Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 31)


It has been two days since Raman left for a business trip and every night around eight Raman would call Ishita to check up on her and the family before he went to bed.
I don’t know what to do anymore, Raman.
I can’t eat without feeling sick.
I cannot sleep….Ishita complained.

It will get better, Ishita
He kept pacifying her on the line, keeping her company as he could sense she felt a little down.
I hate that I’m not there with you, Raman tried to calm Ishita.
Well it’s not the first time; we’ve been apart, Raman Ishita said.

But as far as I’m concerned it’s the last, he mumbled.
I don’t care what we have to do to stay together from now on, but those days away from you are over, he now loudly stated.

When I go away and have to go through the day and I haven’t seen your face, nothing that I do feels right…..
The nights are cold too, he said.
You are the one I want to see when I wake up every day.
And I miss your goodnight kisses, Raman explained.
I feel good when I have you with me and I can’t wait to wrap my arms around you when I get back, Ishita.

How about we spent a little quality time together when I return.
You want quality time every night, Raman…..
No not that my naughty, Madrasan ….
I was thinking more in the line of taking a stroll together at night and buying some ice cream.
Just you and me, you know like we use to do ….
Ok then, Ishita said agreeing with a very adamant Raman.

When Raman returned the following evening he asked Ishita to come with the driver and meet him at the airport.
Drop us at Connaught Circus so they could go to Natural Ice Cream shop, Raman asked the driver.
They were going to get a taxi from there to get home.

Why don’t you start by giving me one kiss that’s just one of the things I’ve missed, Ishita.
Raman stated raising his brow hoping Ishita would pick up on intentions.
No! People might see us, she said as they walked in the house.

Let’s not waste too much time, he said walking off pulling a tired Ishita along.
I don’t see anybody around…he said with a naughty grin on his face.
Ishita shyly placed a kiss on Raman’s lips.
Well I think I could get used to this, he smirked.
Her exotic body glowed in the moonlight…unable to hide her blush.

I know you want me …he teased her.
Because you can’t seem to hide it……Ishita.
His every action screamed her name.

What have you done to me because all I want is you.
We got a second chance at life
Even love and we have got to hold on to it.
There is a special kind of magic in the air whenever you walk in a room.
I want to share my life with you.
In you I have found love, I truly am fortunate to have you.

She walked in their room with Raman trailing bolting the door shut behind him.
He pulled her closer so he could get a proper kiss from Ishita.
With every kiss he pulled her closer.

In the darkness of their room she gently touched his face trailing his jawline, holding him closed she could hear his heart.
It feels good to have you here.
I too have been waiting to taste your kiss, Raman she whispered feeling a bit coy.
He put his hand in hers letting their fingers intertwine as he lifted her hand kissing it ever so softly.
I feel so safe when I’m with you she said.

Let me put my arms around you, he said pulling her into a tight hug.
Need you every day, got to have your love around me.
I can’t go back to living without you, Ishita.

He let go of Ishita to go to the bathroom to freshen up and she walked over to the balcony.
The weather was beginning to get ominous ………
The breeze that blew cooled her down a bit and she liked the way it played with the curtains.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a raindrop subtly introducing its arrival.

Ishita loved the rain …….its cleansing and nourishing as it always brings hope.
She held her hand out to catch the droplets ….it always fascinated her.

Ishita come in and close the window….
You can get a cold, Raman said to an uninterested Ishita.
I don’t mind if the rain is falling on me, it could rain forever for all I care she said.
She stretching her arms out and turning around as she looked up letting the rain fall on her face.
You are no fun, you know that Raman Kumar Bhalla.
He walked over to close the window when she splashed him with it.
Ishita stop playing around and close door he insisted.
Without thinking she pulled him out letting them both get wet ….
Much to his dismay ……
At first he resisted and got angry but the look on Ishita’s face was priceless she was like a child in a candy store.
When the thunder roared through the night Ishita quickly hugged him as she was caught off guard and got a shock.
He like that she seek out protection from him, made him feel like her hero.
He escorted her inside and threw one of the neatly folded towels at her as they were both drenched from the rain.

She looked good with her hair wet…..and he was taken back to the beginning of their relationship when he used to watch her dress while pretending to sleep.

They went to bed but Ishita struggled to fall asleep lying beside him in the dark, feeling his heartbeat with hers. He softly whispered something in her hears almost inaudible.

The rhythm of his heartbeat was like a lullaby calming her to fall asleep.

Credit to: Monique

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