Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 30)


e following night in the city filled with traffic and noise but the sound of her sobs was all he could hear…….
Her cries in the night kept him awake.
The news of Ishita’s pregnancy travelled through the family like a wild fire. Not everyone in the family took the news good. Surprisingly it was Amma that didn’t like the fact that Ishita hid her pregnancy from the family especially Raman. Not to mention her working such long hour on her feet and putting her health at risk when she knew she was pregnant.
Now more than ever Ishita hated her decision.
When Vandita explained to Amma that she knows Ishita, her daughter…. .
A million memories flashed through Amma’s mind…all she did was smile uncomfortably and say I used to, but now I don’t know who Ishita is anymore.
She didn’t trust Raman or even me……..
She always overthinks things too much, Vandita tried to explain to Amma.
And when did Raman and Ishita’s relationship progress in that matter she asked Vandita?
I too don’t know Amma but I saw a change between then whenever they were together and thought nobody was watching.
Yes, she also scolded me once when I criticised Raman about him not being romantic like Bala Vandita went on.

Even when we asked her she didn’t say a word……She just stood there like a mute.
She didn’t even try to explain, Amma.
Nobody understood why she didn’t even try to explain, but Ishita knew better if they knew that she had a 70 % chance of complications during labour as she had a hostile womb.
With all the medical help available, they couldn’t do anything to help her with that but at least the treatment increased her chances of conceiving.

Ishita was struggling at home as she didn’t have anyone to confide in, to listen and help her with the situation she was in.
Her heart was in rebellion with her morals, her standards, her values… she found new importance in her life. You don’t need any validation Ishita you did it for our child and for you wellbeing.
Her silence was the best answer at the moment as she was afraid her reasons were would sound selfish.
She was lost in her thoughts unable to find direction struggling to find her true north, her compass to guide her.

He was unable to understand her pain, her suffering she knew that keeping news that was so important from the family was not something they would take lightly.
She was a mystery to him, but still an object of his affection. She was the one who awakened his body’s passion. She every so often ran away from her burning desires as she was apprehensive l that she would get scolded from the cinders that burned so hot.
If she could just see herself for even one moment, if she could just have a glimpse of her beauty through his eyes….he thought as he looked at a sleeping Ishita .She as usual didn’t like to share certain information about her pregnancy.
He knew that without the depths of darkness, he would never be able to see the sparkling stars come to light the moment she walked in a room.
Her smile always hit him like a ray of sunshine…..lately bad weather covered her face like clouds before a storm.

With her being pregnant she was afraid to be close to Raman as she was unsure that she would hurt her unborn child. Even when her doctor said that it was fine to be intimate.
Raman was like a caged animal….a lion who already have his prey in his sights.
Ready to attack at any moment.

Ishita had some trouble with herself; trouble to keep her own desires in check.
It was difficult as Raman was always there to help her…….attending to her every beck and call.

He sometimes drove for miles and miles to buy cranberry ice cream as her cravings was strange and sometimes inconvenient.
He didn’t mind spending every day run around doing miscellaneous errands for Ishita whether it was in the pouring rain or scorching sun Raman didn’t care.
She always belonged to Him and no one else.

All he wanted was to be near her to hold her kiss her and he sensed that she was holding back.
He knew that it was fine to be intimate as he has been through two pregnancies before with Shagun.

Ishita was very conscious of her weight as she was beginning to get bigger. This wasn’t helped by Raman as he constantly teased her about it. But in actual fact Raman could care less how she looked as she was even more beautiful now than before.
That made it difficult for him to keep his hands off Ishita.
Everything about her was more beautiful but what he really found irresistible was when she smiled there was a sparkle in her eyes that wasn’t there before.
And he knew that he was part of the reason that she was going on a new phase in her life.
A few days after
The relationship between Ishita and Amma was slowly healing all because of Raman.
Raman went over to Amma’s to explain that Ishita didn’t had done an experimental trial and she didn’t want to give everyone false hope. That was the reason she waited to tell everyone. It took a while for Amma to realise the severity of her choices and decisions.
Raman just had enough of the farce he was going through. So later that night when they were in their bedroom he waited till he thought was the right time.
Ishita you frustrate me.
I’m your husband and I have barely touched you.
Its been months since we have been together, Ishita and you know it isn’t fair.
I know you are mine, all mine.
But you look so good it hurts sometimes
We got tonight as Ruhi is sleeping with Mamiji, let’s just make the most of our time together.
Your skin is like porcelain….so delicate. I’m scared to touch you sometimes as I’m afraid that I can hurt you as I tend to get a little rough he said shyly looking away.

And that luscious lips I long to kiss,Ishita.
Ishita was now blushing as he knew what hep was capable of and she too ached to be with him.
A few loose strands of her long black hair blew in her face as a gush of wind interrupted their moment abruptly. He lovingly removed them as they where obscuring him from seeing her. Raman liked the way her hair tumbled into her shoulder.
His touch made her skin burn with desire.
Oh how she missed that ,she internally confessed to herself.

He didn’t wait for an invitation to kiss her the moment she bit her bottom lip he knew what she wanted.

Tonight his kisses was unpredictable…….

Intoxicating and intense leaving her with the most unforgettable pleasure………..

Credit to: Monique

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