raman gently place Ishita‘s feet into an open-toed slippers for nails to dry.
Ishita was impressed with his care and the way he skilfully went about his task.

Raman lay on the bed looking at his schedule for the next day.

Ishita sat up in bed and she was lost in her thought as she often was when she would just forget the world…..
She looked into his eyes
We don’t need anything and anyone.
Just each other, she said.

I don’t quite know how to say this but……
I love you, Raman.
I just feel that I need to say it.

Those three words were all he wanted to hear in that moment.

Their love was a garden that’s bursting into life….
In full bloom

All that I am and all that I ever was is nothing if I don’t have you by my side Ishita

Just know that this love I have for you will never change.
You tamed the untameable Raman Kumar Bhalla which was no small feat.

His voice was low, calm and relaxed he had everything he ever wanted.

Her baby bump was now quite visible and she instinctively caressed it.
Her eyes slid shut for a moment as she relished the chance she was given to become a mother.

Raman cuddled close to her as he relived some of their beautiful moments.

Raman thanks for the pedicure earlier……
You are truly one in a million.
I’m lucky to have you in my life she said.

She lifted her head as she lovingly pulled him closer for a kiss.
They lay with their heads against one another as they drifted to sleep.

The next day
Ishita was busy at work as she finished some of the paperwork had left.
Her phone ringed and she lazily looked to see if it was anything serious.

It was Vandita, Ishita quickly took the call .
Her sister almost never phone during the day.

Hi Ishu
How are you?
I just wanted to know if we can meet for a coffee or something.

Sure Akka, when did you want to meet she asked.
How about at four? I will pick you up Ishu as I know how Raman doesn’t want you to use public transport.
Ok, so it’s settled then.
I will get you at work around four.
See you then, Bye Ishu.

See you later Akka, Ishita excitedly answered.

Ishita could hardly wait as she haven’t see Vandita in a while as she was away for two weeks.

Vandita and Ishita was sisters by blood but their hearts said that they were friends.
Vandita was Ishita’s biggest motivator as she always told Ishita that the world was full of possibilities.
They confided in each other sharing secrets
She saw her at her worst and at her best and consoled her when the whole thing with Subhu happened.
They partners in crime, your midnight companion and someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark.
Vandita was a gift from God, sent from above to make life worthwhile.
She had so much to tell her.
What’s the good of news if you haven’t a sister to share it? Ishita though to herself.

Vandita was excited as well as she wanted to ask Ishita the question that everyone wanted to know.
The status of her relationship with Raman.


She could barely contain herself as she was bursting with enthusiasm.

Credit to: Monique

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