Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 26)


The much-needed vacation was coming to an end and it was back to reality, Ishita thought.
Ishita zoned out as she stared at the clouds as the plane sliced through them like marshmallows.
The flight back was filled with chatter as a very excited Ruhi kept on telling Raman about all the gifts she got for the family.
She even bought something for Shagun and Aditya, Ruhi said to Raman’s amazement.
Months later
Ishita changed over the past months nowadays she was extreme moody, very impatient and constantly exhausted.
Raman was very concerned about her health but Ishita just brushed it off as her long work hours and work load.

One morning, Ishita woke up feeling sick with a dull ache in her back.
She excused it as her long hours standing at work just to get the family off her back as she was finding it hard to keep up the facade.
But Ishita still went to work but as the day went on she really didn’t feel herself .She went home and blamed a stomach bug that was going around at work.

The following morning Raman came out of the shower in his towel boldly walking into the room…….
Raman did this on purpose as he knew Ishita had a weakness …
Whenever he was topless she had no self-control and he used this as a way to seduce her.

Raman strutted around like a peacock trying to impress a mate.
Ishita on the other hand saw through Raman’s plans and she on her part developed a plan to put Raman off.
Ishita felt uncomfortable with her body.
They have kind of hit a dry spell as Ishita made excuse after excuse as she was dreading being intimate with him.
Raman felt a little neglected as she kept dodging him pushing all his advances aside.
Ishita started to her plan by picking mismatched clothes for him as she was familiar with his usual choice of shirt and suit pairings.
The moment he protested she began to lecture him on miscellaneous things from him leaving his files around to him wearing the wrong type of socks.
She even started with bragging about Bala stating that he would never do this ……and he would never do that.

Raman totally forgot about his plan and became agitated as he hated someone else was perfect in Ishita’s eyes.
No one should fill that spot except him, he thought.
A peeved Raman walked over to the cupboard and selected something more to his liking and stormed off fuming to the bathroom.
As soon as Raman closed the door Ishita fist pumped the air.
Yes! She exclaimed with a grin as her plan to get under his skin worked.

It has been a while since Ishita had breakfast with the family.
Toshi asked Ishita to serve Raman food much to his enjoyment.
Raman thought about what happen in their room a few moments ago and realized that the drama that took place was all part of her plan to get out of being intimate with him.
So, Madrasan you think you can out smart me, Raman said to himself.
Raman liked to tease Ishita as he did in the early days when they first admitted that they have feelings for each other.

He pretended as if nothing happened ten minutes ago and allowed Ishita to serve Ruhi first.
Mammiji I’m hungry and Ishita is taking so long to serve me……
Ishita! Toshi scolded don’t let my son starve ….
He needs to be 100% as he is very important person.
He is a CEO and he has a lot of responsibilities that he needs to attend to.

I will give Ruhi her breakfast she bellowed out giving Ishita an angry look.
This caught Ishita on the back foot and she immediately scrambled to Raman’s side of the table.

Ishita bent down and softly asked Raman what he would like as his mother and Neelu prepared all his favourites.
Her voice was full of sarcasm she hated it when Raman complained to his mom like a spoiled brat, always the attention seeker she thought to herself.
Raavan Kumar she mumbled under her breath.

A little bit of Ishita’s skin was showing as she bent over the table and Raman didn’t waste any time, first checking if anyone was looking before he pinched her waist.
Ishita almost jumped as she was shocked by his audacious act. She checked to see if anyone saw what he did, luckily for her everyone was engrossed in their food thoroughly savouring every bite.

She proceeded to serve Raman and pulled her chair out to sit down and eat.
Ishita was famished and could hardly wait to dig in.
Raman waited for her to relax and eat when he decided to his second spell of teases.
He stealthily grabbed Ishita’s hand under the table. Raman nonchalantly asked Romi about how he is finding working at the company.
Ishita felt awkward and kicked him under the table causing Raman to let go of her hand.

Raman cried out.
What’s wrong son Toshi asked concerned……
No it’s nothing Mammiji
It was just a cramp but it’s now gone, Raman said embarrassed while rubbing his leg.

If looks could kill……..
Raman and Ishita was having a heated conversation telepathically
Oh it’s on, Madrasan, Raman said raising his eyebrow.
Well bring it on, Raavan Kumar, she thought pulling her face in annoyance at him.
Raman put his hand on her thigh and casually continued with his conversation with Romi.
His touch send sparks through Ishita’s body as it has been a while since Raman touched her….
Correction she allowed him to touch her.

The more she tried to remove his had the higher he moved his hand.

What to do Ishita thought as she was trying hard to resist her deepest desires, the same desires that she was supressing for months.

She quickly shook off all of these thoughts and just put her hand on his thigh as well.

Fighting fire with fire…….
She almost laughed as Raman’s eyes grew as wide as saucers.
Ishita looked at the stunned Raman with a devious grin on her face. Yes the battle lines have been drawn and both Raman and Ishita have made their intentions very clear.

Their eye-lock was disturbed by Ruhi when she came over to sit on Ishita’s lap resulting in Raman retreated his hand from a relieved Ishita.

Ishima we have a special event at school today, it’s a Parent day and both you and Papa have to come.

Raman and Ishita was about to make up some random excuse when Toshi stopped them and ordered them to make time for Ruhi as she has noticed that they have been engrossed in their work the past few months.
Ruhi, I will surely be there and I will make sure your Papa also attend this Parent’s day at school Ishita said giving Raman an assuring nod as she saw how upset Ruhi was about them trying to make up excuses not to come.
Both Raman and Ishita quickly made some calls to have the afternoon off and rescheduled some appointments.
Ishita reassuring Ruhi that they will be there and that she was very important to them.

This was going to be a long…long day Ishita thought.

Credit to: Monique

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