Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 27)


The day went by quite fast as their schedules were crammed with meetings and appointments.
Raman went to the clinic to fetch Ishita at around half past one .He greeted Sarika at the front desk and she told him to go to Ishita’s office as she was just finishing off some paperwork.

As Raman opened the door hesitantly as he was going in ,he saw Ishita on the phone engrossed in the conversation totally unaware of Raman’s presence at the door. He heard part of the conversation Ishita had…….
It sounded like she was speaking to some sort of Doctor, Raman thought.
Some medical terminology was used every so often so it must be Doctor Batra, Raman thought.
Yes, Dr Malhotra I will see you next Tuesday at four Ishita answered cut the call.

Raman made his presence known by deliberately coughing…..
Ishita we are going to be late ,Raman said sternly.
Ishita turned around and saw Raman impatiently tapping his fingers on the table……clearly irritable.
She quickly grabbed her bag and cellphone and followed Raman as he strode two steps ahead of her.

He almost didn’t wait for her to close the door when she felt the car moved…..Raman she said in shock for his blatant disregard for her safety.
Raman on the other hand had his thought all messed up as he was speculating as to why Ishita was speaking to this Dr Malhothra.
He didn’t realise that she haven’t closed her door when he was interrupted by Ishita’s voice.

He apologised to her and slowly continued drive to Ruhi’s school for the Parent’s day. Ishita turned the radio on as the silence in the car was unbearable.

Arriving at the school they were told to go to the hall as the activities were going to take place there.
The principal greeted all the children and their parents to the annual Parent’s Day.
She explain what the activities was that the parents was going to participate in and how it worked.

The parents were going to compete against each other in one activity and the winning team would win a romantic even at an exclusive Hotel, which included dinner, spa session for two and an overnight stay.

Ruhi was very excited as she wanted her parents to win.
Raman and Ishita were very happy seeing Ruhi so cheerful.

As per the school note Ruhi gave her parents earlier all the parents were given a specific colour and was asked to dress sporty and comfortable as the exercise requires them to move freely.
Finally after a few other competitive activities it was time for the main event that carried the highest points to be scored.

Raman and Ishita both looked at each other and then at the gauntlet that was before them.
The hall was now transformed into a gauntlet with a labyrinth filled with different obstacles and traps.
One of the teachers came to explain how the exercise will work.
The ideal outcome of this exercise was to listen to each other and assist one another as a team to complete the task.

One member of the team will have their hands tied and the other team member will be blindfolded.
Raman decided that he would be blindfolded and Ishita should have her hands tied.

They would need to trust one another.

Trust each other’s decisions and judgements.
In the back of Ishita’s mind she was uncertain if they would be able to work together as a team.
Their relationship have been strained lately mostly it was her fault as she knew keeping something as important from him. She could sense that he was aware something was off with her.

Raman on the other hand was still wondering who the doctor was that Ishita talked to on the phone earlier.

Raman and Ishita was in red workout clothes, it was a strange sight to see as Raman was used to Ishita in one of her kanjivaram sarees oddly enough she looked good.
Ishita felt uncomfortable as the clothes was form fitting not her normal loose fitting clothes….

No this showed every curve, every inch that she would normally hide.
Her was pulled back and tied in a long pony tail ready for the challenge.

Raman dreaded the fact that he had to listen to Ishita the whole time….
On the other hand Ishita was relishing them fact that she had more control than Raman had.
Their thoughts were interrupted by Ruhi running over to them giving them a hug and encouraging them.

One thing was certain both Ishita and Raman were very competitive and they like winning so this was going to be fun.

The competition and the course was gruelling and so far so good …..
It felt like the old Raman and Ishit were back again.
They were going through the labyrinth finding the clues and solving the puzzles that was at each check points.
They blazed through all the obstacles working together and trusting each other as they both want to win for Ruhi.

The second last obstacle was tough and as they were running Ishita fell and hurt her ankle.
Raman hated the fact that she got hurt and without thinking twice Raman decided to pick Ishita up and carry her, the rest of the course.

Ishita felt so good in Raman’s arms, so safe. She was amazed to the fact that Raman was so strong the way he expertly scooped her up not even flinching or breaking a sweat.
She missed this…..this closeness….the intimacy.

Carrying Ishita Raman treasured the fact he was able to touch her.
Her skin was even softer than he remembered not forgetting that unforgettable smell of jasmine that always drove him crazy.
Reaching the last stop Raman had to use everything in him to not just kiss his wife something Ishita also picked up on.

All she wanted was to give in and tell him everything but she knew that this was not the right time or place.
Rushing towards the end……..Ishita guided Raman and Raman had the utmost confidence in all her choices.

Raman and Ishita completed the course first…
Raman gently put Ishita down on the ground he took the blind fold off for the first time since the exercise started. He carefully took all of the puzzle they collected from Ishita’s tied hands and gave it in at the teacher’s table.

Both of them were very happy that they successfully completed the task as a team.
As all the pieces were examined to see if all were correct and it was clear that Raman and Ishita won.

No one was happier than Ruhi as she came cheering from the crowd to congratulated them.

Raman pulled Ishita in for a hug…

Their loving embrace felt like there was electricity pulsing through them. A surge of feelings came rushing back.

Raman needed to seduce her mind for him to have her body.
It was going to be a soul finding experience.

You are mine forever, Ishita! Raman thought

Credit to: Monique

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