Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 28)

(Two weeks later)
Everyone at home as very excited that Raman and Ishita won the Parent’s Day Challenge.
Ruhi was glad as her Ishima and Papa were talking again like before.
Raman and Ishita’s relationship have become much better lately.
Ishita was going to her appointments regularly and decided that she have to tell Raman the truth. This was going on for too long, Ishita thought. She owed him that much to tell him……

Her situation was becoming unbearable but finding the right time to tell Raman was the difficult part. Every time she wanted to tell him or even tried to tell Raman they were interrupted by family, work, phone calls even Ruhi busted in on Ishita as she was trying to come clean…….

So Ishita decided that the weekend away would be the ideal time to tell Raman.
Ishita was lost in her thoughts while packing for the day away. Thinking of ways as she was unsure on how Raman was going to take the news.
She was interrupted by Raman calling her as they were getting late.

Raman on the other hand have been following her the past few week and when she went to the last doctor’s appointment Raman became a little worried as she didn’t inform anyone that she was sick. When he asked her about her whereabouts later the evening she lied and said that she was at work the whole day.
If there was one thing Raman Kumar Bhalla disliked was lying, she didn’t even flinch and looked him straight in the eye. He knew she was lying as he always could see it in her eyes.

The drive was awkward as the hour and half was filled with an uncomfortable silence away from their home to the hotel.
Each one emerged in their thought, Raman focussed on the road ahead and Ishita looking out of the window staring into the sky. The road didn’t have as much traffic as Raman expected with the odd truck passing by and a motorcycle here and there.

Reaching their destination that seemed to be in the middle just outside the city.
It felt like every step they took brought them closer to nature, with calmness, serenity and tranquillity.
It was a retreat just outside the bustling city.
The area was lush with greenery, trees and shrubs everywhere .Stepping out of the car Raman instinctively took his phone out to make a call to home …
Battery dead! Raman proclaimed.
I will have to phone from the room phone Raman said.
The quaint boutique Hotel had architecture is the most glorious illustration of old-world European charm with its colonial impressions, Ishita admiringly thought.
A man came to fetch their bags and ushered them into the lobby. Getting their room keys the man showed them to their room. Raman gave the man a tip and closed the door behind him. He was kind of exhausted although the Hotel wasn’t that far but getting out of the city was a challenge.
Raman fell on the bed letting out an audible sigh.
Ishita instinctively looked around the suite. Checking all the facilities, they even had a balcony overlooking the Yamuna River.
They had an hour to spare before their appointment at the spa. Ishita took the time to take out her current read and walked to the balcony plopping down on a nearby chair and continued where stopped.
The massages were just what the two of them needed.
Both had a lot of stress of late to just unwind and be pampered.

Later the evening at the dinner Ishita was nervous as she wanted to tell Raman her secret.
Raman who has been wondering about her secretiveness and lying just blatantly asked.

Ishita why were you at the hospital ………
The question caused Ishita to let her fork fall out of shock.

Raman I wanted to tell you, but a lot of time passed and every time there was interruptions.
What is going on Ishita! Raman ordered.
Raman please lower your voice..Ishta said as she looked around if anyone was looking their way.
Luckily they were the only people in the dining hall.

She took out a book were she diarised everything from test to the first ultra sound.
Raman read the first line.

Dear Raman
You are going to be a father again…..

That felt like the longest two minutes of her life as she was unsure how Raman would take the news.

The rest of the dinner was in complete silence…….

Raman walked ahead leaving Ishita to trail behind him.
Arriving at the room Ishita opened the door to find Raman on the balcony staring at the stars.

Deep in thought.

Ishita didn’t bother to put on the lights. She walked over to where he was standing and fiddled with her hands nerviously.

I wish I could go back to the day that I found out, Raman but I was scared. And I didn’t want you to get your hopes up for nothing.
I do advise you to calm down.
Can you please let me explain, Ishita pleaded.

Breaking it down for me, Raman said.
Just let me explain my situation, this is experimental treatment and has a 45% chance of success and I knew that you react this way.

I hear what you are saying Ishita but why did you keep such an important thing from me.
It doesn’t make sense to me?
I was busy with tests to see whether I am suited for the trail and when I was in Cape Town the doctor there confirmed my suspicions.

If I didn’t ask you now would you have ever let me know?
Do you have that so little respect for me?

She looked outside the window to get peace of mind……
Tears formed in the corner of her eyes…….

A furious Raman stormed out of the room leaving a crying Ishita behind.

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