Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 29)


When Raman left all Ishita felt was emptiness……at the back of her she knew Raman was going to react this way.

She never meant for him to feel like she didn’t respect him but she just didn’t want him to get excited about nothing if the results was negative.

Ishita was very distraught and crying uncontrollably….
I never meant to hurt him…….she said falling to her knees and as her sadness engulfed her whole being.

Raman was in shock more than anger. He didn’t think that he would become a father again ……
It can’t be Raman said as he walked in the grounds garden talking to himself….
He still had her notebook…..
It can’t be…..
He scratched his head as he tried to make sense of the news that irrevocably changed his life.
He thought back to went he had to explain where babies came from to Ruhi and she told Ishita if she wanted a baby, she should ask her Papa and he will get one for her.

Little did he know that it would become a reality and so soon.
It all made sense he thought, she was distant and didn’t want him to touch her ……
She was very moody, her swollen feet, backache and fatigue.
She even had morning sickness….Raman how could you be so stupid.
Raman was talking to himself like a mad man .Walking up and down in the garden, stopping to ask himself a question then looking in the book again.

It was like something just snapped his head and he just turned around and ran towards the hotel door like a man in a trance…..

Ishita too was talking to herself standing on the balcony while looking over the river .Asking herself question she herself couldn’t answer.
She was sobbing uncontrollable

Ishita didn’t even notice that Raman entering.
What Raman saw broke his heart…

Every time I find a little bit of joy, those moments are soon gone.
World why is this happening to me, said Ishita who was in a deep discussion.

Why is the universe against me? She queried looking into the night sky.
As if waiting for the moon and stars to reply to all her questions.

The wish I had sent, now is shattered.
Tell what to do as I don’t know what to do anymore.
Ishita were taking small breaths as she tried to calm herself down…..
She just held her stomach ………….
From now on my heart beats just for you, she said.
I love Papa very much but I hurt him a lot, she talked to the baby lovingly rubbing her stomach.
I need to make it up to him she spoke up….weeping what was left of the tears.

All her complaints on the lips he once kissed now were wet with tears.
And her eyes that always were filled with dreams now were dampened.

The song of Train just played through his mind………

Dard mein bhi yeh lab muskura jaate hai

Raman hated that she thought he was angry with her….thinking back on how he reacted who would blame her

Beete lamhein hamein jab bhi yaad aate hai

All he wanted to do now was to be close to her.

Beete lamhein……….

To hold her……..

Chand lamhaaat ke waaste hi sahi
Muskuraakar mili thi mujhe jindagi

It hurt him that she was beating herself up over the baby issue.

Teri aaghosh mein din the mere kate
Teri baahon mein thi meri raate kati

I’m coming right now, to be close to you, Ishita, Raman said.

Aaj bhi jab woh pal mujhko yaad aate hai
Dil se saare gamon ko bhula jaate hai

Her fear of hurting him was irresponsible, and it’s out of her control. She had good intentions he thought.

Beete lamhein hamein jab bhi yaad aate hai
Beete lamhein……….

Mere kaandhe pe sir ko jhukaana tera
Mere sine mein khud ko chhupaana tera

I didn’t need protection

Aake meri panaahon mein shaamo sehar

Kaanch ki tarah woh toot jaana tera

I know I can handle this …….Raman declared.

Aaj bhi jab woh manjar nazar aate hai

Dil ki viraaniyo ko mita jaate hai

I’m in love with her……

Dard mein bhi yeh lab muskura jaate hai
Beete lamhein hamein jab bhi yaad aate hai

No, I love her.

Dard mein….
Beete lamhein……….

Raman crept up behind Ishita and hugged her from behind.
He just breathed in her scent, oh how he missed her smell.
The feel from her body…..
Her warmth……
Her love.
He just pulled her closer.

Raman, Ishita gasped…….
I’m sorry, Raman.
I wanted to tell you so many times.
You couldn’t even measure the amount of respect I have for you, Raman.
You are the father of my unborn child.
You gave new meaning to my life when you made me, Ruhi’s mother and now……

Nothing matters more to me than to have your trust and I know I broke that trust you had in me.
I never meant to hurt you…
I under no circumstances did I mean for it to go that far, Ishita said pleadingly.

Ishita I know you didn’t do that to hurt me…..
Raman turned her around to look her in her eyes……….
Ishita you can never hurt me ………I was just in shock.
I was under the impression that you couldn’t have a child …
Do you know how happy I am?
I can’t even explain or describe it, Ishita.
Don’t ever be afraid to speak to me, about anything…….

He lovingly placed a kiss on her forehead and pulled her close hugging her tight.

Credit to: monique

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  8. Thanks everyone for all the support I’m so glad you like the way the story is going….Feel free to comment and air your opinions.

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